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The guy sure did under-deliver! I get that some fans think he “could” do well and want to give him a shot. But, what shocks me is that UK is giving someone a shot and not bringing in a proven winner. This hire is a roll of the dice, one can only speculate what will happen. Just doesn’t seem like a safe blue-blood move…. I’d be nervous as a UK fan, very nervous.
Geez…. What an uninspiring hire. Surprising. Very surprising.
He’s not walking away from 30m. No one was ever going to pay that. He’s making a move and will continue to be paid as he had been paid. With a five year contract, he’s got more than 40m coming his way.
Oh snap! UT passed on him, and he vowed to never let them beat him…. He has finished his deed.
It wouldn’t have made one bit of difference… Yale would have found another way to win. What a pathetic excuse, and sore loser.
Don’t see it at all.. Too many SEC teams in final 4. That never happens. Kentucky is inconsistent and in probably the hardest division of bracket.
Idk what all is going on in college station, but I wouldn’t let my son play for em…
He’ll give player more hugs. Tell players that winning isn’t everything. Call players by their preferred pronouns.
Whoa! I didn’t know they had airports in Mississippi!! Learned a long time ago I’d rather walk than drive on their roads..
The state better start recruiting psychologists and psychiatrists, because it’s about to see a level of despair and desparation not seen since the end of the civil war..
They’re just suspending him bc he’s a Muslim… cheap shot.
Needless to say, it’s going to look, feel, and sound a lot different in Tuscaloosa this fall.
Feels like the standard has… changed a little.
It’s because they saw that picture of him standing next to Gronk, looking like a 7th grader…
You should see how fast he can round the bases and come off the mound. It’s not even fair.
TN isn’t a perennial power. Very slim chance for them.
That is tiny. Like high school tiny. This is like a high school saying they’re the most rowdy. I’m sure it’s great, for a small crowd..
Greg knows nothing more than the rest of us, he’s just trying to avoid a meltdown. Looks like the 90’s will be back in style in bama soon.