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He clearly knows he's the moron to which I'm referring. Good. Bye, Felicia!
You guys are wasting your time. Every response you give that moron who claims he's a MsSt fan makes him gleeful like the child he is. He's the epitome of hiding behind a keyboard. I would say he's special needs, but that would be an insult to anyone with them. At any rate, ignoring the child is the best way to make him go away.
At any rate, I've mined just about all the entertainment out of you that I'm interested in this evening. What you believe is irrelevant. The truth is the truth. May life show you the same kindness you show others (which is to say none).
There's a police officer in Starkville who served 2 tours in Iraq and was someone I bounced with at the Hunt Club when I attended State. You're welcome to look him up to verify any of the facts I've presented. Just ask about Tiny.
Again with more assumptions. I gave you the year I graduated and you still don't know jack about me. You assume my age at graduation from college based on your assumption about my age when I graduated high school abs enrolled in college. Keep going though. This is all very enlightening and highly entertaining. Astound us all with your ignoran.... oh, wait. You've already done that. Lol
I said the only thing I could say when faced with incorrect assumptions given by an uneducated, white trash, methead. I find it very interesting that you 1. Make assumptions about my age 2. Give incorrect math based on those assumptions 3. Call them 'facts' You don't know the difference between a fact and an assumption? And you expect anyone to believe you are a graduate of anything?
Except for one small detail... you're wrong! Good try though. You call people 'inbred' a lot. Sounds like someone's trying to make themselves feel better about that thing that happened with his mom. Now the meth use makes more sense. You should get help.
Uh oh. Somebody's not good at math... but who has time for math? It cuts into meth time.
You have repeatedly made claims that you've just admitted aren't true. This will be my last comment to you. I don't converse with known liars.
Have you not claimed repeatedly to have a diploma from State hanging on your wall? And yet, here you are. It gets hard to keep the lie straight when you're loaded, doesn't it?
You're no fan. You're a high school dropout and a troll who makes himself (or herself) feel better by putting others down. It's a shame that your 'peak' didn't even include a high school education.
Headed there now? For your shift? I graduated State in 2007 and left. I live in another state. To bad you dropped out of Starkville High and had to get a GED. Maybe you'll make some decent tip money tonight. Gotta support that meth habit, huh?
Look at the clock! You're going to be late for your shift flipping burgers!
Again, a GED isn't the same thing. You can make all the claims you like. Proof! Where is it? So far the only thing you've proven is that you're a garbage human who isn't a State fan.
And as far as your diploma goes, a GED isn't the same as a college degree. You're clearly not a State fan or graduate. You can hurl all the insults you like. It only proves how childish you are. You've yet to make a single comment about this game or any other. Thank you for reminding me that trash like you is what makes this site a joke.
Nah. I'm commenting to the trash. You add nothing except childish insults. You're clearly the one who knows nothing about football. Just a 12 year old boy hiding behind a keyboard. Congratulations.
I remember State losing to Maine in 2004. I was present for that one.
'I would rather insult you than own my mistake.' No wonder you defend Franks. And before you question my ability to comment, I live in Crawfordville, FL and got to experience his character before he got to Florida.
I've been reading your crap all year. You are constantly dogging everybody involved with MsSt football. You hold Mullen so near and dear to your little withered, bitter heart. Go be a Gators fan. I'm tired of seeing it.
Why don't you just become a Florida fan. You can be a fan of wherever Mullen is coaching. I've heard of team homers, but coaching homers? That's a first.
You don't know much about football. That's clear. You're starting to enter troll territory with all this negativity. He did really well with ANOTHER COACHES PLAYERS! Jesus Christ, dude. Shut up already. Nobody cares about your whining.
Also, please Please PLEASE give up on them. They as a university and the rest of us as a fan base can do without the constant whining and complaining. Mullen left. Get over it. You expect the next coach to just pick up where he left off without any hiccups. And quit with that 'if he'd just run Mullen's playbook' nonsense. No coach is gonna do that. He was brought in because of HIS system. He can't run HIS system with another coach's run heavy, pass as an afterthought QBs. He needs a PASSER. Give it time or give up. Either way, please just shut up about it already.
Then praise be that you're not the one making the decisions. You have got to be the most overly impatient and negative 'fan' I've ever encountered. One season? And before you start that 'squandered talent' crap, read my comments on your post above. We can save a lot of time if we just pretend you said all the same negative bs you've been saying for months and you can read my comments. After that, move on. Nobody cares. The world hasn't ended and we will look to next season.
Yhis guy (who has been very negative about coach Mo) just doesn't seem to get it. You can't win without some kind of QB play. Mullen recruited Fitz because he fit his system. Tebow, Prescott, and Fitzgerald were all recruited for the same reasons. Coach Mo's system needs a more pure passer. He can't take a glorified running back (which is a gross simplification) and run hus offense. Would Mullen have done better? Maybe, but those are his guys. Yes, we had a great defense. Is it disappointing? Yes! But you have to understand that anybody could've said 'go run the ball'. As we have also seen, if you shut down the run, State can't beat you. You are critical because he didn't run Mullen's playbook. He wasn't brought in for that and ANY football coach would've had a problem being told to do things the way their predecessor did them. It is gonna take a couple more years, unless KT can develop as a passer, to see what Coach Moorhead can really do. 8-4 (4-4) is disappointing, but it could've been much much worse. I've been a State fan since loooong before I was a student there. I saw some truly horrible seasons. Building a winning tradition isn't happening overnight. Be patient.
And here he is again. Dude. You've got a problem.
I hit the wrong 'reply' button. My apologies. Also, Bama by 17.
Ive got no dog in this hunt, obviously, and have nothing to say about the actual game. My comment is directed at UGARMYRet. I've noticed that, if anything I'd said or written that doesn't directly praise Georgia for being the most awesome team ever in the history of the universe, you make the snide, condescending, passive-aggressive comments. Seriously, you might want to talk to someone. You really seem like a bitter human being.
All I'm gonna say is, if Georgia gets shut out, you make sure you show up for your crow. You are playing the team that shut out the team that beat Georgia by 20.
1. He was protecting his sister 2. He was in high school when that happened, how is it he's supposed to be penalized by his college team 3. Look at what he's done since. He's developed and matured. 4. It's hard to take your criticism of a player seriously, when your HEAD COACH was caught calling hookers. 5. I do believe State's athletes are better academically than OM. 6. You mad, bro?