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This comment is being made at the right time. To run your mouth and make stupid statements 5 or 6 days before a game is a game of fools. This site like all others eat this junk up. 41 - 24 is all that needs saying. The UGA team was not a bad team and played hard but your feelings are hurt because you HOPED yourself into believing the hype just like the media wanted you to because they need your money and support. There is no honesty or integrity in spouting anything the game of fools are HOPING. What they were not telling you was that Bama had a boatload of talented players that was young and still learning how to play as a team. Well folks they have learned some and are going to learn more in the playoffs. Saban has been the best coach in CFB for a long time but this team is the result of a coach teaching the young how to grow up. They may have been helter, skelter bad boys, but folks they are gonna be Real Good Men. It doesn't matter what you hope only what IS. See y'all in the Play Offs.
So what? Life in the little leagues is fair? PLEASE. I assume you are a UGA fan. Let's suppose that Bama plays UGA in the SEC Championship with one loss and low an behold UGA loses. Now a 1 loss SEC Champion is going to the playoffs but that 1 loss SEC Championship looser (UGA) the GREAT and UNDEFEATED Cincy is chosen over UGA because we just want to be fair, right. I'm guessing your fair B.S. is right out the window on who deserves to be in the Play Offs. Everyone needs to stop talking long enough to THINK about this. Just Saying.....
Now I am really disappointed that there is really no reason to play the games this season. All Bama has to look forward to is the "BEATDOWN" from Clemson in the NCG. The all knowing Brando certainly displays the bravado of of a sports writer desperate for clicks and recognition. Might I suggest a little wager? Bet your house ole son. Let's see if your wife appreciates your expertise.
It is nothing more than BS spreading to to get clicks. Dabo couldn't carry Saban's jock. Do a little research back a few yew years. Let's see, Kevin Sumlin, Hugh Freeze, Les Miles, Gus Malzahn, Urban Meyer, oh that Michigan guy, Harbaugh. They were all at one time or the other finally putting Saban in his place and ending the dynasty. They were so great writers were having trouble finding enough adjectives. If you check closely it might surface that the same bunch that did it then are the leaders of the Dabo cheering squad today. Just off hand my guess is there will be some shifting this year and another name will be presented as the next great hope and it will still be Saban and Bama they are hoping against. Pitiful, just pitiful.
That's OK. UGA has so many of their underclassmen leaving, what was it 2 or 3. I really don't want to hear about your recruiting because you won't have them long. Please explain to me why recruiting a player so you can look good in recruiting season but lose him to transfer before he can help your team. Smart is a good coach but y'all should be watching UF, Mullin is going to cost you more than Bama. You got to get by him before any Bama talk can occur. I guarantee you Smart is watching the other 4 or 5 East teams and his conference crossovers because there is no Bama talk until he gets past them.
Don't think so. If he is lucky maybe by the 4th. His talent and ability are there but his head cost him an outstanding season in 18 and he really needed another year of mental development. He has no hunger in his heart. His social media is more important to him than his performance in the games. Go back and really watch some of his film. His tackling consisted of a lot of hugging and very little hitting. Taking care of his family is a fine goal but he better have some job interviews lined up outside the NFL. He may get a first contract but there is very little chance of him really making enough noise in the NFL. It will require more than a lot of social media promises and threats. He's really going to have to HIT somebody, hugging won't do it.
You SDS folks need to get this trash off the comments or you're about to lose some clickers.
You didn't see the LSU - Bama game in Nov? Tua has a pretty good passing game. When the LSU QB throws 3 TD passes then you are not watching a very good passing defense.
UCF is not playing to win. They are playing to be close and wait for the officials to give the game to them because they are sooo deserving. They talk a lot of BS and then stink up the field running from a game against Mullen and the Gators 2 years in a row. They don't want to play real teams and lose when they can play cupcakes and let the media hype their greatness. If not for the hype they would not even be on TV this week.
Written by a true believer of the offensive worshiping sect. The team with the best Defense will win the NC. Until the second half of the Orange Bowl I truly thought the Tide Defense would be better. Now I am not so sure. There were so many mistakes. I found my new go to scream. "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?", seemed to be repeated many times. Surtain looked like he just got of the bus from wonderland. Mack Wilson does not have the mind set of a Bama LB any more. He brings no pain, but has developed a nice dance step. Dylan Moses watched from 3-5 yds from the line of scrimmage most of the game. With a three man rush there are going to be gaps that need filling to be successful. They were not filled. 99 (I use his number instead of his name because) his dadgummed showboating makes me so mad I can't pronounce it. He has the ability and power to own anything in front of him but wastes it with showboating. Son, try knocking some folks an their butts and people will notice. Q busted his butt but is never going to be successful chasing bugs for a living. A once proud defense got shamed by a water bug. Y'all have about 9 or 10 days to work it out and regain your dignity or you can listen to the BS and be sent home to wear it for a year or you can play up to you standard and still become Champions. Y'all carried the offense thru a couple of games this year and they have made dome of your games easier but they cannot carry you thru another mess like last night. Do your Job. That's all that's needed.
