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Like when UGa beat the number 1 ranked team in the country and now they aren’t? All SEC fans forgot how horrible Tennessee fans really are. It’s like they took a 20 year break and think they are still a national power. I think Tennessee just finally stop Vandys winning streak against the night Vols.
Congrats Carolina! I enjoyed watching another team destroy that fraud team from Knoxville.
Let him cry. Cry just like the Tennessee fan base. They are still crying about everything from Kiffin leaving to Georgia’s “unfair” advantage of playing at home. We had forgotten how bad your were yet 1998 seems like last week with all the crying.
Josh will let Hooker throw the ball at least a dozen times in the 4th qtr. While they enjoy a 24+ lead. We all know he will try to run up the score and pad those stats. Not very much class being shown in the Volunteer state the last few years.
If Southern Cal wins out they deserve to go ahead of a 2nd place Eastern Division SEC school.
Barker and Hooker also have something else in common. Neither of them has beating UGa.