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F that. We left the big 12 for a reason. All I saw was big 12 right there.
If I remember right, Nebraska isn’t either. But they took them because of history and brand name recognition.
His success would’ve been no more than it is now.
And they f’ed up the SWAC also. Remember the SWAC?
All I read was Missouri has no explosive player. Keke Chism isn’t it, I don’t think. Maybe if he goes all Danario Alexander or Jeremy Maclin next year?
Jumbo coasted off of what Bobby Bowden had built before him. I never thought he was a great coach, or deserved the lofty praise he has always gotten. But, he’s at a good school, that can get great talent. We’ll see what he does there.
Chuck drops the truth bomb. It would be great if more high profile people would do the same.
I wouldn’t care if Gonzaga had to back door their way in. I’ve been around long enough to never, ever underestimate those guys. Also, never quit bashing kansas. They absolutely deserve all the crap they get for that beating they took.
Whatever, we talked about them when we were there too. No live list at all on b11 and texas.
The weather this weekend will not favor Georgia, cloudy, decent chance of a rain, possible flurries. Welcome to Missouri.
What’s wrong with eating fish, rice and vegetables? That diet has been the cornerstone of my child’s diet, a swimmer, and she is on track for a pretty good scholarship.