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Before you call your DC a dumbass, just think of the dumbass that made the call to only rush 2 when Bama had a 4th and goal 30 yards out.
It’s not a rivalry, and you just can’t make one up either. We had a good basketball rivalry with them in the mid- to late 80s and early 90s. But it’s dead now. kU will always be our main rival, and everyone else in the east feels like a better rivalry than Arkansas.
Those cheating bastards. They’ll steal signs from everybody.
They need to do something to the west side of the stadium and press box. It’s seriously dated and fugly as F.
And maybe Mizzou stops Georgia and they have to punt?
Couple things. I’d say Missouri beat Missouri more than Georgia beat Missouri. Cook’s first interception was the death blow for them. They were driving and would’ve probably taken them the lead. And that hit on the LSU Qb, that looked like a good clean tackle to me. Nice solid strong hit.
kU was #2, Mizzou was 4. The number one lost and we beat kU to reach the #1 spot. Got screwed in a bowl, went to the Cotton and broke out our non heisman running back all over Arkansas and he went for 274 and 4 td’s.
Mizzou beat #1 Oklahoma in 2010, at Mizzou. Pretty sure espn game day was here.
Pretty sure he was Mizzou’s OC when Drew Lock set the SEC td record. His offense was good, Mizzou’s D was suspect.
But Mizzou has been in contention for the SEC title. Twice. If I remember right Mizzou ran over the Bulldogs between the hedges one of those years also.
True Mizzou fans cringe at articles like this, and others that have been written the last week. We are realists and hold no grand illusions. If we have a great season and win a lot, well that’s great. If we don’t, oh well.
Danario Alexander was left off the finalists list for the Biletnikov award despite leading the country with 1800 receiving yards and I think 14 touchdowns. What makes you think they’d acknowledge Luther Burden? Missouri players just don’t win awards no matter how good they are.
Has he missed time due to injury? What fragility?
They shouldn’t have split the NC with Ga. Tech. Colorado had a legit loss handed to them by Missouri that year, unfortunately the refs failed to notice they gave Colorado a 5th down.
So where does Bobby Bowden fit on this list. He built that FSU team from nothing. I know he only won two titles, but he also had to contend with Miami and Florida at the height of their power. Like I said, I know it’s only 2 titles, but the man deserves an enormous amount of respect in college football.
Lovett is a great young receiver, but he’s not I’m the realm of Mizzou’s best. Maclin also wasn’t Mizzou’s best either.
Cook has had some growing pains, but that O line hasn’t done him any favors. He will grow more with every practice, and quality time with his young receivers will do him good. If he continues as he has been lately, he will do Mizzou just fine the next two years.
I would think that if he were a number 1 receiver, he’d get number 1 playing time. He is an excellent 3rd down man. He gets open because he’s never on the field and always overlooked.
Put the pipe down slowly, and back away.
By 7 touchdowns? Are you serious? You need a reality check. Georgia by 10 tds. Ha!
Righting the ship? No, not at all. That score was not at all indicative of how it really went. The SEC is going to bury us.
Missing the Chicago game really hurt his chances, but you’re right- he throws lots of INTs. I’m sure he’ll start a few games, maybe he’ll look better.