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This is simply argument by authority, one of the oldest fallacies in the book. He's black and went to Miss. State meaning he's an authority and everything you say is invalid and he's right because of his identity. There's nothing ignorant about saying "white people were hung too" THAT'S LITERALLY A FACT. Just to clarify a huge assortment of races live in this country, all races have experienced prejudice in their history, just because someone has a specific identity doesn't allow them to decide when something is and isn't right. Regarding any issue. Another fact, the picture used in the tweet is from an Israeli ad campaign about depression in retirement homes. Saying that your argument is valid because everyone has a different worldview isn't even an argument. If everyone's perception is different on this matter--because their worldview is different--that means there is no right or wrong, just different. But Progressives don't believe this. They are suppose to be all-inclusive. But they exclude diversity in thought, fact, and opinion if it doesn't fit their narrative. Not a Republican, just speaking facts as an SEC university grad. I myself am black.
yes, but this argument doesn't work either. Now you are saying there is a time limit to being offended by something. 80 years ago is close enough to be offended but not 150? When is the cut off date? Who decides that? Same thing applies to symbolism. A noose represents all African Americans hung during the Civil Rights area and slavery, what else does? and who decides it? Does wearing cotton as a white man become racist? Not trying to be a butt but we need to look deeper. The photo used in the tweet is from an israeli ad campaign for depression in retirement homes. This is clearly a joke on marriage and being annoyed in quarantine. She wants to hang him because he's annoying. The worst thing though is people citing the location as to why it's more offensive. This will never be valuable or helpful. Location or race doesn't strengthen someone's argument--that's literally a fallacy. Argument by authority. This is just my opinion though.
Excellent reading comp skills here. It says GRADUATE transfer. Meaning he has ALREADY graduated. Not too sure he's worried about academic prestige when he's already done.