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O’Brien is a sink your program kinda guy. You mean to tell me there’s no one from the tree more worthy and interested?! O'Brien is just a failed pro coach who filled a position bc he’s competent enough to keep success going for a year or two..
Screw Notre Dame. They aren’t worth anybody’s time, in any sport. Send them to the WAC.
They are not a tv market for college football.. not as big as you’d think.
Big market that mostly doesn’t care a bit about college football. Remember that.
Poor kid will never hear the end of it if he doesn’t live up to the hype. If TX weren’t coming to the SEC, this might have made sense. TX is about to get buzz-sawed.
It takes more than three years to greater a dynasty, many more. Plus, I haven’t heard of many dynasties who have never won a NC. As for the article, great year, bad example.
That is unbelievable. It’s the SECW v the rest of the country!
The baseball gods spoke loud and clear, and they might not be done speaking. The punishment for that level of cockiness and disregard won’t wash off that fast..
Definitely a lesson in humility. Those lessons are always bitter. TN Baseball will be lucky if it hasn’t tarnished its image for years to come. They definitely have found a lot of haters.
They’re getting ready to learn what it feels like to be number one heading in only to lose it all before the big show. Happens all the time.
He seems like a perfect fit. High integrity guy, footballer for life, blue collar but with a great feel for players and the game. Results are trending in the right direction, and he seems to be building a tough team. What’s not to like?!
And this kids, is why you run the bases hard even on catchable balls. Crushing.
Yeah, I’m the same inning. That’s pretty sweet.
Based on dollars spent to buy a championship, yes they deserve one by now.. Give it too much longer and we’ll be talking about sunken cost fallacy.
$5,000?! What’s he supposed to do with that, go for a night out on the town?! The kid should have offered him more, a lot more! Should have made him an offer he couldn’t refuse! He should have offered him $7,500!!
LOVE the enthusiasm. Serious question though, has LSU beaten Arkansas in any sport over the last year? ANY sport? I may be wrong, but I just don’t recall..
Hahaha. They even had plenty of time to mull this over. I’m tellin ya, TX is hoping joint will watch.
If he’s the best GA can do, the state is in trouble. The guy doesn’t even know how many members are in congress. He was bread for football, not the Senate. And no, the country doesn’t need any more idiots guiding it.