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I agree with Favre. Also, no way those QBs from girly conferences should be picked ahead of Trask or Jones.
Trask has a higher QB rating and should go before the girly boy.
Because the 2020 riots were Trump supporters! Bwahahahaha! Stop watching Rick Maddow.
I agree. His limited play time, getting pulled whenever it is third and long, tells me he has a "seeing the field" or "learning the system" issue. Though he does throw a pretty dirt ball.
No, I’m bothered by the leftist advertisers’ not-too-subtle portrayal of America as 99% minorities. Check out the commercials during an NFL game and get back to me.
I wonder if Mullen’s silence on the NFL is because he has been waiting to see if and where Meyer goes?
Actually Spurrier agreed to coach Washington on the condition they would bring back legendary Bobby Beathard as GM. But Beathard never came.
Except you, because you read it all. Only problem is, you're to stupid to respond substantively to anything I write. But you respond to all of it, with your drivel. Alabamans should be ashamed of you.
"#5 Notre Dame" Unbelievable. I stopped reading right there. No way in hell they are even a top 10 team.
Speaking of WOKE. This past weekend I watched the NFL for the first time in many years. I was stunned at the commercials - almost every actor was an ethnic minority. WTF?
No one did better against Bama all season than Florida.
Agree. Not just Florida and Oklahoma, but aTm would have slaughtered Notre Dame too. ND is a perennial joke, grossly overrated in the preseason polls, then they play lame teams that are overranked too so when ND barely beats them ND doesn't look so bad and keeps its over-ranking, then they squeak into the playoffs to get creamed.
Fans want to see close games, like the SEC Championship Game. They don't want to see teams like Notre Dame and Ohio State get over-ranked each preseason, then play lame teams that are over-ranked too so when Notre Dame and Ohio State barely beat them, they get to keep their over-ranking, then get in the playoffs and get creamed.
Something's wrong with the Internet. I type and Alabama Down South comes up. What gives?
Every time these past two seasons that Jones went in and faced a pressure situation - third and long for instance - out he went and in went Trask. Every time.
"Emory Jones is the first true Mullen quarterback" I hope not. His extremely limited playing these past two seasons tells me there is a "learning the system" problem. No QB hyped like him (4-star) would get so little playing time unless there was an issue. He also throws a lot of dirt balls. I'm afraid he'll be another Treon Harris (4-star too).
Once again Slowhio State and Notre Dame get overranked, then their opponents get overranked too so when Slowhio State and Notre Dame barely beat them, it won't look bad and they retain their overrankings, then they get in the playoffs and get creamed. Wash, rinse, repeat.
I don't give a rat's a** what's on the Bama page. It's on the SDS main page and that's where I saw it. So blow it out your a**.
No, I didn't know that. I needed a hick from Alabama to tell me.