Tennesse true, what else is there to know

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Am I the only person that thinks this has been in the works for a while. The complete smoke screen on the AD hires. Also why fire Pruitt for cause????? like who were they saving the money for? Shall be interesting.
Well considering we beat UGA 2of3 and your win was against the worst coached injury plagued UT team in history im not to worried....The only time UGA has had consistent success against UT is when our coach is horrible.....Fulmer owned UGA and hes back and Kiffin beat yall as well sooooooo
You talking about that same Phil that owned UGA that is a fact 9 in a row if your to young to remember
You mean like Bama was before Saban, Pruitt has been successful at 3 different schools and basically built UGA defense from last yr either you are young or dumb to say that also Phat Phil owned your ass for years so pipe down all good things come to an end all it takes is the right coach everyone knows that
are you high UT has the largest recruiting budget in college some of our best qbs have been from Cali.We truly were probably the main SEC school that pushed national recruiting with Clausens, Arian Foster, Michael Munoz among others from California. Fulmer was a master recruiter even though he sucks as a coach Butch has pulled kids from Ohio,Jersey, Kelly(Michigan), Louisiana,Texas and California
Bulldawgrock....what coach in his right mind would say I would rather coach at Mississippi St than Tennessee please enlighten me if he got yall to #1 we would be a perennial powerhouse winning nattys left and right again something never done in Mississippi St.....bigger stadium, better facilities, better fans, more money, national exposure....and to top it off Starksville sucks a big one and Knoxville is gorgeous......Right now UT just needs a coach that will make common sense play calls give the monster in the backfield the ball at the 1 not pass the ball
This was a game of which coach wantd to lose more and Butch Jones won
So you must have missed the kick he missed in like the second qtr this kid is the worse UT kicker in the modern era. In his career he has only hit 3 over 40 which is a joke for a kicker how can you contend when you cant hit from over fact games that were loss because of this kid in no order in 2015 Bama,Okla,Fl, 2014 Fl,UGa
I think ppl should pump the breaks.....1 App is usually a better team than most believe I went there so and almost played. Ut definitely got caught looking ahead in a serious trap game but all is well the secondary looked better and only gave up 13 points. Sutton isnt gonna muff punts, maybin isnt goin to get kicked out of gamed a the rushing attack will be better. Hell App gave Clemson trouble last year and you know how they did
That's not hard how many first rounders were on that offenses and newton is a lot better at qb he dominated lsu and Bama both like no one ever look up the newton highlight run against lsu and honestly they were two missed passes from Killin oregon
How is derek barnett on this list number 3 in tkl for loss and 13 for sacks and hes true freshman this is crazy
reputation for what winning we were in a down period. But the sleeping giant is just starting to wake up. I want Bobo to stay him and Richt both nobody does less with more than Uga. National Champs 1980 most active players in NFL no nat titles and on top of that when yall did win the east you played nobody
How did Barnett not make first team......just for the fact he is a freshman with those stats should have been enough. If a upperclassmen has equal stats you go with the underclassmen