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You need both and one can't happen without the other. Scrub coaches winning titles with elite players is extremely rare; pretty much every title winner has a legendary coach (Bowden, Spurrier, Holtz, Osborne, Jimmy Johnson, Saban, Meyer, Brown, Stoops, Tressel, holtz) or a coach on the way (Swinney) or elite coaches who may not be considered legends but were top tier for their eras (Carr, Carroll, McCartney, Ross). Then you have a scrub who rode talent in Gene Chizik. Then there's a guy like Jimbo Fisher and Les Miles, good but not great coaches who rode a wave. Then there's loads of coaches who just didn't work out using major talent like Rich Rodriguez, Luke fickell, Ron Zook, Will Muschamp etc. The bottom line is you can have all the elite talent you want but if you don't have an elite coach it isn't gonna matter
Yes, by all means, let's discount his talent because he was a POS. By that reasoning, OJ wasn't one of the best RB in history because his off field deeds render his on field accomplishments null and void. For real ? You do realize I'm a Gators fan saying Tebow was good but was juat as much a product of elite talent as he was great, right ?
Yeah, cuz it's all about touchdowns. Certainly presence played no part with regards to coverage and spacing. He certainly wasn't good with New England. They just signed him to a 5 year extension worth $40 million after his second year, and the largest bonus ever for a tight end, just for amusement, Belichick being so care free with his roster management and all
1. Missed games do not preclude one from being special. 2. "Migraines" lol. He was the giver of migraines and those were suspensions. 3. Hernandez was special, special being a relative term for a TE. You're talking about a guy who could catch downfield, and line up in the backfield for hands offs and shovel passes. The guy caught like a receiver and ran like a giant RB. He was one half of the game changing philosophy employed by Belichick. The guy was special
Well, Tebow was surrounded by special players. No matter what he turned out to be, Hernandez was special. And, from a purely ability standpoint, there's never been a more physically talented player than Percy Harvin. Yes he was a dummy and a head case, but his talent was off the charts
It's so odd. I'm a Gators fan but I'm actually pulling for UGA. I also want Tennessee to be good again.
The general rule is a 3 star can be as good as a 5 star but just needs time to develop. So if you're populating your depth with those guys and getting them reps, you're really just using the attrition to turn over the soil.
Helps that they're in the middle of nowhere wth only a garbage NBA team nearby. Allows them to focus
Schiano isn't a joke. He just wasn't a popular hire. He had RUTGERS making bowl games consistently. Put numerous guys in the pros. Manning approved of him. Anyone who can get Rutgers bowl eligible is a really good coach
He's #9 because he's abrasive, an old school Bobby Knight type. It's not because of lack of ability. He's also #9 because they're idiots. The fact that Dave Doeren was ahead of him is a reflection on UT not Mike Leach
This. I'm a Gators fan and have been laughing at coach after coach turning them down. Then I saw Mike Leach is a possible option. I'm not laughing now. Mike Leach is a great coach. The SEC East should be worried about this
People don't understand. Wow. You know what he said he didn't like about recruiting? Week long road trips, living in airports. You know what we won't have to do at Florida? That You know why he failed in the NFL? He loves building a roster to what he likes. You know what he can do in college that he couldn't in the NFL? That
Probably. They still are a second tier program whose high water mark is an unclaimed National title in 07. They've been irrelevant since before Vietnam
Better yet, tell us when Mizzou will ever be relevant
Jordan's brand not being hurt was understood as him grieving for the murder of his trust. To second what John said, he's keeping a roster spot from someone deserving. It's like these actors who decide to be musicians and take a recording contract; finance it yourself and let an unknown have the contract
He turned SC into an 11 win team. Pretty sure he could have still won big at UF
Not really. Mac was hired as an offensive guru. His offenses have ranked lower than Muschamps and now the elite defense is gone. It's pretty simple really - if the offense doesn't climb into the top 60, Florida turns into a 7-5 or worse team.
