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thats why it was not game of the year though? the defenses might as well have been toddlers. at least they would have chased after the ball
without saying it directly....mac basically said he was staying on instagram
See this is why we can’t have nice things.. This is all the bulletin board material saban needs. But....golden state in 4
I honestly think you'll be surprised at the score in atlanta. its gonna be closer than people think
Sooooo you haven't been an Alabama fan for more than 10 years have you? We used to wear a white helmet in games, it stopped in '84. I wasn't born for another 10 years after that and knew that
that’s in the past, new teams new circumstances. Let’s stop bringing yesteryear
Come on, be real. You can’t honestly be implying the DJ Shockley, a man out of football for awhile, knows more than Kirby and your OC...
You played Austin Peay, what is there to react to? Your spring game is more competitive than this game.
Richt wasn’t tired because Jacob Park didn’t turn out...it’s because he couldn’t win the big game ever. Oh and Kirby became available
that such a stupid stat to use. We had more 5 stars sitting on our bench than other most other teams combined, and we still lost a game here and there.
I feel like I’d rather be hot and dissipate some of the sound outside than allow that place to start rocking
So why wouldn’t every school claim a title? See how stupid that is?
I can guarantee whomever this coach is, if saban came calling he'd take a job. I wish people would put their names to their quotes, don't hide behind your anonymous quotes because you wouldn't say it to him.
I know its not college or SEC ball, but i honestly hope its the Patriots or the Warriors that fall next...
We, the people, would like you to realize that it was used correctly in that quote, moron.
Okay? This had nothing to do with the kicker and he’s absolutely right. It would be extremely difficult to be a top 5 defense in that league if you’re in that conference
Oh I absolutely agree they’d win more than lose, I just don’t think they’d be top 5. I honesty don’t think Alabama would eithWe with or ineptitude at stopping the passing games some years
“Jameis Winston did all of that and he won a national title” you mean just like Tebow did?
Good for Brandon, this just more so sucks for all the grad transfers the last years that couldn’t transfer within or even last years grad transfers
Julio is the last one I’d be worried about. It’s not like he’s sitting at home. And Calvin is like 6 months younger than Amari Cooper, so he’ll be fine, he’s mature and is already turning heads
I'd argue it was MUCH tougher recruiting then than now. Bear actually had to go out and find these players, there were no recruiting services and not many camps. They had to be out there every day
I'm sorry but if the kid can't even PASS high school classes, i couldn't care less if he's enrolled. i doubt he'll be able to memorize the playbook
Jacob Coker? The national title winning QB, Jacob Coker? That guy? I think he lived up to the transfer hype
Clearly you didnt read the post well either “Recruited & Developed: All these defensive backs were developed by Jeremy Pruitt or Charles Kelly”. Clearly Ronnie read it right, he was NOT recruited by pruitt. But good effort, guy.