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I guess you thought that was funny or maybe clever? Weird reply. You hold on tight to that one win in 16 years. Don't let it go, it must be quite special to you!
This is what happens when you let NIL become the major factor in your decision making process like this kid did. Instead of playing at a team like Miami or Florida, you relegate yourself to the desert and playing for Arizona State.
Burrow and Hurts' situations are no where close to the same. Completely different circumstances. Can we please stop comparing the two when talking about this?
The Big 12 is better than the SEC, no doubt, but that doesn't mean the SEC isn't good. The SEC is probably the 3rd best conference right now. No matter how bad you might think the SEC is doesn't change the fact that beating conference teams, on the road too, the way Bama has been is quite impressive.
"Which Alabama team should we believe?" Well Bama is 9-0 in SEC play winning by an average of 24 points. 8 of the 9 wins were by double figures and 6 of the 9 by 20+ including 40 and 57 point wins. I think it's safe to say the OU game was a bit of an outlier.
Congrats on your best season in 20+ years. You'll always have that goalpost at the bottom of the Tennessee River to remember it by!
See this is just bad journalism. I know for a fact that Grubb wasn't offered the position, so he didn't "turn us down" as the article mentions. He just got a raise from UW to $2M a year. BoB was making only $1.1M a year. Grubb wasn't proven enough to justify paying him over $2M a year and thus was not offered.
Largest win by a P5 team over another P5 team since 2008. Largest margin of victory in an SEC game since 2003. Tide was rolling last night!
Ryans chose the Texans job after turning down the Broncos.
Hurts is all Bama and always has been. He claims Bama just as Bama fans claim him. I have no idea why that bothers you so much. As a Bama fan, Hurts is one of my all time favorite Tide players. Is that not allowed? Are you telling me who I can or can't claim as one of my all time favorite Tide players?
The SEC record isn't 16 threes like you mention in your Mizzou write up. The record is 23. Maybe you meant that as a record for Mizzou in SEC play.
1966 comes to mind. I have no idea why Bama claims 1941 but not 1966.
You can claim whoever you want. Bama claims Hurts because Hurts claims Bama. It's really that simple.
He sure did. He was also 26-2 as a starter, won SEC offensive player of the year, won SEC freshman of the year, and won two SEC championships.
When people use Burrow as a comparison to Hurts' situation, I stop listening, because they are not one in the same. Their transfer situations weren't even remotely close.
Hurts is, was, and always will be a Gump. He loves Bama and consistently talks about his time playing for Saban. He may have improved his passing abilities under Riley but his leadership, character, and approach to playing the game was built while playing at Bama under Saban.
Surprised that Mizzou isn't ranked. They had a good week.
Bummer. That is going to hurt his draft stock. He was already an iffy prospect and I wouldn't be surprised if he slid to 6-7th round or even UFA.
I said Auburn was the doormat of the SEC for decades. They were one of the worst P5 programs out there.
Y’all played us tough, no doubt. We played horribly and still came back and won to sweep the series. It’s basketball, Hard to win every game and today showed that. Bama is still a likely 1 or 2 seed.
That was easily the worst game we’ve played all year. Made a really average team look like the Warriors today. OU played tougher and made every shot. Bama played with no effort and got pushed around. Really curious to see how this young team responds going forward.
Ron, “who cares” that no one wanted to hire him? That’s the whole point of my argument that he had no leverage and thus Auburn got him cheap. Do you know what leverage means? Do you have any idea what we’re actually talking about? I’m literally having to explain to you what we’re arguing about because you’re that dumb. It’s hard to discern if you’re a 15 year old kid or a 60 year GED carrying superintendent of a trailer park.
He’s right. Bruce has done great things for Auburn bball but they were the doormat of the SEC for decades before that.
You’re right he was the head coach at Liberty. Proud that you knew that. Other teams were not banging down the door to hire Freeze, in fact, auburn was the only one going after him to be head coach. He also desperately wanted back in the SEC. He had little to no leverage and therefor Auburn was able to get him cheap. I don’t know why this is so hard for you to understand.
I would also rather have Pruitt, but Schumann would be an incredible hire as well.
Yes, no one really wanted to hire him at the same position that Auburn hired him at, thus having little to no leverage in the process. That is why Auburn got a "steal" as you so eloquently put it. Saban wanting to hire him as Co-OC almost 5 years ago was a completely different situation, as I spelled out. I am not sure what is so hard to understand.
Yes, you're right. That was for a Co-OC position under Saban, not the head coach and leader of a program. It's a very different situation, wouldn't you think?
He was a steal because no one else really wanted him and he had little to no leverage.
Ole Reverend Hugh? No way he would do anything like that. He's a man of faith!