He is coming into the hotaeat. Those back to back gem recruiting classes are coming up to maturity this year. They kind of have to take that next leap or he's in the cooker deep
Exactly. Charlie Strong built and coached the defense that held the highest scoring offense in history, 2008 Oklahoma, to 14 points. Muschamp was the DC at Texas that year and Oklahoma put up 35 on his defense
Urban Meyer wanted to leave after 2008. They chased away his desired QB, then he came back to try to defend the title. Really it was a 1 year thing where it went off the rails, and that was 2009. In 2010 he wasn't even really the coach
It wasn't that big of a mess he inherited and besides, he helped leave one of his own behind at Texas with Mack Brown when he was CIW. His biggest problem was recruiting. He didn't have balance between O and D. He had two really talented QBs but was stubborn offensively.
The 2013 Clemson team lost Tajh Boyd, Martavius Bryant and Sammy Watkins and pumped out a top 20 team the next year. Swinney has shown he can recruit
They should absolutely be allowed to transfer without penalty if the people they committed to put their future at risk
It's minor in the context of what happened. If there was a shooting and murder and he fled and resisted that's huge. Drunk guys arguing... Pretty minor. Perhaps it's a result of more militant policing. I don't know. In more laid back places cops send people on their way. If they don't comply they get a warning of a fine and a night in the drunk tank. If they still don't comply...Off to the tank. Fleeing and resisting. LMFAO. Only in such a militaristic country would THIS be categorized as that. Everywhere else that isn't a military state this is nothing. Kids bumper hitch in the winter, the cops arrive, they run. Sometimes the cops catch them. When they do it's a ride home and a "if I ever catch you doing this again you're getting fined" An argument and possible fight outside a bar ? You're told to go home and if they see you again, it's off to the drunk tank. If you "resist" ie straighten your arms but don't actually physically strike to cop, it's not a charge - you're cuffed hands behind your back and it's the long scenic route to the drunk tank and they take really sharp turns so the arrested guy is flying around the back seat of the car and cracks his head off the car door a few times. When I was younger and guys were drunk wanting to fight the cops would separate them, and take each one away. Then they would take them to an open place with no crowd. They'd taken them out of the car and ask them straight up "do you two really want to fight?" Just to make sure it wasn't posturing that could escalate into a street brawl. if both guys said yes, the cops let them go at it. It ensures no weapons would be used, no cheap shots. No groups ganging up on one of them. It was a regulated 1 on 1. And after it was over that was the end of it because they'd give a stern "if we catch you trying to start sh!t downtown again you're getting charged. I don't feel like going to my son's hockey game with a black eye because I had to jump into a street brawl because you idiots didn't hehe the brains to take it down a back alley away from the crowd" Everything is too extreme and militant now, from law enforcement AND the public and their backlash
Ray Rice never played again because he was a running back already in a steep decline when it happened. He ran did just over 600 yards at 3.1 ypc and his receptions were down. By the time his revised suspension rescindment happened he was a 28 year old multi purpose running back with a LOT of mileage. He was already on the decline and was now at the age where those kinds of RBs fall off a cliff. You don't hire that because the production is NOT going to outweigh the sideshow. But that doesn't matter what happened in the aftermath. What matters is Ray Rice came clean to Goodell, admitted punching her, and because he was forthcoming, Goodell only thought it warranted 2 games. It was only after the Video leaked (which he denied seeing) and the public went nuts that he increased it. But potheads get 4 to start. It's not like it was a long time ago with different attitudes toward it. And it's not like it was a different commissioner. It was 3 years ago. Perhaps you recall the constant outcry that pot is treated more severely than assault by Mr. Integrity of the shield?
I "sounded" ridiculous to you because you have issues understanding things. I did not compare this with domestic abuse. You see, people think this will affect his draft status. I was commenting on the fact that the NFL is a league run by a clown. A guy who suspends a QB for 1/4 of the season because the ball boy may have let a little air out. The same clown who suspends people who smoke pot for 1/4 of the season. Meanwhile, Ray Rice punched out his girlfriend and gets 2 games. You see, I wasn't comparing the acts. I was criticizing the NFL's twisted priorities. Understand now, Amos?