GFY. Especially these bitch ass Mods.

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I can NOT stand that sawed off, little peckerwood. He is annoying AF.
Mr. Ragnow was an outstanding guy, his passing hit us all pretty hard. Very proud of Frank.
He’s 330 now and his flexibility, strength and power are outstanding for a guy of his size. His Dad is a legacy and former Badass for Arkansas Football, he’s been around elite athletes his whole life, this kid and Chamblee should be rated much higher, they are both 5 star talents.
Good catch. Looking good for the Balkan out Illinois State to join then right?
It’s the off season, of course ESPN is going to stir things up for the sake of ratings and discussions. Enjoy your “Bread and Circuses”.
Looks like you need to work on YOUR reading comprehension because you completely whiffed that one. He’s right, it’s clickbait. Here’s an idea, act like a fan that’s been rooting for the most dominant Program in College Football History. Also, why are you so triggered over ESPN not having Bama as #1? Are you really that fragile? I bet you voted for trump too, then your post makes a lot of sense from that perspective. Embarrassed for you...
“remember Missouri got schemed into the worst SEC schedule of 2020” Lmao, Your thought process is a little methed up. The Razorbacks got shafted harder than anyone with their SEC only Covid schedule- The SEC West + Georgia and Florida.
“There are these rivers of dumbness that flow from Oklahoma toward Arkansas...” That’s methed up...
And a National Indoor Track Championship for the Ladies. Things are popping in Fayettville.
Just a heads up, Danielle Musselman was born in Georgia. She had only visited Arkansas once before Eric took the job at Arkansas, that was for a family reunion in Magnolia where her Father was born. Hope that clears things up. Also, I font see Eric leaving Arkansas, he’s awaken a sleeping giant in basketball plus Arkansas is producing top 100 talent for recruiting. He’s not going anywhere.
Justin Smith has stated that he wants to go pro here or over in Europe. Not sure about the others.
Lmao, stfu dingus. People with two brain cells to rub together don’t care about real christianity. Everyone is sick to death of evangelical christians who can’t stop forcing their beliefs on others including pushing religious beliefs through legislation at state and federal levels. But please, regurgitate maga stupidity as fact.
The kid unfortunately has mental/temperament issues and the Staff did everything possible to get him help. After Coates missed another workout, he was dismissed. The details are largely out there from multiple sources.
Your last sentence is without a doubt, the most intelligent thing you’ve ever posted. Congratulations.
Classless... and I bet, toothless as well.
If you only knew... Hey Corn Dog, go wipe the mustard from your eyes and go take another look.
Hahaha... Go get your eyes checked, Fouche snatched that ball, go look again!!
Wow. Florida Fans showing once again why most think they are complete trash. Good job.
Heads up, the rules on school records were not relaxed, they were completely droppped. Expect teams that have a great following to get a bowl, of course the better the record- the better the bowl. Take care...
The credit goes to Sam for not BS’ing and firing the right Coordinators. Odom is a best friend of Sam’s... He gives all of his Coaches the room to operate but also has a strong vision and understanding of what series of goals need to met on and off the field to even have the chance at some success. I don’t think you understand the relationships and goals that these men share when it comes to Arkansas Football. Also, losing Aranda was a huge loss but LSU has lost most of that Championship Team to the NFL. Then covid hit... Aranda would have been better but you still need the bodies.
Dude... Enjoy the win but leave the race speculation bs out of it. Hogs are My second favorite team and where I got My MBA. Love The Hill.
I’m just here sipping tea and watching you stroke out... Have some more meth.
That wasn’t BLM, Jackleg. But don’t let that fact get in the way of your corn pone MAGAtry.
Yes, PC culture has definitely gotten out of hand. I should be able to wear my red hat without wetbacks and librels screeching at me. I’m not racist, I hate everyone.
GFY. And you’re welcome that I answered your dumbass above... Put down the corncob pipe and do your research. Your examples are garbage are not even remotely germane. Later hillbilly.