Just more Finebaum blather. The B1G just admitted that their plan to be in the top 4 didn't work anymore and are trying to regain their position. The Power 5 is shrinking yearly and these Conference leaders are trying to bolster their pocketbooks by getting a guaranteed seat in the playoffs. Maybe they should worry about the product on the field instead of hype.
All you UCF folks have to do is step up. I only see one choice y'all have. Change your diapers first please and then shut up or play. Either will be suitable.
UCF wants to play cupcakes and TALK about how bad they are. Cowards are not deserving. Step up or shut up. Choice time. Hats off to Mullen and Gators. Y'all get a cupcake game, you don't have to pay millions for and a by from the ignorant media because they FEEL for UCF.
His health has a way of getting better when he wins games. He gets beat in the Conference Championship, or blown out of the Playoffs and his health will certainly suffer. He wins and gets some accolades, his health will improve. Wonder of wonders!
Cut blocks should get the same penalty as targeting. If player safety was really important to NCAA it would be.
Hey Dirt: Here is one you will never understand, Tua plays half a game and puts up scores equal or very close to Murray's. He needs 40% percent less time to equal the score, before you factor in the quality of Defenses faced. Your boy is rode HARD and put up wet every game. Tua is out for a light gallop and rested against way better defenses than Tyler has seen since he left the SEC. That is why Tua deserves the trophy.
There you go. They have piss poor game selection because somebody there has no knowledge of CFB. They spotlight these losers every week and are forced to spin stats to make their choices seem relevant. I think we'll see in DEC how this popularity contest plays out.
Murray has nothing but empty numbers. He plays in a conference that has NO defense worthy of being called a defense. He has to play 4 qtrs and put up big stats on these teams to simply win. They dominate nobody and the only place I see them play is on FOX. Wait, that's the same network these so called experts work for. Oh man, that's really weak. They're just pumping numbers for their employer, they don't care about quality, CFB or anything else. Pump for the bosses pocketbook and get me some Little 12 clicks. So much for integrity, honor and being relevant. PITIFUL!
Murray has played against Bama before I think. Wasn't he QBing at aTm before jumping to OK. I have not heard or seen anything from him about wanting BAMA. The little 12 has earned their reputation for weakness. Really I think their participation in the Power 5 should be questioned. Nobody in that conference has any idea of the existence of defensive football in one of the poorest performing conferences in CFB. Please, I don't want to hear about what they have done in the past. It is what they do now that is being looked at.
Another UCF wannabee. Hey look at me. I got Alabama in my name. Right! You want your participation trophy for existing in the same state when BAMA wins the NC is the money more important?
Come on folks. Have a little pride. There is no moral victory for y'all to claim. Your defense is good, but not good enough. Your offense is unknown and the score proves the point. You recieved a gift when Saban chose to kill the clock instead of putting 7 more on your D. Your DB were clutching and grabbing like a bunch of scared little female people all day. Your blitzers were going low on almost every play on Tua. Don't talk honor and integrity or offer weak I'm sorrys for the low hits. That was all you had and you did use them as much as you could. I guarantee that those cheap shots will be remembered in the future. Seek and ye shall receive!
It is amazing what reporters THINK their right to interject their thoughts into the process of team management. It does not matter what you think or believe. All that matters is that you report what Saban believes is important, because that is what is going to happen. What you want, think or believe is totally worthless and really not appreciated.
He's a homer. He's looking for clicks or what ever gets him recognition in the little 12. Football is a TEAM game. That means you have to count all of the parts before you declare a BEST. Okie has not played a TEAM like Bama. There is a little thing called defense at Bama that doesn't exist in the little 12. Does anyone really think Murray is going to put 49 points on the board and not give up 70. Simple way to find out what the committee thinks. My guess is that Okie doesn't make the playoffs because they don't have a TEAM.
Most of Bama's schemes call for one of the DL to take the blockers out, so the others can loop and slide on the offense. Williams has the quickness and strength to get into the backfield from the closest point. Davis is taking 2 or 3 blockers away from the protection. Just the way it looks to me.
You become a loser the first time you start worrying more about an injury and trying to select the right time for him to play. Saban is right. He's cleared to play, he plays. Every game is important, not just the ones you feel are important.
Shhhh! I think Terrell might be a late Dec. early Jan. Christmas present.
There is NO WAY IN HELL, Alabama lets some nut trash their uniforms. That uniform, helmets and jersey changes is the worst suggestion I've heard in 30 years. That helmet and jersey is recognized by every college football fan in the country. Bama does not have to flash and show off to be noticed. College footballs "Oh Sh-t" moment begins when they see those on the field. It needs no hype or change to be noticed.
O.K. The LSU fandom is betting their bank on the LSU defense stopping Tua and the Bama O. There is little thought given to the LSU O against the Bama D. If LSU gets 10 then the Bama D has had a bad game. If the LSU D can cut Tua's production in half, Bama scores better than 30. LSU has a good Defense, but anyone that thinks they are good enough to totally stop Bama from scoring has been snorting, smoking and shooting some totally bad stuff. LSU does not have the QB or the run game to control the clock and get 3 scores. A fool and his money are soon parted.