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Well, since you won’t be playing Saturdays on ESPN…. we’ll never see you again. Bye Felicia. But really. What are these kids thinking? What’s going to happen when Dion leaves and doesn’t take them with him? Bc it will happen. No other Power 5 school will want them then. I guess you’re just stuck at Jackson State then..
Sooooo…….. When is the NCAA going to pull Will Wades plug?? Am I the only person wondering that?
More like, Eli takes time from day job to recruit.
Ratings would have been better if they could have found better opponents. Just sayin…
Yes, America. You put them up against your best two teams, and well... your best two teams got man-handled. So, you get AL v GA II. You really can't even complain about this now that there's a playoff. You had your chance.
Just call it a national championship! What’s anything mean anymore these days..
Here’s a solution, the second they don’t give the money, out em on social. That will get people to straighten up real quick!
Florida fans, don’t act like this embarrassment wouldn’t have happened every other year for the past 6+ years. The scheduling gods just spared you that embarrassment. This is just some long awaited humbling that’s come due for payment.
This is precisely they type of player Jimbo wants! A player who is talented, but who isn’t too fixated on achieving many feats on the field.
Heaven is no longer holding a seat for you. Just thought you should know.