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To be honest, he left out the meth... Missourians Love their redneck coke.
Does being a douche canoe ever get old, given your post history I’ll just say,”No”.
It all makes sense now... You’re one of those Trumptard supporting MAGAts. This explains the stupidity of your posts the past several years.
Wow, it’s like you don’t even football... But please, throw shade on a highly respected Coach who took the job of cleaning up the mess that Petrino, the intern and BB left at your Program. Any fan in the SEC could see that your program has been deeply mismanaged for years. But given your vapid stupidity, I have to ask, Did you type this from your Mom’s basement? Wipe that slack jaw and try not to be a pathetic loser of a fan.
Trump supporters like yourself are low information, racist, half wits. If anyone should down a bottle of bleach it’s you sorry ass. Looking forward to applying my military skill sets to people like you for supporting a traitor. GFY.
You clearly know nothing about recruiting... It’s obvious by your past posts and this ignorant little nugget about “this kind of recruiting don’t last with a promise and a prayer.” Anyone who knows football understands the massive difficulties left by Petrino leaving the Arkansas Program in the ditch, followed by the stupid hiring of John L. Smith and then the hiring of that sloppy, lazy Bret B. If you bothered to look at your roster, you would realize that you have very little talent and zero depth across ALL positions on both sides of the ball. I enjoy intelligent Arkansas Fans but you clearly aren’t one of them. Morris was also left with serious locker room issues and no depth to bench them. It was an impossible situation. This is why that roster is being aggressively turned over, you have a serious “up n commer” with a relentless recruiting staff. Morris will right that ship and he will have Arkansas right behind Bama in 3-4 years. Hide and watch oh negative one.
According to your media that specializes in recruiting, that number is currently 4 and that information was shared last week. Agree or disagree but you will be hearing 4 more names.
I wonder if Kansas Fans will go ballistic when Les scouts (when it’s legal) Chandler at one of his Friday night games like some of the Darksider Hog Fans do? Hmmmmmm
“Wow! You’ve got some spunk! Keep goin’, squirt. This is cathartic for you.” Spunk... Squirt?! Are you projecting your most hidden and perverted desires? I don’t swing that way but I’m not the least surprised that you do. Is there something you want to get out of the closet? I mean, being an OM Fan is bad enough... Enjoy your Spunk and Squirts, The secret ingredients to Bunghole’s “Hotty Toddy”.
That’s all you’ve got? I seriously doubt your fat ass could survive a hot yoga class but then again you come across as weak, pathetic wanna be trolling POS. Seriously, I imagine you with your self inflicted, type 2 diabetes, rotting feet fingering your keyboard thinking you have some modicum of intelligence but you deep down you know better. You will always be a loser Bunkie...
Tell me something, are you a “shut in”? Do you actually have a life? What he said is absolutely correct. Are you this stupid in real life? How old are you? Have you always been this big a loser? Does your tiny peen get excited when you post on another school’s board? Hope you enjoyed your fluke win because you morons are going to get skull fricked for the next decade. You are a POS that roots for a POS, cheating program.
This is rich coming from you... SDS’s very own village idiot.
God you’re stupid... Kelley’s size had ZERO to do with his performance and your little hot take is still garbage. Kelley has always had accuracy issues with passing, he is slow to make good decisions but he is working hard to do a better job. Glad to see Storey do well, this is the offense that he ran in high school so he’s comfortable and gaining confidence. The loser in this was Daulton Hyatt. I expect John Stephen Jones to see action in this next game if Arkansas gets a substantial lead at CSU.
And BT, I can’t help it if you have comprehension problems. But we both know that public education system has a lot to be desired in Bama. It’s obvious your parents need to ask for a tax refund. Y’all stand by while I switch accounts... *eyeroll Enjoy your tinfoil hats ladies.
@BB Don’t post absolutely horrible takes and people won’t rip your head off... Are you such a lonely pos that you have to come to another Fanbase’s comment section to get someone to play with you? Are you going to follow “BamaTime” around like a lost puppy swooning and drooling over his words? I countered your DA posts with facts, Kelley is tough to take down, I provided the very words of a Bama LB to back that up... The Guy led a comeback against your pos cheating program despite having to play for an alcoholic coach and beat them. Tricked several of your defensive players. You have nothing of substance to discuss.
Unfortunately I have to deal with pigheaded idiots like yourself... I know what I’m dealing with now. Good job.
No... Just one idiot from OM. A lot of posters are tired of his pathetic attempts at trolling. I would much rather have intelligent conversations with competent Fans from other schools. Are you one of those, if so that would be great. But when one is losing their argument, make something up and see if it distracts from their absolute moronic take on Cole Kelley. But let’s talk about the projecting that this response could only be from multiple accounts bs... Y’all can leave your Q conspiracy crap at home. I despised this moron from last year and evidently so do a lot of others. Occam’s Razor. No tin hats. Let’s talk real football and enjoy the season.
Mayor, hope y’all have good Season. Interested in seeing what y’all do with your new Coach as well. Cheers man!
Screw that lid on tighter Miracle Whip, but keep tongue punching that keyboard you half wit. Again, you get your dumb ass handed to you by multiple posters but it’s just one guy? I bet you’re a MAGAt too. Not very bright and easily mislead... I will happily be respectful to other posters of other fan bases who want to have an intelligent discussion but that leaves out now doesn’t it. MAGAt.
@BB Using facts to correct your absolute stupidity then you moan that it could only be the poster making up another account to combat your willful moronic posts... You really are this stupid. You are a horrible troll who has ZERO knowledge of football and when you get your head handed to you, you start whining that Unknown made up another account to combat your moronic posts? You. Are. Pathetic.
Your complete ignorance and lack of understanding is on display again... And if I were you, I wouldn’t tell others a damn thing about debating when you have a willfully ignorant stance. From an Alabama newspaper after their game against Arkansas in 2017: “Alabama linebacker Shaun Dion Hamilton talks about the size of Arkansas quarterback Cole Kelley, who's listed at 6-foot-7 and 268 pounds. KAMARRI DARRINGTON TUSCALOOSA — Alabama defenders didn't have a lot of fun trying to take Arkansas quarterback Cole Kelley down on Saturday. "He's the biggest quarterback I've ever seen," Hamilton said. "He was definitely tough. One guy could have a hand on him, but he could still throw the ball away. We just needed as many people as possible to get him down to the ground." I will take the experience and words of an Alabama LB over a jar of mayonnaise tongue punching a keyboard in an effort to troll another Fanbase with their extreme stupidity. Don’t sleep on Arkansas, this is a team that is no longer being mismanaged by an alcoholic. Yet despite that, Bret had your team’s number... Morris and Chavis are going to break wreak havoc your cheating program.