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“Ok, bud.” I called this one this year, and I’m calling it for next year. Without a doubt, you lost your window. Sit with that for a minute bud, bc I know the rest of the fan base can see it and is freaking...
Well.......... Georgia’s window to make big things happen has... closed. So sorry.
Now that was a sideshow Dan move!! Totally his fault it all started. There was absolutely another way of going about that..
I agree. Nice work. Just other fan bases stirring stuff up.
They should have hung more points, especially with all those rushing yards. The blow out Arkansas the last two years and now that can’t even get over 30. Trust me, Chad is not the answer. Gus better not put all his trust there..
Absolutely a blown call. Raw deal for Arkansas. It appears Chad Morris has brought Auburn’s offense down to Chad Morris level. I can only imagine the size of the bullets he must have been sweating!! It’s looks like Aubie is in for a rough rest of the season...
:::::SPOILER ALERT::::: You don’t win the national championship..
He should have been at home watching turds flush. He chose his destiny.
Morris was terrible. He gave Arkansas its worst years in program history. They’ve had plenty of other Philosophy changes that never came close to the lousiness that Morris delivered! Look at how fast Petrino turned them around. Morris and his staff were out of their league.
If I were him, I’d opt out too! He’s clearly gonna lose a year of eligibility. Sissy.
IDK about “awesome.” I’m underwhelmed. Perhaps the worst hype video I’ve seen in aaaaaawhile. Step it up SECNetwork.
This list is all sorts of wrong. The list will look nothing like this after the season, if there is a season.
This is not a player first game, it’s a team first game. There is no “I” in team. The team plays for and represents the university. It’s pride, it’s team, it’s not about your selfish all about “me” attitude. Our troops display this valor overseas, and our football teams are supposed to display this domestically. Are you seriously worried about your .000071 chance of dying as a young 20-something, even when you know you’ll have the best medical care possible as a university athlete in a magnified environment?! Other high school grads would give anything to be where you are, playing for the “team”. Don’t turn your back on America. We’re counting on you to play, we’re counting on you to be the one constant, to represent us. Do it for the glory of the game. This may have been facetious, maybe not..
There’s an old sayin that says, “You can’t win, if you don’t play the game.”
You do realize mizzou and auburn are 1-1 head to head, and that Arty and auburn are 17-11, with4 of those being the last 4 years? You’re just acting like you don’t. Not to mention, when you’re in a conference with other teams, statistically there has to be a few teams with a good bit of losses.. Just educating.
If you are opting out, do know the NFL teams are 100% noting that about you. Rightfully or wrongfully, that won’t go unnoticed.
Idk.. Bret could at least win non conference games and a few conference games. Chad couldn’t really win, period. I’d say he was one of the worst coaches I’ve ever seen.
Penn State announces only kids will be able to attend 2020 football games..
Oh the failed USC coaches! Bama’s so good at repurposing USC’s failures.. It’s like Bama is USC’s Last Chance U. Just interesting, really.
The NFL won’t worry one bit about you and the other “boycotters.” Your cares are insignificant, not even an afterthought. They’ll continue running revenue strong. You’re only making a fool of yourself, peasant.