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Is Penn State really worthy of that ranking after what we now know about their coaches?
I heard that that is a side effect of PEDs... something Grier would know about too.
"We demand that the University of Missouri creates and enforces a comprehensive racial awareness and inclusion curriculum throughout all campus departments and units, mandatory for all students, faculty, staff, and administration. This curriculum must be vetted, maintained, and overseen by a board comprised of students, staff, and faculty of color." This is ridiculous, if they truly wanted an inclusive curriculum they would demand a diverse board, not just one of "color." this demand is one that seems quite childish (along with several others) Also, what makes them think that shoving a curriculum produced solely by people of "color" down the throats of students will accomplish? Sounds like that would just breed more annoyance with this whole situation. the whole idea is preposterous, serious students (which are busy with studious activities rather than engaging in racist activities anyway) do not deserve to have some random racial curriculum thrown at them. As a final thought, the word "demand" just screams "I feel Entitled!" studious people would say "request" something that implies a willingness by both sides to work together.
I think Jalen-Reeves Maybin should have gotten a spot on this. He was probably the most dominant linebacker this past Saturday, he was always in Bama's backfield when Tennessee blitzed
"If Tennessee is going to break its 10-game losing streak against Florida, Hobbs will need to be at his best." BEWARE JOSH HOBBS!
Christopher, LaDarrell McNeil is coming back this week for the game.
And don't even get me started on Mauk being second team, I mean, that doesn't even make sense!
Every time someone puts myles garrett as better than Derek Barnett, an intelligent football fan dies.
This list is inexplicably stupid. Cinn. over Tennessee? What?
Unless college game day is coming to Neyland in week 2, I would have thought that would be a better matchup that Vandy v Georgia.
Sorry I couldn't hear you over the sound of Tennessee scoring another touchdown on Kentucky, but I bet you forgot about that game. Right?
I think we should all take a moment to recognize that this is a sellout crowd in the Vandy stadium. XD
Meh, it wouldn't be yanking someones chain without all the specifics.
"Kentucky is gonna fall flat on it's face again!!!#BBN" Fixed it for you.
What? Exactly how did you figure up that TN's D-Line will be one of the worst? That shows just how little you know about the SEC. We have Derek Barnett, and Curt Maggitt manning the ends, which is the best DE duo in the SEC. then we will have Kmac and Owen Williams in the middle. That will be a top five D line in the SEC, so I think you should reconsider what you just wrote.
There will never be a time where SC has a more intimidating stadium than TN this season.
I would replace Kentucky vs Auburn with Tennessee vs Alabama, as that is a better match up
If we lose that Florida game, I will instantly begin to question the coaching staff, i'm tired of the excuses, that game should be a win and I expect it to be one.
This whole Confederate flag debacle is just an example of people looking to cause problems and stir up strife. lets be honest, if a symbol on a piece of cloth is able to cause these kinds of issues, something is wrong.
Derek Barnett is always painfully underrated...
I feel like that would be kinda terrifying.
Thats definitely true, he still adds a legendary era to the SEC and at least deserves an honorable mention.
I have to ask, why is General Neyland not on this list?
Jarret is gunna be a beast at quarterback.
The secondary will be a strength for Tennessee this year, Sutton will work with the high ceiling sophomore, Emmanuel Mosely. Mosely is very talented and aims to improve on a solid freshmen campaign. At the safety position we are VERY solid with two seniors in Brian Randolf (he is within the top 10 of SEC returning tacklers with 88 tackles last season) and LaDarrell McNeil (sporting 78 tackles from 2014). So this means that our hard hitting secondary will stop anything that manages to get past the front 7.
careful, you might break his insecure bubble