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Nothing more cute than increasing capacity and color coordinating for a loss.
Did he have a typo in his resignation address? What a clown.
You can’t seriously think any of the other players really want him there.. surely. They are hating this news.
::::sits back:::: Quite frankly, I’m shocked to see a dumpster fire last this long.
He wants to be THE guy. While he’d likely produce well with teams honing in on Burks, he can’t afford to stat less than 600. My guess is there’s another receiver or TE that’s looking like he’s going to get 500+, or maybe he just thinks he can be the main event somewhere..
He sure didn’t look like a NBA talent during clutch games... and the NCAA tournament. Good luck to him, but he might be a one and some in the NBA..
Love this man. Iconic. Reminds me of great years past..
Well, we all can see that while money can get your name on the building, it clearly can’t buy class. I hope the court of public opinion issues her some humility. And no, no one cares about your mother.
He’s going to where the backfield isn’t as strong, obviously.
Exactly. Apparently, this is lost on some people. Smh
Love and miss Uncle Vern. His voice was iconic and synonymous with Saturday SEC football.
You would be blessed to have Gus’ average season the next 4 seasons!
Miami looks as soft as they’ve ever been. Makes no sense. This whole season, they were nowhere as good as their record indicated, not even close.
He’s got character. I like this guy. I didn’t do good enough, you don’t want me, I’m gone, that’s fine, no hard feelings.
Sark is nothing to cheer about. Seriously. The fans will be needing alcohol this go round.
This is just a very political ranking. There’s no way he could actually believe this...
“Ok, bud.” I called this one this year, and I’m calling it for next year. Without a doubt, you lost your window. Sit with that for a minute bud, bc I know the rest of the fan base can see it and is freaking...