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Give it a year or two, State will be back where it was in the 00s.
This is good all the way around.. Absolutely great guy.
I can't help you with your teams supposed inability to be able to schedule Power 5 opponents, tough luck, find a new conference, it is what it is, and it cripples your team's legitimacy. You strength of schedule argument holds no water. First, you left off some quality teams that they play, ranked opponents in fact. Second, each of those SEC teams you listed have farrr better recruits than any of the teams in your conference, your team included. Lastly, those lowest 2-3 non-conference cream-puffs that you listed (which are hardly worth even discussing bc they represent such a small sampling of the overall schedule) would likely tally a good number of wins in your conference. Hell, UCF might even lose to Midd Tenn St. I bet it would be a great game to watch! ;-) You're grasping at straws. It sucks, I know. But your validity in all this is nowhere close to the argument that Auburn could have made back in the early 2000s.
Knight4life, one-off wins at the end of the season don't tell the tale of why your team is in the position it is in. You need to re-read my earlier post about strength of schedule and why UCF wasn't included in the first place. UCF simply wouldn't be undefeated if they had to battle through the season that an SEC team does. They would be playing in a much lesser bowl, if playing in a bowl at all. You've got to put in the work all season to have the respect to play for a big bowl game at the end. The committee just wasn't that impressed with you guys, and, trust me, they had their reasons - many reasons.
Even you agree that UCF was not a top 4 team. Enough said. There is then nothing more to discuss as far as who the real national champ is.
OrangeKnight, let me very succinctly clear this up for you. UCF did not make it to the CFP due to strength of schedule. This means that a room full of people didn't think that what UCF did was as impressive as what other teams did. The real point is this - if you put UCF's roster up against the roster of all the teams in the SEC, and you made them play a FULL SEC schedule, UCF would not survive to make it to the CFP. They would have to battle with injuries and wear and tear that simply is levels above what they currently are forced to deal with. UCF's 1st string, let along the backups who would be needed to push them through a full SEC schedule simply would not be able to come out unscathed as they have in their current conference. Winning the SEC is about more than just 1st teamers winning all eight conference, it's about winning an all-out months-long war that challenges depth and fortitude to the max. If UCF even wants consideration for the CFP, they're going to have to schedule a few top Power 5 teams to play each year. Beating Navy says nothing. UCF would be a broken team after making it through an SEC season...
Basically, he sayin.... He looks forward to whoopin dat a$$ at TA@M. Truth.
Obviously, Arkansas didn't offer him. I mean, who the hell would sign an extension at Memphis. Kiffin is the dumbest thought of the month. He is trash. He would use the school as a stepping-stool to get to his next goal, just as he has done........ everywhere. He doesn't give a damn about Arkansas. Fact.
It's true DuckTalesLOL, literally no one who doesn't live in Arkansas has gone to Arkansas since like... Hot Springs was relevant during MLB spring training wayyyy back in the day. Currently, over 7M visitors make it to Savannah alone each year. Fayetteville may be cool, but it's not that cool. Facts.
I hear Colonel Reb is still looking for a job.
Oh, the vitriol!... Goodness guys, fresh wounds. Take it easy... The truth is, State has one shot at this. Pick the right offensive mind right now, and the next few years won't be so bad. In fact, they may even mirror that of recent years. However, if they pick the wrong guy... it will take another miracle hire down the road to pick the pieces up again. Choose wisely, State. Choose wisely.
I agree. I feel this is what the administration is thinking as well.
The next Al Golden, sacrificial lamb??
Oh, and one more debacle of this sort will set the program back another 4-5 years.
My comment has nothing to do with Schiano, but Tennessee simply doesn't have time to waste on another unproven. Tennessee needs to put up the money, the confidence, and make a hire that meets with its the size of the reputation it thinks it still has...
Who in the hell would want Kiffin as a head coach in the SEC?!? Is that a joke?!! I mean, sure he'd take it... because he's all about stepping over people to get to his goals. He's a west coast guy, and he'll do whatever it takes to get back there. He has no interest being in the SEC any longer than he has to be...
Holy $&!+!!! Was this written by a third grader?!? If this was actually written by the interim AD, they should let her go for incompetence...
Saban knows this is really no compliment to him. He knows it's just Kiffin trying to inflate his own resume with bs talk. Saban's not buying into the bs. Real talk.
This is about as probably as the rumor that Arkansas wants Pete Carroll to replace Brett..