GFY. Especially these bitch ass Mods.

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The kid unfortunately has mental/temperament issues and the Staff did everything possible to get him help. After Coates missed another workout, he was dismissed. The details are largely out there from multiple sources.
Your last sentence is without a doubt, the most intelligent thing you’ve ever posted. Congratulations.
Classless... and I bet, toothless as well.
If you only knew... Hey Corn Dog, go wipe the mustard from your eyes and go take another look.
Hahaha... Go get your eyes checked, Fouche snatched that ball, go look again!!
Wow. Florida Fans showing once again why most think they are complete trash. Good job.
Heads up, the rules on school records were not relaxed, they were completely droppped. Expect teams that have a great following to get a bowl, of course the better the record- the better the bowl. Take care...
The credit goes to Sam for not BS’ing and firing the right Coordinators. Odom is a best friend of Sam’s... He gives all of his Coaches the room to operate but also has a strong vision and understanding of what series of goals need to met on and off the field to even have the chance at some success. I don’t think you understand the relationships and goals that these men share when it comes to Arkansas Football. Also, losing Aranda was a huge loss but LSU has lost most of that Championship Team to the NFL. Then covid hit... Aranda would have been better but you still need the bodies.
Dude... Enjoy the win but leave the race speculation bs out of it. Hogs are My second favorite team and where I got My MBA. Love The Hill.
I’m just here sipping tea and watching you stroke out... Have some more meth.
That wasn’t BLM, Jackleg. But don’t let that fact get in the way of your corn pone MAGAtry.
Yes, PC culture has definitely gotten out of hand. I should be able to wear my red hat without wetbacks and librels screeching at me. I’m not racist, I hate everyone.
GFY. And you’re welcome that I answered your dumbass above... Put down the corncob pipe and do your research. Your examples are garbage are not even remotely germane. Later hillbilly.
At gohogs7988, get back to us when you can spell “Big Ten” since you went to one of those “finest universities in the country.”
You are not an expert and are most definitely wrong. And this rule applies equally to all schools so don’t whine about other schools and preferential treatment. Read what I wrote above plus this per the NCAA. “If an NLI signee is engaged in misconduct or criminal activities warranting the cancellation of athletics aid, per the conditions written in the institution’s athletics aid agreement, the NLI would be declared null and void upon the cancellation of athletics aid.” So Arkansas lost that scholarship in the 25 but they can give it to a walk on for the 85. Why do people continue to speculate when the answer is literally a google search away? Good job.
No. It will have to go to a walk on for the 85 man roster.
Thanks Eeyore... You must be one of those mouthbreathers from Hogville: a loathsome website with that disgustingly fat webmaster, Doug Hazard, who is being sued for going after posters IRL and approaching their bosses to try and get them fired. Nice group you got there...
“Increased recruiting spending = paying players.” Booche Bag, You are next level stupid. Not the paying players part, but the fact that might appear on a public ledger? Take another Hit of meth and go clean out your freezer, at least you’ll be doing something productive.
First off, Drink is FROM Arkansas and definitely covets that job... The wins against Arkansas is because that program went into a ditch with Bobby Petrino, then Smiles stopped recruiting and coaching for a year, then Jeff Long didn’t do his due diligence and hired a lazy, fat drunk from Wisky and then without an AD hired lil’ Hammerdown to go 4 wins in 2 years. I’ve been to Columbia, the facilities are a joke. Go look at what they’ve done in Fayetteville... Top notch facilities and a REAL Coaching Staff. Arkansas has talent at key positions but suffered with two weak lines, that won’t be the case coming up. Hope you meth heads enjoyed your run, it’s over. Kansas City is going to be fun.
I see what you are trying to say and I don’t disagree... However, a 360 means you are right back where you are started. A 180 would be that big change that you are describing. Again, I agree, the constant flip flopping has hurt Arkansas. I know Pittman, he’s going to make Arkansas a competitive team, the man knows how to Coach.
LMAO...Wow, someone’s a little hysterical. Another dumb ass post.
This has to be the most ignorant post on SDS, completely devoid of football knowledge if you think CSP is going to get fired in two years. Dumb ass.
I know HDN... And I wouldn’t let that POS anywhere near a football program. If I have to explain why, then you did not pay attention to what he did at Arkansas and OM.
Don’t ever stop posting Bentonhog, your moronic takes and corn pone musings are something to behold.
“Ugh” is right. It’s what I say every time I see you post your stupidity. What’s your new handle on Hogville since you’ve been banned again?