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He’s going to where the backfield isn’t as strong, obviously.
Exactly. Apparently, this is lost on some people. Smh
Love and miss Uncle Vern. His voice was iconic and synonymous with Saturday SEC football.
You would be blessed to have Gus’ average season the next 4 seasons!
Miami looks as soft as they’ve ever been. Makes no sense. This whole season, they were nowhere as good as their record indicated, not even close.
He’s got character. I like this guy. I didn’t do good enough, you don’t want me, I’m gone, that’s fine, no hard feelings.
Sark is nothing to cheer about. Seriously. The fans will be needing alcohol this go round.
This is just a very political ranking. There’s no way he could actually believe this...
“Ok, bud.” I called this one this year, and I’m calling it for next year. Without a doubt, you lost your window. Sit with that for a minute bud, bc I know the rest of the fan base can see it and is freaking...
Well.......... Georgia’s window to make big things happen has... closed. So sorry.
Now that was a sideshow Dan move!! Totally his fault it all started. There was absolutely another way of going about that..
I agree. Nice work. Just other fan bases stirring stuff up.
They should have hung more points, especially with all those rushing yards. The blow out Arkansas the last two years and now that can’t even get over 30. Trust me, Chad is not the answer. Gus better not put all his trust there..
Absolutely a blown call. Raw deal for Arkansas. It appears Chad Morris has brought Auburn’s offense down to Chad Morris level. I can only imagine the size of the bullets he must have been sweating!! It’s looks like Aubie is in for a rough rest of the season...
:::::SPOILER ALERT::::: You don’t win the national championship..
He should have been at home watching turds flush. He chose his destiny.
Morris was terrible. He gave Arkansas its worst years in program history. They’ve had plenty of other Philosophy changes that never came close to the lousiness that Morris delivered! Look at how fast Petrino turned them around. Morris and his staff were out of their league.