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One cannot enjoy the joy of a victorious season but for a day or two before the doomsday predictors come calling. This past season for LSU could be a once in a lifetime never to be seen again event and maybe not, only time will for now, may we just enjoy it.
Here is the difference I have noticed....LSU coaches and players: We'll play anyone anytime anywhere....Clemson coaches and players: We'll play who they tell us to play....Ohio St.....We should be #1 because we beat Wisconsin twice. It will all be settled very soon.
This will all be settled very soon on the field, and not in a committee room.
Sorry your anger blinds you to the fact that the better team won. The game was never in doubt. You see, if you win by 40 points, or you win by 1 point, you still win. Don't let your bitterness take away the fact that it was a great game and your team didn't win...maybe you should worry about if your team can beat Auburn.