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Even funnier is that he claimed to be one of the original members of the southeastern intercollegiate athletics conference, but the real name of the conference is the Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Association (there's a Wikipedia article by that name). Also, Texas was an invited charter member, not an original member.
Who could beat them? Georgia and Bama, obviously. But who else? LSU and Florida when they're good? Texas A&M maybe? The Big Ten East is the 2nd best division in CFB. You probably also think that Oklahoma and Texas will suck once they go to the SEC. Going to the SEC will only help OU and UT recruiting, as if it wasn't already good enough. Michigan, Notre Dame, maybe. They probably would go about 7-6, 8-5, maybe 9-4 yearly, but not Ohio State. Ohio State in my opinion is currently the 2nd best program in the nation behind only Alabama. Georgia has to prove they can sustain success.
What all the fan outcry about TAMU recruiting with NIL and such really means is that fans like you and me just want more rules to be set into place by the NCAA or somebody so something like what we're saying is supposedly happening at Texas A&M doesn't really happen. Nobody wants pay for play, or at least a real college football fan doesn't.
I think another aspect of it that nobody is really talking about is how there's really no new blood in the playoff up until this year, and that has hurt ratings. And there still hasn't been in the National Championship. Everybody's like, oh, Alabama again? Georgia and Clemson and Ohio State again!? I don't want to watch this.
I think in order to have the National Championship on or around New Year's day, you have to make the regular season start earlier/eliminate games and start the expanded playoff mid-december.
I agree. They've been talking about for years how to get 5 and 4-star blue-chip players to go to smaller schools and more schools in general. Well, this is the way. It's how you start to bring the haves and have-nots together on a more equal playing field. Cincinnati had no chance against Alabama; everybody knew that. They didn't have the offensive line or defensive line to keep up. It's really simple. And look at the transfer portal. It made Michigan State in year 2 under Mel Tucker a top 10 team! Who would say no to that?
That would never work because no kids would ever go to schools that aren't apart of the SEC, which would lead to not having to have invitations to anybody else anyway, which defeats the whole point of having an invitational.
Haven't you heard of playing your way in? It's what the NFL and every other sports league/association but the FBS does. Super Bowl XLII? 9-7 Giants beat the 16-0 Patriots? It's what sports is all about. Plus, you picked the one time in like 20 years that a team with a terrible record plays for a conference championship (non group of 5 category). It's rare. Plus, if they're 6-6, what are the odds they win their conference championship anyway? They're terrible. Why would they beat a team that has double-digit wins?
@Class of 98, next to nobody cares about the FCS, but millions of people care about the FBS. It's not even a comparison.
A playoff without auto-bids for conference champions would create a scenario where there are a final 4 of all SEC teams. But if you had auto-bids to conference champs, you wouldn't.
Would you consider an undefeated Big 12 team to be a sister team with multiple first-team all-Americans and all-conference performers? And a first-round QB? That beat a top 10 team (top 5 at the end of the year) on the road in Notre Dame? Well, by 2023 that will be Cincinnati.
I think we'll be waiting a while, since it's the Pac-12, not the PAC-10. And I don't think you will have to be waiting very long, since I firmly believe that USC will be a National Title contender within 3-5 years. And who knows with Oregon and Washington. Washington made the College Football playoff once, and so did Oregon! And with the expanded playoff, that will only help more. USC could get into a 4 team playoff with Riley at the helm, but a 12 team playoff with auto bids to conference champs? They'll be making it every year and getting a bye every year!
Ty Simpson would be starting at 90% of FBS schools. While, yes, you do need a 3rd QB option, I'm just saying that he's pretty good.
Well, you clicked and you commented, didn't you? Seems as though they accomplished what they set out to do. Also, how ironic is the amateurs comment when referring to college football.
Look who's talking, LSU. Was 2019 too long ago for you to remember?
Have you never heard of Bobby Bowden? You must've not been alive when he was doing so well at Florida State. Not to mention Saban has the benefit of the Portal and the College Football Playoff thing where there are only about 6 programs that can legitimately win a National Title year-in and year-out because of the 4 team playoff restricting access and making all the recruits go to a select number of schools, about 5 or 6.
I don't think they will by the way it's looking. They already released the SEC conference schedules for next year.
Whoever says that the Big 12 can't play defense isn't a true college football watcher and doesn't know what they're talking about. If the Big 12 had the conference reputation of say the Big 10 or something close, they would have the best defenses year in and year out because of the talent level increase. Oklahoma State and Baylor have 2 elite defenses and they have nobody exceptional on either defense except Jalen Pitre.
What quarterback isn't a good fit at Oklahoma? You could put anybody halfway decent there and they would look like a stud.
Not to mention Hassan Haskins. Guy's been ballin against the best competition. Tank Bigsby is pretty good too. And that RB for Cincinnati, Jerome Ford, isn't bad either.
Plus it's the only way Missouri ever has a chance to make the CFB Playoff is if they expand it to 12.
Look what joining the SEC has done for TAMU and MU recruiting. Imagine what it might do for Oklahoma and Texas.
They'll both have 2 Heisman hopefuls in the pre-season who turned out to be anything but.
He was a 5 star player coming out of High School. They can't predict his work ethic or his development. I do have to wonder though: if Lincoln Riley, who is the best QB coach in America, couldn't develop him enough to hold off a true freshman QB who hadn't played in 2 years, then who can develop him into what is supposed to be, the next "Mahomes", although nobody is Mahomes.
The only bad part about the game of football is the injuries.
Well, you only need 2 true corners on the field at once in modern college football. You have to have 3 versatile safeties that can play the slot, centerfield, or be a linebacker and tackle in the box or in space. Not to mention blitzing.