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Guess they couldn't quite match their egos...
Lattimore was a great. He was the team's greatest weapon, and everyone knew it. Spurrier rode that dude soooooo hard, I felt bad for him just for that.
One MAJOR thing that people are missing is this - in 2007, Arkansas was very one-dimensional, and EVERYONE knew that and that McFadden was the team's major weapon. Teams literally game-planned against him and stacked the box but could still not stop him. The 2007 Florida team was loaded with talent that eased Tebow's troubles. There's really no comparison about which player had to shine through the more difficult circumstances.
Are you kidding me?! This is a great hire!! It’s Missouri-freakin-State! Recruiting will instantly be better, and so to will the win column. It’s kinda hard to gut a program that has this team’s record. There’s practically NO way that this won’t work for this school, wherever it is..
Seems the GA slide is more than under way. No more national championship possibility in the future. You guys blew your chance!
Georgia bashes Mullen because they are afraid of him. #Truth. Florida is quickly getting to the point where they will knock off Georgia year after year, again. And, Georgia still hasn't won its national championship yet...
Of course you would. But, he ain’t stupid.
Time to go back to the cellar. I’m hearing Sylvester Croom is available.
Agree. Get over it everybody. Nobody cares about your poor players' feelings. Fragile little football players..
I can't even imagine what this dumba$$ must have done to be told to go home before the state championship game!! NEVER heard of that happening before. This kid will be a hand full..
He was a top 5 coach even back when he was at state. It was unreal where he took that team..
A young coach who's unproven will have a hard time winning over good coordinators. This type of guy needs a year or two of on the field success to win over others. A lot rides on year one...
One thing many have come to know - never count Hurts out.
The West coaches are about to Sh!+ on this guy sooo hard. Call it brick-layin. Oxford ain't no Boca. He'll find that out very soon...