GFY. Especially these bitch ass Mods.

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I’m surprised he didn’t ask for his back pay…
This is the answer. Clay Travis is opportunistic t r a s h, his sycophants make me laugh.
Hey Tiger TD, the hogs have a top 25 Football program again, a top 10 basketball team, top 3 baseball program, winningest Men’s and Women’s indoor/outdoor/cross country track teams, top 20 women’s basketball-about to be top 10 and the list goes on… You guys have white rocks in your garbage endzones and are known for your meth. I guess you got us there… (I got my Master’s in Fayetteville, loved every minute of it.)
Dude, your defending your pack of dweebs like it’s your sister. Stop, like you it’s pathetic.
Arkansas is going to OWN your Dweeb of a Coach and deep down, you know it. The only reason you Toonce’s had the run that you did is because Arkansas was having its worst run of football since WWII. Chad Morris and Coach Tito are gone… The Hogs will own your football team like they have your baseball, basketball, softball, etc like they always have over the years. Btw, I’ve been to Como and it’s a pretty dreary town. Nice people but the gulag architecture of downtown is depressing AF.
SKULL DRAGGED. Nothing but negative posts or posts you don’t agree with? I think I was the first person here who said Arkansas was going to have a stellar season and finish 3rd in the SEC West IN preseason. Tony, you’ve always been a negative lil’ Nancy, I’m not sorry I hurt your fee’ fee’s.
I’ve seen a LOT of ignorant takes on SDS but this one takes the cake. Coaches are the one’s who develops the players, not the brick and mortar of the buildings nor the reputation of the schools. To paraphrase a famous Cajun I know, “It’s the Coaching, S t u p i d.” To be quite frank, kids like his should go visit Coach Sam Pittman, enjoy a the better coaching, facilities and fan base.
You got skull dragged, expect several more years of it Dingus.
Punch ‘em in the mouth Arkansas!! I love it… Can’t stand Drink.
D A M N Straight! But let these fools keep sleeping on Muss this Team, they aren’t even warmed up yet and their Defense is Elite. (Is post moderated too? Clowns.)
I think I’m MUCH more of a Hog Fan than you are… I do have a brick on the Senior Walk for My Masters so there’s that. Also, Did you not hear the explanation on that by the announcers? You should burn your T-Shirt.
@BamaTime, lol. GD you’re an embarrassment. I know posting here is ALL that you’ve got but c’mon man. JFC.
People who say “cuck” haven’t seen their peens in decades thanks to that fupa, stop embarrassing yourself.
Arkansas is going to skull drag the tigers. Make no doubt, it’s a revenge game x100. Hide and watch.
“ Rather go Birmingham or decline invite.” What?! BIRMINGHAM? Lololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololoolololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololoolololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololol.
Absolutely, love Coach Pittman. Btw, imagine if Jalen Catalon wasn’t hurt and the Hogs had a little bit better O-Line… Wow, great game Hogs, My 1B Team and my other Alma Mater.
I tried to tell people in the preseason that Arkansas was going to be a much better team. Their recruiting is going to get a LOT better too, who wouldn’t want to play for Sam?!
“Respect to LSU, Begrudgingly…. Thought they played with more heart & fire for most of the game.” Follow by… “ In the end, the heart of this team and Coaching staff shown through!” No offense, but which is it? I definitely disagree with your first statement … “ LSU bullied them all over the field and played with an edge.” Not in the second half they didn’t or the Hogs would have been slaughtered. Arkansas Fans in this thread, why are you capitulating to LSU Fans, the Hogs won the Boot! Tito and Chad Morris have ruined you! ;)
It’s refreshing to see Auburn be the recipient of a slightly questionable call. Either way it would NOT have made a difference in the outcome. Having said that, The Pirate is still absolute garbage. (Is this comment up for moderation too… Lol)
Both teams are quite capable of winning this game. If Arkansas has a fast start, they will beat LSU. But right now I feel it’s a toss up, it largely depends on which LSU team shows up.
Clay Travis is an opportunistic clown that doesn’t deserve a platform of any kind. Clowns like him will be counting his money while the country burns fanned by lies and misinformation. EIB IS domestic terrorism.
Arkansas kept Mistake in the game by NOT executing in the redzone. Cry harder, the Hogs beat you despite your pathetic o-line holding on every play.
Exactly @JJV25 Mistake Fans need to sit down an enjoy their well deserved loss.
How many no call-holding penalties on Mistakes O-Line vs Gregory, Ridgeway and Trey Williams? It was well into the double digits, “bull c r a p” fans need to sit down and take your well deserved loss.
No, He’s talking about the all star picks here, genius. And frankly, I agree. Also, which SEC team lasted the longest in the ncaa tournament- where it matters the most? The Razorbacks. Davis should absolutely be on the first team on his defensive skills alone. JD should be second team but to be frank, that kid has put in some serious work in the off season to get in superior shape and looks to be one of the best in the SEC. Hide and watch.
Your list is MUCH, MUCH more realistic than Adam’s. The Hogs are a work in progress it’s all of the new players but if they gel, get their roster rolling… They will be one the toughest teams to beat. I expect another season like last year for them and easily see them in the sweet 16 or higher at the end of the year.