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I read that if Bama can win the series this weekend, then they’re actually in line for a bye straight to Omaha. Poor guy, must be tough being a fan of such a poverty program that doesn’t get that same kind of preferential treatment.
You’ve gone full troll. Congrats! At least you get WiFi under that bridge.
UGA will lose 2 regular season games this year. They’re finally out of the SEC East and will have to play a real schedule with actual tough road games. @Bama, @Texas, @Ole Miss all very losable.
You mean how Saban took transfers from UAB, Louisiana, and Maryland last year? Or players from Vandy and Ga Tech the year before? If I remember correctly, the UAB transfer got drafted this year. The Ga Tech transfer went #12 overall and the Vandy transfer was drafted in the 3rd round. The Louisiana transfer came in and shut Bowers down in the SECCG when the starter got hurt. You know where the one transfer came from that didn’t get drafted? Yep, UGA. I know you’re a troll but you’re also just full of sh*t.
Oats is a master at this whole basketball thing. Bama is about to be preseason top 5, maybe top 3. One of the better rosters we have ever had. Building on that FF. Tide Hoops is here to stay.
Where to? Because he’s not playing in the NFL. Poor guy got passed up by an UDFA from Bama and was then drafted over at his position this year. I guess he can say he beat Bama. Not many UGA players can say that, so props to him!
If you could read, I said “very rarely” does UGA/Kirby beats Bama. That was the rare W Kirby got. I’m impressed he even accomplished that. Congrats on that ONE win in the last 15 years! Seems like you’re the one clutching at straws.
“If you would have won [against Alabama]…” Clearly Keon isn’t a student of the game as he should know that UGA/Kirby rarely ever beats Bama, especially in the SECCG.
Tough look for Kirby to finish 1-5 against his master. As for Bama, Kirby will be 1-6 this coming season.
Here’s my favorite Kirby record. 1-5 record against Bama in those 8 years. Impressive.
Bama is the deep state of college athletics and control every aspect.
Saban about to produce 4 1st rounders for an incredible 7th time, breaking his own record once again. Amazing career that’ll never be duplicated.
Well the 1982 champ game averaged 17 mil viewers, so maybe you’re thinking of the Magic vs Bird game. That game was a pretty big deal at the time. Anyway the 2015 game averaged 28 mil viewers. Lot of factors go into viewership numbers. You said those networks have “no interest” in televising the games. It has nothing to do with interest but rather money. It’s very expensive to air such a large event like the NCAAT and an over-the-air network can't afford this event by itself. CBS was actually so interested in keeping games on CBS that they split the bill with Turner and creating one of the longest standing TV rights deal for a sporting event outside of the Olympics.
That’s simply not true. “Starting in 2016, the Final Four and national championship game began to alternate between CBS and TBS. TBS holds the rights to the final two rounds in even-numbered years, with CBS getting the games in odd-numbered years.” “If Turner had not joined CBS in a joint bid for NCAA rights, CBS would have been unable to afford to carry the tournament, and ESPN almost certainly would be airing the Final Four next weekend (and every year until 2024)”
Rival fans: Proctor transfers: “haha Bama is losing control and all their elite players are leaving now that Saban is gone. Bama is finished.” Proctor transfers back to Bama: “he’s not that good anyway, can’t believe their fans think this is a positive.” Never fails.
The funny thing about this comment is Bama’s graduation success rate amongst its football team is extremely higher than your beloved pups. UGA finished with a 41 GSR!!!! which was at the very bottom of all 130 FBS programs.
All the haters that think Bama will just revert back to the early 2000s, pre Saban Bama will be greatly disappointed.
You almost had it! You actually blamed the whole committee, but then reverted back to blaming your scapegoat Greg. Apologies to you and the Aubs for Byrne not getting them their 3 seed. Dumb Bama AD. It really is a shame.
You really don’t know how committees work. That’s ok. It’s easier for you to just complain about it I guess. Really hate it for the Aubs that Greg Byrne couldn’t get them that 3 seed. Shame on him.
Of course you missed my sarcasm because it’s ridiculous to think one guy in a committee of 12 with a committee chair is the sole reason Aubs didn’t get a higher seed. But it’s now clear you just don’t like Byrne. That’s too bad.
Yeah, you’re absolutely right. Greg Byrne’s inability to convince a 12 person committee is the sole reason auburn didn’t get a higher seed. I’m surprised he couldn’t also get Florida that 5,6 seed they deserved. On the other hand, he was able to get UK their 3 seed. Oh and props to him for getting Tenn the #5 overall seed after many thought they’d drop. Greg had quite the impact on the bracket. Wild stuff.
Sounds like your opinion. Again, interesting hill to die on. Auburn didn’t get a higher seed because of Greg Byrne, not the 12 person committee itself or the committee chair or anything else. Got it. Well ‘Roll Tide’, Greg.
Well we had one starter miss 4 games due to concussion and then another get hurt at the end of the season, so I’d say a week off to rest and get right before the hardest tourney in sports isn’t really reaching at all. Playing Charleston btw.
Getting upset over a team you don’t cheer for and then blaming it on Bama’s AD. Interesting approach. Doesn’t matter that there’s 11 other members on the committee. It must be Byrne’s fault.
How exactly is he an embarrassment? Because he couldn’t sway 10 or so other members of the committee to give the Barn a better seed? People love to complain.
Revenue generation doesn’t equate to brand value and recognition, but I don’t expect you to know that. Bama is the biggest, most recognizable brand in football which means they are ONE OF the biggest brands in college athletics. That’s why there’s this “bias” that you constantly whine about. That’s why people like you are more consumed by Bama than any other team, even your own. Bama’s dominance on the field and in the media has you reaching auburn level fandom, where you hate Bama more than you enjoy your own team.
Your argument is off base and meaningless. It’s odd that you’re listing a Wikipedia page’s worth of irrelevant information, when this conversation is about brand recognition and value. Bama clears just about everyone in that regard and it’s because of Bama’s unmatched dominance in football. You really went off the rails on this one. Must be the case for someone who’s so consumed and occupied by Bama this, Bama that. Try reading my comments again. Read closely, from left to right. You can do it.