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How are you gonna put the Vols below the Gators and Arkansas
It traditionally has been, most will agree
We are down so many crucial players, I just don't see us topping the Tide this year
Why is Ole Miss above Florida State?
I would prefer this too because the cross division records can produce very imbalanced schedules For instance this year Tennessee plays the two best teams from the west while Florida and Georgia plays neither Bama nor ATM
@Elephant Stomp your comment is kind of offending but also true in a sort of positive way, we've improved a lot
Shut up Gator, y'all won't beat Jawja or Arky
I agree, O-line has to step it up big time, Dobbs is tough and elusive but that A&M D-line is mean
What's everyone's opinion on the Tennessee Texas AM game Saturday? I'm curious.
Hahaha you have to be positive and stay happy as long as you can. Truthfully the next two weeks scare me to death...
Wow dude you are soooooo mad. I think you're the one without a life hahahaha just take your 'impressive' 3-2 record, leave, and try not to get so upset over internet comments anymore ok buddy?
Georgia played a good, Florida played like trash
Not a good ranking in terms of quality of play
@BamaTime y'all had a little bit of trouble there with Kentucky at the start didn't ya. Hoping we'll both be undefeated when UA comes to Knoxville. Will be one hell of a game. P.S. I never asked for your opinion
What happens when Bama plays Tennessee then?