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“Jameis Winston did all of that and he won a national title” you mean just like Tebow did?
Good for Brandon, this just more so sucks for all the grad transfers the last years that couldn’t transfer within or even last years grad transfers
Julio is the last one I’d be worried about. It’s not like he’s sitting at home. And Calvin is like 6 months younger than Amari Cooper, so he’ll be fine, he’s mature and is already turning heads
I'd argue it was MUCH tougher recruiting then than now. Bear actually had to go out and find these players, there were no recruiting services and not many camps. They had to be out there every day
I'm sorry but if the kid can't even PASS high school classes, i couldn't care less if he's enrolled. i doubt he'll be able to memorize the playbook
Jacob Coker? The national title winning QB, Jacob Coker? That guy? I think he lived up to the transfer hype
Clearly you didnt read the post well either “Recruited & Developed: All these defensive backs were developed by Jeremy Pruitt or Charles Kelly”. Clearly Ronnie read it right, he was NOT recruited by pruitt. But good effort, guy.
Thats it? How about theyre kicked off the team and everyone else is running sprints until I puke
Y’all brought this on yourselves after thinking Saban was done. It was one “down” year in recruiting. If top 10 is a down year, then everyone else has some explaining to do
I say keep going. Players will remember it, plus it could some random recruit choose their school. Its not like it harms anyone, let em have fun
And auburn did what? Tell me what the team accomplished without using the words Alabama and SEC west champs. Im not normally one to act all fake tough one here, but chill jimmy because auburn did jack squat as well
Why are you still so salty? The game and season are both OVER. Move on dude. I get you’re confident, but you’re wayyyy too cocky
they're trying to trademark a dog breed? good luck
it's pretty clear who has never played sports beat the man in front of you. its not their fault virginia folded like a piece of paper. the only thing they control is their destiny, not anyone elses. while it may seem like they got the easy road, they're facing the best of previous matchups in their bracket.
I may be a bama fan but I don’t normally brag on here....but we know we’re doing something right when you have more to say about us than your own team
Guys come on....they’re talking about if we were having an SEC fantasy draft of players currently on teams ‍♂️ The list is not about NFL draft eligible QBs. I didn’t think that would be that hard to understand....
what...? you do realize when you run you don't always have a point of contact with the ground right?
What’s over?? Swift, herrien and cooks should be great! I’m not the biggest Holyfield fan tho
So essentially Auburn is going to define the season seeing as they're a 1/4 of the list....riight
or winning a gold medal in any sport at the olympics? a college wrestling national/world title in greco/freestyle is certainly harder than winning a championship at georgia. cleveland drafting a good qb is harder than winning a title at georgia. breaking a 4 minute mile is harder than winning a title at georgia. shall i continue?
what...? "There is nothing more difficult in sports than attempting to win a national football championship at Georgia." How about the like 100+ other schools that have never sniffed a title game? that is the BIGGEST over statement in the world
Do you do anything besides sit on here all day? You’re always the first or second person to comment on EVERY article
yeah this article should have're counting 2 different decades trying to prove a point. You don't same we're going to compare the last 10 years and then go back 11 for one sport. This is a post march madness article