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Wishing someone had a second chance to rewrite this eyes have endured a year's worth of damage, "maybe more".
Bama Nation was extremely concerned regarding this "story"...THX
You are a waste of resources, taking up oxygen and space. Your life is worthless. You do not matter. When all that remains is your dust, no one will ever remember the insignificant stretch of time you occupied a slot of our population. Go make some snickerdoodles, watch Twilight, and enjoy your Sunday instead of providing this opportunity for me to burn your g@y @ss. This is my complete thought. Hope you are happy ;) I am. Roll Tide, dude.
I agree with you that Kiffin desires to stay until after the playoff...Saban is leaning towards making Kiffin move on if he accepts another position; he seems perturbed with Kiffin lately and I believe Nick does not want Kiffin to be a distraction or less than 100 % focused (Kiffin will likely be working recruits at his new school while preparing for the CFP).
That is true...but their defensive line is one of the better Bama will face and Kiffin is getting ready to jump ship. Maybe that is a good thing lol.
Time to return to living a real life here on planet Earth…sorry for being a bully :(
I understand nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, possess the skills to identify coding sequences residing in DNA/RNA of infectious diseases, the use of nutrient partitioning and extreme periods of fasting as it relates to creating the perfect body with maximized athletic performance, and I know my ABC's thanks to Sesame Street. I know more than you, dude.
That was a flagrant foul insulting my athleticism :( my feelings are hurt, dude.
Time to return to living a real life here on planet Earth...sorry for being a bully :( Roll Tide
You are correct. I have been trolling the hell out of your ignorant, uneducated ass.
LOL...graduate of UA with honors, molecular genetics at UF, graduate work at that prestigious school in Nashville...I fear for the quality of life of this "dumb azz". Roll Tide.
My comments towards you more closely resemble a douche than a jackass...just try to use SOME correct grammar. Please....
Agreed, Chris: "until college football figures that out and expands to eight, we’ll be right back here next December"
Washington will cover and may win outright: UW run defense is stout, Browning will convert on 3rd downs and keep drives alive (similar to Florida in ATL), and CP is meticulous and creative in his preparation for big games given this much time....Roll Tide.
Kiffin and Saban do not have a positive relationship at this time....
very accurate post, PoFoke....geaux Tigers
w/ the exception of one or two BBQ joints...