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He better be more than just a millionaire, or I’ll have more than just this joke on him!!
Tell the free world to put up an opponent who can come within 30 before talking about not letting 2 SEC teams in the Playoffs.
I have a feeling Billy can get more done than most people think. He needs a culture flip, and fast. But, he should be able to run his system well with good athletes who are on board.
Relivin the moment. They’ll have this on repeat for a while, bc it’s not gonna get any better for them..
I get what you mean, but you’re not a super team if you don’t win either the regular season or the league tournament…Even then, are you a super team if you don’t win both?
I don’t agree. They’re already getting a free ride when practically nobody else does. If you don’t wanna play for a free ride, which includes, books, classes, food, housing, and a stipend, then tryout for the draft with no tape in a few years. Simple. And, just to make the scholarship-giving a little bit more fair, let’s make the athletes have to graduate high school with a 3.5 gpa. Can you imagine the wonder that would do for the nation’s public schools? All the athletes actually trying, then getting the privilege of the free ride and the opportunity to be considered for the NFL. Instead, the money and greed have taken over…
What he should have said was, “any year a place with boy cheerleaders beats The Grove in recruiting, some’in ain’t right. Ain’t no way there was no money involved.” But, we know what he “means.”
The wave is just spashin around, having some fun this school year.
You’da thought Auburn would have at least won as many games as it lost with all those selections. Must have been some pretty spectacular play during those losses…
Congrats to Vandy. They played hard down the stretch, even through injuries. No luck, they earned this one.
I mean, football, I get. But the rest of the programs are hot garbage. You can hardly even count equestrian…. Like 3 schools do that. Did I mention the rest of the programs are literal garbage? Let’s be honest with ourselves, for UGA football to be good isn’t that hard. I would measure this man here in about 2-3 years based upon programs not football.
That Athens speedway.. What did they do, give all the athletes Dodge Chargers for NIL?
Hahaha. What a laughable take! You’ve got a team at the top of the list that can’t buy a win away from home, and you didn’t include the team that’s most likely to win the league. Is TN even going to get to host? That’s a lot of road games you’ve got to win to make it happen!
Is Tennessee still playing baseball? Last year all this hype, now crickets.
I agree. Whoever didn’t beat LSU the last few years, your chance is over.
The fakest 3 Year Letterman I’ve seen. Just don’t..