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I believe TAMU is definitely one of the top 4 teams in the SEC, no doubt.Top 4 in the country? Questionable under the duress of a full season. But it's 2020. Would like to see my Dawgs take on the Aggies and frankly would love our chances but that's hypothetical. I'm just not sold on anybody as a convincing #4 seed. I think TAMU has a good chance to get picked unless ND bias kicks in.
Finding a 4th best team in this field is pretty tough. Losing conference championship teams haven't made the 4 team field yet but Notre Dame could break that trend. Not impressed at all with A & M. As a conference champ OK could sneak in again as a 4th seed but they have 2 losses. If Bama holds on against UF, things seem to be setting up nicely for the College Station outfit.
I thought Chaney was a mixed bag but I thought he did a servicable job calling plays for the Canines. The problem is personnel. If Tennesee's o'line were as good as advertised it would have provided some cover for their obvious lack of talent at QB, RB and receiver. But its clear that the Vols have big problems with this group as well. Pruitt's only option is to recruit his way out of this mess on that side of the ball.
Watching Box Nix regression has been painful. The kid really looks lost back there, which is a shame for Auburn because they've got offensive playmakers. Wish Bigsby were wearing the Red and Black!
2020 season shows just about anything can happen. I expected a bounce-back and a stronger effort from Vols. Kentucky looked like a well-coached, fundamentally sound ballclub. Definitely looked better than a 2-2 club. Tennessee has more problems than just on offense. 'Cats pushed the Vols around up front a little bit today.
Murray's four year record could realistically be broken by a three-year starter. I believe it'll happen sooner rather than later.
While the Gators have a favorable schedule--Mullen knows that sooner or later he's got to beat the Dawgs. This year could be the one, but Georgia's absolutely loaded with talent, especially on defense. 2019 was a golden opportunity for Mullen against a sub-par UGA offense and frankly the Gators blew it. If if doesn't get Georgia this year I don't know if or when he will...
Well written article & an interesting concept. Everything pretty much correct in the article except citing the 2015 'Bama game as "the final straw". It was the 2015 "Faton Bauta" Florida game that sealed Richt's fate. The 'Bama game made it clear how big the gap was between UGA and a truly elite program; the Florida debacle made it obvious to all (especially the big money donors) that the program needed a change.
Kirby is showing an increasing sense of urgency and it shows with his recent hires. He's picking up the pace of recruiting and will field a roster with few if any weaknesses despite some lack of experience. Clearly he's trying to get a coaching staff to match. UGA fans have to be excited at their prospects.
I think the intensity of the Georgia-Tennessee rivalry just went up to a new level. Nasty business. I wouldn't expect the Vols and their newest recruit to receive a very warm welcome this November in Athens.
Good picks and good article. Great call on Bowden--he deserves all the accolades coming his way. I wouldn't be surprised if he enjoys a successful NFL career. He may just be the 20's version of Hines Ward-- who played RB, WR and QB for UGA back in the day.
Just hard to get a read on this situation. Its easy to dismiss all this as happy talk from UGA's end. I'm skeptical that 12 bowl practices would be enough to fix UGA's passing game, but here's hoping that they've got something that will work against the Bears. a lot of new players and starters on offense. Hell if they want to be out there and play with some enthusiasm that could end up being a good thing. I just hope our D is locked and loaded 'cause we may need a shut-out to win this one.
Herrien has been a program player and a guy who patiently worked his way up through the ranks to become a standout for this team. Mark me as totally surprised to see this guy leave the program at the last moment. The NFL seems like a long shot to me.
This UGA fan doesn't give a rip what Ed O thinks about the Dawgs. I think he'll have a great next two weeks.....and a world of hurt for the next 4 years.....Go Dawgs!!!!!
What are the odds that Cook will remain at UGA? For all the chortling from Auburn and Florida supporters, one of those schools may be his next port of call should his career at UGA end.
Good call on Lou Groza Award. Even this UGA partisan has to admit that Rodrigo had a subpar season. Overall the guys been money but misses in last year's SECCG and this years USC contest loomed large. Two misses in last week's SECCG didn't help but obviously didn't affect the outcome. No question its a career achievement award (Loved the "12 yea comment). It does seem like Hot Rod's been around forever, doesn't it?
They got it right. Easy call for the committee and no controversial picks. LSU clearly deserved top slot.
Methinks Orgeron could be looking out more for himself than his 'ole buddy Kiffin. The Lanester will be a formidable competitor on the field and especially on the recruiting trail.
Its a shame to see Swift's Georgia career end this way. He's been a splendid player for us and will always be a DGD to me. I'm assuming that he won't play in the Bowl and that works for me because the future is now regarding Georgia's offense. They need this bowl prep to give these future players some work.
LSU should be #1 in the final rankings after last nights masterclass against my Dawgs. Wouldn't be surprised however if they keep the Buckeyes at the top slot. It would be a shame seeing LSU-Clemson in one semi-final since they're probably the top two teams in the field.
Can't win if you don't play. 2nd place in the East don't count. Good luck next year, Jorts U.
Part of me thinks Smart is losing control of this team from a discipline POV. He's trying to get the horse back in the barn, so to speak, and is struggling. IMO Georgia played their worst quarter of the season so far in the 2nd period. Against better opposition we would have gone into the 2nd half trailing. But Smart steadied the troops and they got it done in the 2nd half. The defense continues to play magnificently. Hard to believe we could be so elite on one side of the ball and so crappy at times on offense. Don't know what's the deal with Fromm. Is he healthy? Inaccurate again and several worm-burners to open receivers. But then he tucks the ball into tight spots on these sideline throws. As worried as I am about just competing with LSU, I'm worried about the chemistry/intangibles of this club. Something seems amiss.
Eventually Leach's act will wear thin even in The Evergreen State. He reminds me a lot of a slightly younger Paul Johnson, whose quirky offense generated some success despite less than stellar recruiting. But he's still owned by his in-state rival. And always tries to come off as smarter than everybody else, specially when methods are questioned. Like the option, it appears that defenses (especially the Huskies) have Leach's offense down cold. At least the option had some recruiting limitations but you'd think an Air Raid attack could field more than a roster of 3 stars.
You have to admire Ole Miss's grit for battling back like they did but to be undone in this manner does not bode well for the Luke regime.
The Egg Bowl never seems to disappoint. Entertaining game and just a flat out brawl in the trenches. I thought State adjusted magnificently to Plumlee but it was a brave decision from Luke to bring Corral in in relief. As good as State D played there was no excuse for that late bomb, however. Its a shame to see Ole Miss fight their guts out only to be undone by one selfish act. Hopefully this will influence players and teams around the country of the consequences of these antics that have no place on the field.
I know we're 11 games in but its next man up. Somebody's got to make it happen.
I agree that the chances of 2 SEC teams getting in are good. Alabama is in great position to get in with an Iron Bowl win and a probable UGA loss to LSU. Under normal circumstances Georgia matches up well with LSU but I'm not seeing us beat the Tigers with this offense.Something is clearly amiss with Fromm and I don't know if that can be fixed this season. He's regressing and playing worse as the season progresses. But what a defense.
I just hope it isn't the Bo Jackson type injury.