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I’m still reminded of that Peach Bowl game last year. Cincinnati did not back down from Georgia and probably should have won the game. They will not be afraid of Bama at all. That Fickell is a tough dude and has that Ohio State mentality and he’ll have them ready. They smashed Houston, not a bad team, in the third quarter of the “Big 12 East” title game yesterday and are really now G5 in name only. They’ve got some players. No, they probably won’t win and may get clocked, but it also may be a better game than we think.
Cincinnati should have and almost beat Georgia last year save for a long last second field goal. I’d bet after today they’d beat them this year.
Alabama vs. Cincinnati, book it now.
I don’t know. I walked around their facilities two summers ago while visiting a friend in that area, my motel was right across the street. I was surprised, I didn’t expect what I saw. It’s big-time, they’re light years ahead of everyone left and in C-USA, and definitely as good as the AAC members leaving for the Big 12 (Cincy is still using a seasonal indoor bubble). There are NFL teams that still don’t have a permanent indoor practice field. Liberty has one.
They’ve got some serious donor cash at that place. Their practice and training facilities are NFL caliber.
Luke Fickell will have multiple offers from Southern Cal to Virginia Tech. I mention those two only because they have Cincy connections. The Billionaire Good Old Boys Club is not going to let the Bearkitties in the playoffs no matter what he does the next two weeks, that’s become obvious, I think he’s done all he can do in Cincy.
In the NFL head-to-head is the only thing that matters in tiebreakers. The eye test garbage is what makes the committee continue to look like the total clown show that it has become. I just wish they could come up with a playoff format that would eliminate the committee embarrassment altogether or do most of its work for them. There is a format available, just look at college basketball with automatic bids for conference champions, but the Judge Smails types who dominate college football and the bowls won’t allow that to happen.
Virginia Tech, as badly as it wants to be, will never be Climpson. Oh, and Whit Babcock’s last two hires? Fuente, and Tommy Tuberville in Cincy. I’ll leave it at that.
There’s an axiom in the journalism world that goes like this: “the only dumb question is the one you don’t ask.” That was a dumb question, that shouldn’t have been asked.
He’s not going anywhere. He now has a Power 5 job in waiting, something none of his predecessors had. At $3.4 million a year, he’s in the top 40 paid of all coaches in FBS and that will surely be negotiated up once they’re in the Big 12. Like someone else said he’ll be playing a Power 5 schedule, can win the Big 12 and be viewed a lot more favorably by the committee.
SDS strikes again. Memo to the kid who wrote this....delete it.
Great point, Stricklin probably knows there’s likely going to be a total housecleaning coming that involves him too so why bother now.
They gotta go Arkansas and can him coming off the field at the end of the game.
Frank Beamer was 24-40-1 in his first six years at Virginia Tech and handed off what had become a .500 program over his last four years. Justin Fuente is 42-31 in his first six years and will be fired. It’s a far different world to 30 years ago, and not necessarily a better one in that regard.
Cincinnati not making the playoff. Omega House doesn’t want Kent Dorfman crashing the party.
The CFP committee has made it clear Cincinnati or any G5 program is not welcome at four-team Bushwood no matter what they do. While I don’t think they’ve been good enough the past three weeks and have made Gary Barta’s job that much easier later tonight, the thought of UC repeating their Peach Bowl performance in a CFP semifinal against Georgia is causing a lot of night sweats among Power Five power brokers. It’ll be interesting to see in two years — if Fickell stays and they have the same record in the Big 12 — if they get more love.
The same guy that flipped off TV cameras during a loss last year. I’m sure the fine institution of Syracuse University is breathing a sigh of relief they don’t have award him a degree.
I won’t complain if Michigan State and Michigan both knock Ohio State out. It’d be a breath of fresh air to have both the Buckeyes and Clemson out of the CFP.
Rumor has it they’re considering Eastern Kentucky as a full member to get to 8 once Western Kentucky and Middle Tennessee depart, then UConn and UMass to get to 10. At some point the doors to FBS have to slam shut.
It’s too crowded. Outside of Liberty, which has piles of private donation cash, these schools have no business being in FBS. Between NIL, the changing TV financial landscape or the fact that football is going to be a major money pit for many of these places that have ZERO chance of being remotely competitive, I wouldn’t surprised in 20 years to see 40-50 G5 schools back in FCS, all the way down to DIII or dropping football.
Dan’s going to end up coaching high school ball in Valdosta or Texas.
What a joke. I wouldn’t have expected anything more from Tennessee.
I lived in Virginia for four years about 20 years ago, made it to Lane Stadium twice and Scott Stadium four times. Of the two I enjoyed my visits to Scott Stadium way better. No contest. Virginia Cavalier fans are dedicated, but at least know and accept their place in the football hierarchy. Tech fans as one poster said were forever ruined by that appearance in the BCS title game. I’d put this on Whit Babcock. Who has he hired? He hired Tuberville in Cincy and then left for Tech. We know how that hire worked out. It didn’t. Mike Bohn, now at Southern Cal, had to hire Fickell to resuscitate that program. Babcock then hired Fuente, who I actually like but it just isn’t working out, at Tech. So, would you trust Babcock a third time? I would not. Fuente will land back at a G5, he’ll be fine.
I agree. Georgia may win by six touchdowns. Or more.
This is turning into a site with articles written by children.
Completely undisciplined team making dumb mistakes and taking dumb penalties, things you never saw in their CFP run. Coaching staff got lazy and arrogant in the past year or two and it shows. They need a major overhaul.