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and yes i know his QBR is the tops in the NCAA. the name of the game is protection at the end of the day.
you're joking right? he has 6 more int's that corral, 5 more than bryce hooker doty nix and KJ jefferson, 4 more than bennett and 3 more than the LSU QB. He's literally #443 in terms of INTs in D1 out of 478 eligibile QBs.
even then i'm not sure, all his QBs are transfers and not his own recruits.
Because the starters clearly need it to work on communication. We look like Swiss cheese
you're not've been commenting on things for over a year..stfu
Attacking players? I think you mean this kid is basically Cardale Jones “we ain’t come here to play SCHOOL”
Lol what? It’s is NOT drew brees. So let’s get that out of the way now
and NFL stats for my example of kamara mean nothing to me in this case. what did he do for BAMA?
The worst? You do know some running backs never see the field right? not trying to be rude, but players like alvin kamara are much worse, left before he even saw the ball once. (yes i know it was for playing time)
CW, he’s right. While yes the cupboard is extremely full, the players have to develop but the potential firepower and protection we have is off the charts. BUT the floor of our players is nearly on par w the ceiling of most of the competition because of who we practice against daily.
Win your division first bud, talking sh!t from 2nd you guys were literally just the best loser. If you’re not first you’re last.
“Always looking forward! Title of your sex tape!” - Detective Jake Peralta
I mean to be fair, your CB Wade has allowed 6 TDs this year...tied for 3rd most w less games. Surtain has something like 2-3...
Nothing is final until they sign the sheet of paper. how many kids back out of verbal commitments every year?
so because they aren't patrolling their website for your 1 comment to correct an error, you're upset? buddy just leave if a bad copy paste bothers you this much. things like this happen on EVERY website
JTF, what league are you playing in where RB's are afterthoughts? they're consistently the 1st positions off the board.
LSU fans knew after you beat UCF...riiight. Nobody thought that because nobody thought joe had it in him to have one of the greatest statistical season ever.
Ya know, for being a Vandy fan you ain’t all that smart. He’s not a hypocrite. He also doesn’t decide if INDIVIDUAL SCHOOLS will allow ppl on campus, and then cancel championships. That’s entirely up to the school.
thats another sign?? Okay what about the other half of the team that don't get drafted? Is that a sign too? just stop. Kirven didn't get his 1st start until his RS junior year. and started 6 his senior year. he had no NFL hope. He was always a junior league guy.
100% agree that Saban shouldn’t have said anything, BUT, was he wrong? You would have made more money
lovindagame, because you're getting worked up about it. you don't research everything you say either and him saying its make A&M fans insecure is shown through you. Its just banter
Other than everything you just said being wrong, I applaud you for effort. Coach Sal has been a great recruiter but he was the D-line coach at UF, so he was not Bogle’s position coach. Nor was he his recruiter.
he's finally going to lose his virginity
thats why it was not game of the year though? the defenses might as well have been toddlers. at least they would have chased after the ball