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Bacon...Chris Chukwuma played in the 90's. You're thinking of Kody Walker - who on our second possession, slipped out the backfield wide-open and fumbled the rain slick ball thrown from Brandon Allen at the half-yd line and the ball was recovered in the end zone by Bama. It was a brutal play!
I wouldn't argue with Burks. He was arguable the greatest receiver over the past two yrs in Arkansas history. But as someone who would give him a run for his $$ at the top I would suggest Alex Collins who led the brief resurgence under Bret Bielema. - 3,703 yards rushing and 36 touchdowns on 271 carries in 3 seasons - Only the third player in SEC history to open his career with three consecutive 1,000-yard seasons on ground Burks or Collins, I wouldn't argue against either pick
Of course it was Brandon Allen...that's who I meant and thanks for the correction. BA got better each yr and his Sr season completed 65% of his passes for almost 3500 yds and 30 TD's. That's a good yr for anybody!
You seriously have Rakeem Boyd listed over Alex of 3 SEC RB's to rush for 1000+ yds in 3 seasons? And Felipe was a fine QB but Austin Allen had 3 very very good seasons at QB.
Trolling Stanford is not smart either. We could see them again and I would wager their bats aren't as silent as Nolan quieted them yesterday. I would love to see Auburn send them back to Palo Alto but I think you'll see Stanford put a lot of crooked numbers on the board tomorrow. They're already going to have something to prove if we face them again - definitely don't want to add bulletin board material to the fire.
I like Hooker a lot but I'll take KJ. I'm buying KJ as one of the best in the country - he throws well, he runs with speed and power, and his decision making is second to none. We'll see if KJ can enjoy the same relationship with a Haselwood or another receiver that he enjoyed with Burks. Look for Trey Knox, wide receiver turned tight end to be a go to target. I do worry that KJ is too physical in the running game and an injury could certainly derail his status but again, I really like KJ Jefferson and I wouldn't trade him for another QB in the country running Briles' system.
Mike- Coach Lunny is the new offensive coordinator at Illinois with Head Coach Bret Bielema. Obviously Coach Lunny didn't feel the hate that most leveled towards Coach B.
Tidefan For the record, we play A&M in Dallas at Jerry World and I would be shocked if Pittman allows his team to sleep on SoCarolina...or anyone.
We are at the stage of our program where we have a chance to beat every team we play. We are experienced and very talented at the skill positions. I believe our defense is underrated and is going to be very good. And I believe most on this board agree - we are very well coached. That said, we won't beat every team we play and if we were to suffer key injuries, if skilled position players start slowly or regress, or if our revamped D-Line proves ineffective - we could easily lose 2 in Sept, maybe 3. And then say hello to Alabama to kick off Oct. But I am excited about this team and I and most, have high expectations. I don't think we'll lose 2 in Sept. With all due respect to the 4 teams we play, I think we're 4-0 going into the Alabama game. But we'll know soon enough and I can't wait!
We did run the ball behind a great Pittman coached O-Line. Alex Collins was one of only three SEC RB's with three successive 1000 yd seasons. But whether you think Bielema was a bum or not is irrelevant to the topic. The fact remains attendance in Fayetteville was very good under Bielema and 2016 is still the 2nd largest avg attendance season in UA history. I hope we break that record this season. We'll be there!
You couldn't be more incorrect about one of the "bum" coaches you describe. Under Bret Bielema, following his first season, Arkansas saw its average attendance grow by 13 percent over the previous three years, reaching 69,581 fans in 2016 - their second-largest average attendance in school history. Granted, after three straight seasons of growth, Bielema's last season witnessed a decline to 63,224 per game. This article describes Razorback Stadium raucus again after averaging 65,284 fans last season. One thousand more than Bielema's last season. Face didn't like him but Bielema's had a good three year run and his teams drew well. Hardly a bum.
And yet it appears St.John has withdrawn his name from the portal. So.....
Pittman is on record as saying if you enter the portal you're not welcome back. I agree 100% with that approach.
USMCAg...Overjoyed to humiliate the most arrogant bunch of arses in college football and happy to represent the SEC! I'm looking forward to you guys finally getting the shorthorns back on the field after 10 yrs of their avoiding you. That too will be a beautiful sight!
You got it "glad." The always feared but always beloved Winslow Squirrels. Winslow is down old Hwy 71 from Fayetteville, a beautiful drive down the mountain. Sadly, the Winslow School District is no more having been consolidated into the Greenland district. Gone but never forgotten!
