GFY. Especially these bitch ass Mods.

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I bet you did, Low Rent Ronnie… From tip to balls, don’t forget to juggle the boys and be sure to enjoy that piglet gravy you, you earned it!
Hey Low Rent Ronnie, so everyone a favor and pull that trigger and Us out of Your Misery. Seriously, nobody will miss you.
Rockcity Harry gets paid by the letter or his lies and stupidity. Good job, F’Hole.
ESAD already, low rent Ronnie… I know it’s hard with your diabetic feet, but stumble towards the light, you sad, unloved, oxygen thief.
You’re batsh*t insane… Seriously, go get help.
“ Yalls team is protectud by the divine. You got a rightous Governor Woman whos puttin scripture back on the Capital Lawn.” SHS is a P O S who is robbing the citizens of Arkansas blind by giving a handful of extremely rich people ANOTHER round of tax cuts close to $200million dollars that was afforded by the State by not paying out benefits/cutting programs that benefit the working class. The Stephens- I went high school with Jack jr- The Waltons, The Hussmans, etc. Comments above like this ridiculous M A GAt is another reason I despise organized religion and “the stupids” the rich prey upon.
Dude… I’m a Hog fan too but if that’s not a jinx then I don’t know what one is to be honest.
Why are you staring at other men’s crotch bulges and commenting? I heard of jock sniffers but you want ALL the cake- and evidently the frank n’ beans too.
The self hatred by a vocal minority of Hog fans gets tiresome AF, you guys are the best at poor mouthing your own unlike any other fanbase. Loved getting my Masters in Fayetteville and loved the Hogs as a kid going to games in LR and Fayetteville when I was a young dude, so I’m not pulling these observations out of my backside.
If you still support the traitor known as trump at this point, you should curb stomped and double tapped. Zero patience for traitors, especially if you served in the military. Maybe you step away from the propaganda and go read the indictments.
Chris Smith, Alex Collins, Ryan Mallet, Reggie Chaney and Charles Balentine were all taken way too soon. Going to miss these Legends.
It’s so bad, the Nazi’s at the Daily Wire are workshopping new names to replace their calling their super douches “Chad”. Everything Chad Morris touches dies.
Dude, you ding dings are going to get skull drug every week next year. Enjoy your beating this week you arrogant P O S.
You watched half the game with half of your brain and somehow the secondary is the same despite d line forcing the WCU QB to quickly get rid of the ball ALL game resulting in 4 interceptions BUT the secondary is the same as last year? The O Line was missing ALL SEC Latham causing multiple players to play pout of position, they will be just fine. All I can say is that you’re not that bright and your username definitely checks out. So weak…
KJ is going to have an explosive year sans injuries, hide and watch. The Hogs have serious talent at WR, TE, the OLine will come through strong and the running back room is deeper than ANY team in the SEC- it’s stacked 5 deep- 5! And now Enos is back, who is fantastic at using PA, integrating the RB/TE’s in the passing game-KJ developed a softer touch Coach Enos loves routes across the middle which were non existent under Briles. Enos is also an outstanding QB Coach, KJ’s footwork is light years better now. Seriously, KJ has everything in place for a magical season if he stays healthy. Hope Auburn stays healthy, they are going to meet a buzzsaw in Fayetteville this year. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. ;)
Low Rent Ronnie in with more of his MAGAtry… Btw, sorry again about getting cut from “My 600lb Life”, I think you’re the perfect lowlife to represent that show. Now, go look at his presser yesterday, listen to the reporter’s question and then the kid’s full response. It’s still not a big deal and is definitely clickbait but go checkout the full context. One more thing, how are you holding up knowing that your Orange Jesus is going to die in jail? Take care sugar T its.
Still alive, Low Rent Ronnie? I’m shocked given your diabetes and morbid obesity.
One of these days, I’m going to read these comments and see that the Ol’ shut-in himself, Diabeetus Ronnie isn’t posting here anymore… And I’ll think of that scene in “Seven” with the morbidly obese fat man, face down in a bowl of moldy spaghetti and never think of him again.
Y’all gotta give ol’Ronnie a little slack, he’s a little depressed that he didn’t make the cut for “ My 600-lb Life” and that’s sent him into a depressing cycle of self hatred that even eating his way out of bathtub of instant chocolate puddin’ doesn’t tickle his inner goatse like it used too.
She flipped a u-turn without looking, does that help, Pappy?
I have a shot for you, several actually. Btw, your F’Boi trump is going to jail for the rest of his life- M A G At.
Leave Alex Collins alone you insipid d o l t. He was killed when a woman in an SUV flipped a B and slammed his motorcycle into the vehicle so hard that it ended up in the back seat. He never had a chance, grow up.
Maybe you should rename yourself sh*theelhog, because you’re negative AF about the Hogs when you should be a lot more optimistic. There have been massive changes in defense and the Hogs are 3 deep for the first time on the D Line since joining the SEC, that RB room is the best in the SEC, you’ve got real talent at WR and a excellent back up QB. Arkansas is going to win some games they will NOT be picked to win this season. Hide and watch.
And yet their two top players were injured completely changing their offense. But then again, intelligence and awareness are not exactly in your wheelhouse. Look, I wouldn’t p*ss on Oates if his mouth was on fire, he sold his soul for just a Sweet Sixteen. Good job, just wave your t-shirt, clown shoes.
Please… Find a closet, a snakeskin belt and and go Hutchence yourself, so You can “CHOKE EVERY TIME”. Clown.
All explained by injuries f’n numpty. Arkansas fans are usually educated on these matters… Wow.