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BOOOOOOOOOOM!! Hahaha. Well, at least SC has something to be proud of this season. They deserve it. Sometimes a little heart can outshine the 5*s. Congratulations SC. Here’s you’re reality check UGA, go on and cash it.
The only thing he should have been arrested for should have been to take him back to the playing field so that Arkansas could have a chance at winning a game!!
What did the Clemson hand say to the TAM face?? ::::::::SMACK:::::::: Guaranteed win?!?! Smh. Don’t talk all that until you can back it up. You’ve got years to go TAM.
Hell, I’m pretty sure John L. Smith turned it down twice!!
The things programs will do to win a NC. They'll even turn a blind eye to all the circus drama that follows him...
BOOOOOOOOOOOOM. Georgia's window is ticking away. It's not going to get any easier.
They gone be baddd this year. You don't want to play LSU this year.
He’s probably right. This guy’s not even working with an AL or GA O-Line. It’s impressive what he’s accomplishing.
The better team won, and it wasn't even close. Take a look at that score. Better yet, ask anyone who watched the whole game. If you could have asked any non-Alabama fan immediately after that game who the better team was, you would have only received one answer. Imagine any runner-up to Alabama ever making this same statement. Nonsense.
That kid is baddddd. Unbelievable production from a freshman. Unbelievable.
What do you bet she’s more educated than you?? Hell, I’m willing to bet she knows the rules of football even better than you! Some people... smh...
You have got to be kidding me... Does anyone else in the world know where the Irom Bowl used to be held?! Do they care?! Did it have some wild moniker?! Let me answer that for you.,. No!! It was trash. It did them better to move it away from an eroding venue that provided nothing of value. Next.
One thing that has to be considered is that it is more of a media and prime time spectacle being in Jacksonville. The "World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party" is unique, it sounds exciting, media eats it up, it sounds cool to recruits, and it's always a prime time, media-absorbed weekend, even when one or both of the teams aren't relevant. You lose practically all of this when you turn the game into a home and home. Then, it's just another rivalry game in a sea of rivalry games. Sure, some years it will be one of the biggest rival games played, but it won't be envied like the greatest cocktail party ever year-in and year-out. The teams may not be able to host official visitors that weekend, but you can bet nearly every recruit is watching, wishing they could be a part of that special scene. It is without a doubt a selling point to be able to discuss the magnificence of that Saturday. If you lose the unique spectacle, you lose some of the luster. It is my belief that a lot of the positives for each of the programs are being overlooked.
Done! Next!! This guy just learned that being a POS means more than being a good football player. This was the right move. Hopefully, others will learn.
Very happy his great story made it back to Omaha. A fitting finish. Legendary.
cdstoudemire, you're a class-act. Love the post. Everyone may be rivals here, but we're more alike than we are different. Compassion should transcend all bounds.
They should just remove Notre Dame from that list all together, that's just a pipe dream. After that whoopin Bama put on them a few years back, they should have been given a 20 year suspension from any such consideration...
This is such a cute article. Neither of these teams were in the top 2 in season attendance, and neither was in the top 2 in post season attendance. Other SEC teams held those spots, as they always do. So cute.
BOOOOM! Love it. Here's something else for everyone to chew on, every next generation is better than the last. It's true, get over it. If you think that no generation compares to yours, I'll give you limitless reasons that your generation was garbage. It's basically evolution. Don't get so high on yourself.
Yep, he ain’t post to be in college yet. He needs to go finish learning english and grammar, and then maybe he can go continue his higher education. Lesson to all the young men and women out there: College doesn’t care about how good of a football player you are, if you can’t make the grades to get in. Take school seriously.