After the Morris fiasco, wouldn't you consider a 6-6 season here and humiliating Texas in a bowl game as "borderline erotic?" Bielema had a good run here in in seasons 2-4. I'd love to have it again!
I posted on the record info from Dec 8 regarding AD's interview with Kiffin and Drinkwitz. It happened Bro. Drinkwitz wasn't offered the job but he sure interviewed with the Arkansas AD, Asst AD, and Trustee.
Bro...I don't know where you got your information but Drinkwitz was never offered the Arkansas job.
Glad you included Enos on this list and you're so right re. the incredible job he did with Brandon Allen. The downside here was the philosophical difference Enos had with Pittman that ultimately led to Pittman's departure. Thrilled to have Pittman back but I truly believe had he never left, Arkansas would have continued the improvement they had started under Bielema instead of cratering under the incompetence of Morris.
I am sorry Starkel is leaving. With good coaching - something he certainly didn't get from Morris and Craddock - Starkel might have emerged as our #1 QB next season and given KJ Jefferson another year of seasoning. But Pittman has indicated he prefers an RPO style QB and I suspect that means the job is KJ's to lose...unless Conner Noland has indicated he's willing to come back?
You deserve this chump Gus after convincing our moronic Good Old Boy's Network he was the man for our HC job. Take him and wipe out the $10 million buyout we owe him.
You are 100% spot on boss! He will surround himself with top assistants and with the talent we have - and yes, we have talent - we will be competitive again immediately! He was my #1 pick from the beginning. I couldn't be happier!
Nutt is the guy who split this fan base - a split we have never recovered from. He is the last guy we need here. This hire is a huge one and a tough one and must be someone who can not only begin to win again in the toughest league in the country, but one who every Arkansas fan can get behind and get their butts in the seats on Saturdays. The right coach can do both and it won't take as long as most doomsayers think. Nutt is not that guy. probably need to worry about the roster at Mizzou and stay away from topics you know nothing about. At the beginning of the season, Arkansas had the 26th ranked roster in the country...1 5 star, 18 4 star, and 56 3 star. Composite ranking of 86.06 - higher than Kentucky, Vandy, and yes...Mizzou. The talent is there but that talent has to be coached. It has been obvious over the past 2 seasons that this team has not been prepared...they have regressed each season. Compare that to #46 ranked Minnesota with a roster of 0 5 star, 5 4 star, and 74 3 star but a coach who can get the most out of each player in a system that is designed to play to his kids strengths.
Morris did not build that roster. Dykes has 41 true freshmen and 11 other redshirt freshmen on the roster but more important, 23 players on SMU’s roster were previously at other Division I schools. The transfer list includes starters Shane Buechel QB, Brandon Stephens CB, Reggie Roberson Jr. WR, the two top tacklers, S Patrick Nelson and S Richard McBryde. This is Dykes team and SMU is well rid of Morris
As for the direction of the program and the Ole Miss game...we'll chat in Sept. As for the myth that people like you perpetuate about Morris and "those two national championships," read what The State (Columiba SC) wrote in 2015: "Chad Morris doesn’t hold the franchise rights to the Clemson offense anymore than Bill Walsh did on the West Coast offense...The seeds of Morris’ concepts were rooted in the spread, no-huddle scheme he embraced as a Texas high school coach – largely borrowed from Gus Malzahn...Much of Morris’ success at Clemson was because of the arm and strong will of quarterback Tajh Boyd, and the talent of receivers DeAndre Hopkins, Sammy Watkins and Martavis Bryant..." Jeff Scott and Tony Elliot - and Bret Venables took Clemson to the top while Chad Morris flopped at SMU. But you keep your hope alive...I'll wait on people to come to their senses and drop the rah-rah high school nonsense.
The Walrus never wanders...but he does wonder how so many people can be so clueless when it comes to the direction this program is headed.
You don't have to be conflicted to lament the fact that Arkansas fans have been sold a bill of goods with the hiring of a high school coach who has implemented a bad high school system yet the past staff and players got blamed for a 2-10 record. What a joke. Now some want to convince us a bowl game is just around the corner? Get serious. This pipe dream will crash in Week 2 when Ole Miss welcomes Arkansas to Oxford... Arkansas will have 6 wins alright...but it will take 2 seasons.
boss...seriously? Take a dive off a roof? Did you think of that one on your own or did you have help? Jeez...