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This. Adding fuel to the fire by sparking outrage. I only get on here to become stupider by reading their articles. "SDS - Where we take twitter bickering and reactions and make it into news"
Something to keep you entertained during those 5,000 commercial breaks.
I disagree. It's football. Anything can happen. Lucky breaks. Difference-making play calling. Individuals stepping up and having a good game (or a bad game). I think Alabama or any of the top 5 teams (GA included) could hang with an NFL team on a good day.
Surprised we didn't get the TEs the ball more. Just an extra OT all season really.
If the new redshirt rules go into effect (if they haven't already) - then Fields would be able to play 4 games his Freshman season and still be redshirt status.
He just wants to party with the good looking latino girls in South Beach. Johnny Manziel Jr.
For someone to not play a lick of college baseball - Tim has shown he has a ton of potential. He has a lot of rust from playing NFL and NCAA football for years. I think with the right coach he could become a successful ball player in the Majors. He has the work ethic to succeed.
I doubt he has day 1 or day 2 potential. I could see late 3 to 5. Like you said...undersized and he also doesn't have trail blazing speed.
Actually no, the sting of the past reminds us to look forward with "There's always next year"
John Rocker had his truck broken into at the LA Fitness I work out at here. Stole his .357 Python and a ton of ammo. This is the 2nd or 3rd time his truck has been broken into in Atlanta.
We won the SEC, beat Oklahoma and the Heisman winner, and got the chance to play for the title. You root for a sorry ass team in a sorry ass state that hasn't accomplished much of anything. It was a good game and we came up sound like the type of guy who will get fragged in the military.
Actually according the the final SEC rankings...Vandy is above "their level". I think we should kick Tennessee out of the SEC at this point. Trade them for UCF.
Any Tennessee fan need not talk about "embarrassing the SEC" 0-8.
I agree with you there RT, I don't see either team putting up 45 on Monday. Defense will be on point for both teams...but one more than the other.
Being a great recruiter has its advantages. Win and they will come. He couldn't do any of this without one of the very first notes = 7 straight #1 recruiting classes.
How does Georgia "want it more"? These young kids...whether at Bama or Georgia...are both hungry for a championship. Everyone wants to be the champ.
I'd be shocked if he hadn't been getting texts or calls from other programs