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Love MSU, Texas State, and Boston College in that order

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He was a State grad who lost his legs in the 'Stan. He walked for the very first time on those cool new legs. it was dusty on our side of the field, too. Wasn't crying about losing, that's for sure.
I agree with your assessment and add they didn't call him headcase for nothing.
What has happened to KY? They have a good coach and I thought some solid recruiting. Has it been injuries?
who was the glorified tight end you refer to?
The 2017 year he was a triple crown winner in the SEC. The first since Palmiero at MSU in 85, I think.
He will win. Or i should say they will settle. He is a bama grad, so why he chose maroon is beyond me.
There's nothing wrong with Matt Luke as the head coach. As with the hires in the off season, he will be the CEO of Shark football. Hopefully, he'll be there going 7-4 for years to come.
Mel Kiper says Jenkins the Miss State center is the #1 center in the draft. But doesn't make this list? Stoopid
Really? What's his record against MSU? If you keep your mouth shut no one will know how ignorant you really are.
Those of us who donate to our university like the coach just fine. I promise if you would keep your mouth shut nobody would know how stupid you really are, so shut up. Nobody wants to hear you.
Why? we have a pretty solid class if they all sign. Quit worrying, the sky's not falling
MSU wasn't ranked. We were not a very good team that year. If i remember right, we had a losing record when we beat the Bear.
Lamont? Will his father Fred be in the stands every game? Will Aunt Esther too?
Red shirt and put on weight. they say he has excellent footwork so he should be a great one in time.
Dan's not lazy. he already has a relationship from crootin these kids while in Dawgpatch. These guys will visit other places too. Don't worry about things you can't control. If they go somewhere else then good, they don't need to be in maroon and white anyway.
You guys are in a dream world if you think they would fire the coach after 1 season. He will get the time to do what he says he can do, whether you like it or not. He was given a good team and should do better than he's doing. But Fitz is a senior. He should be better than he is, but he is an absolute disaster at this point. I blame the coach for leaving him in the game after throwing 3 interceptions. I agree KT should play going forward. Fitz would make a really great running back.
He will in time run a good offense when we get a quarterback who can throw the ball to our team only.
I thought his name was Josey Wells Moorhead. The outlaw rides again.
You have the best comment so far. This may be Hall of Fame material.
The sky is falling, but it'll get better before it lands at the bottom, or maybe not. Who the heck knows? Glad you asked cause I do. If Croom had 3/4 yeaRS TO TOTALLY SCREW UP THIS TEAM, THEN Joe Mo certainly deserves more than 5 games. Yes, Fitz is going backwards, the receivers are not catching good shots, and are getting shot when thrown over/behind their heads. The o-line is turrible. Defense is ok so all is not lost.
Gotta like a man who can keep a sense of humor when things go wrong said the Titanic captain probably.
I think you'll cover the spread but be prepared, the Rebs can flat throw the long ball. Those receivers are legit if you give Tamiflu enough time in the pocket.