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It is getting pretty tiresome seeing this extremely close games against LSU but almost always losing to them. I am too just about done with this rivalry. Can't wait for them to bring Auburn and Bama into out division after OU and Texas join so we don't have to deal with LSU anymore. At a certain point super close games where one team loses 3 times out of 4 are not what makes a good rivalry.
I disagree that Oregon team was really good. Don't forget that Ohio State would have likely blown out Alabama had it not been for that fumble and interception in the first half that netted Bama 14 points. Ohio State could have very well beat Bama 49-28 or something had those turnovers not happened. Oregon and Bama were about the same level although due to their offense I'd give Oregon a 1 TD edge.
Lol watch Tennessee upset this Alabama team. For sure this has got to be the worst Alabama team since the 2010 team. Maybe the worst Alabama team since 2007. Yikes.
It's interesting to see which unit has the advantages in the trenches. Florida's o-line has been the best in the SEC but so has UGA's d-line. Florida's d-line has been top tier but UGA's o-line is getting better and better each game. Right now if I had to bet I'd bet that Florida's d-line has a bigger advantage over UGA's o-line than UGA's d-line has over Florida's o-line. This will be a defensive battle, and which ever team keeps their pocket more protected and is able to get better shots downfield will win the game. Another interesting dynamic to note is that for both defenses, their Achilles heel is the secondary. I see UGA fans talking about ammunitions from the Jax loss but what about how Florida has been dissed by media all of off-season most of whom have labeled the UF blowout win over UGA last season as a fluke. Florida is just as ready to make a national statement by beating UGA twice in a row as UGA is ready to have their revenge. This will be a very good and close game I don't think UGA's defense has been pushed offensively yet and I trust in Dan Mullen and this Florida team to push this UGA defense more than anybody else so far.
I disagree that you think Saban will be able to get this season's particular Alabama team ready to win the natty and in all likelihood ready enough to beat a UGA team who may be the greatest defense ever assembled. In all fairness I really do hope that Saban beats UGA and keeps the 1980 memes alive but unfortunately I don't see how Bama will be able to stop this UGA team. Bama has a porous o-line, a not so great QB (his performances against the only 2 good teams he's faced have left a lot to be desired) and a defense that has been torched by both Florida and TAMU. UGA at worst has an offense that is just as good as those two, and a defense that is perhaps the greatest defense ever assembled. Hope you're right, I really do, but I don't think you are.
I disagree this is the worst Saban Alabama team since 2010. While Alabama has fielded fairly underwhelming defenses these last few years, they've been able to neutralize that deficiency by fielding top tier offenses. This, however, is the first year where Alabama has both a underwhelming defense AND offense.
No I sincerely believe Mullen will pull off the upset. You have to believe!
No. This is why I believe Florida will pull the upset and beat UGA in Jacksonville this year.
Florida upsets Georgia. They're gonna go into that game confident after beating Kentucky like 31-3 and Mullen and company will humble them.
You Georgia fans really are clowns aren't you
Tennessee beats Ole Miss and you heard it here first but I think Josh Heupel pulls off the upset of the decade and beats Alabama in Tuscaloosa. Alabama's defense is not good. Florida showed this to us. TAMU proved it. Paired with the fact that Tennessee has a very good defense I think UT will finish this year with only 3 losses (Pitt, Florida, and UGA). If Tennessee beats Ole Miss they'll be red hot and rolling and it's becoming more and more difficult to see how this Alabama defense will be able to stop them. So yeah I'm calling it if Tennessee beats Ole Miss they will extend their winning streak by beating Alabama. Pete Goldin will be fired right after the Tennessee loss.