The One True Hog

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Money being spent on clowns like Bert, Chad, Mike Anderson. The problem is lack of leadership/knowledge in the department that hires and fires. Hopefully that changes with our new AD. Jeff Long valued his own success and image above the school’s success...
Hugh Freeze? Thank God you aren't a decision maker...
Waltons, Jones, Hunt, Tyson... Should I name any more? Each are mega donors worth at least double what OSU's beloved T-Boone was worth. University of Arkansas has more money than most sovereign nations.
I agree to an extent about Fayetteville. If you aren't a student/involved with the University, there's not much there for adults/families. But it sounds like you haven't been to Rogers or Bentonville. The Waltons (Walmart) have built one of the nicest museums in the south, boasting over $3B in artwork. The Waltons are also pouring money into re-vamping downtown Bentonville. It's pretty sweet. Also, NWA has one of the highest millionaire per capita figures in the US. Lots of industry, tech is growing, lots to offer besides a small college town bar scene that is Fayetteville.
JCP should never get hired to make decisions again and the Board should all be fired---not for hiring Chad but for the absurd contract he was given. Let's hope ADHY has more common sense than to repeat the mistakes that the Arkansas Athletics department has been making since 2012.
...still the last coach to play Alabama before Nick Saban. What's your point?
JCP has certainly proven her ineptitude, but ADJL and his self-serving crybaby performance on national television clearly caused more long-term damage than anyone in program history. JCP caused a set back. ADJL caused a great decline.
Ha! I was thinking something similar...the man should've been fired loooooong before Morris got the ax.
If this is true, he should be immediately cut from the coaching search. Arkansas needs a coach who wants to be in Fayetteville; who wants to be in the state's spotlight; and who wants to re-build what Jeff Long has single-handedly destroyed.
It's because of HDN we didn't win a NC in 2006. And why we didn't have more success with arguably the best backfield in college football history. Petrino's strategy turned undersized homegrown Arkansas receivers into national contenders. His game-planning was second to none. I would've reached out to him before HDN 10 out of 10 times.