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Seriously? Even as a Gator she's not my favorite sideline reporter, but come on man, show some human decency.
I don't get how LSU is "head and shoulders above the Gators." What has LSU done thus far to prove how good they are? They lost to Auburn and Wisconsin. They killed Mizzou, but so did UF. And UF is much the same, they haven't done much yet either. The jury is still out on both of these teams. Once they play some stiffer competition that is upcoming, then we will know how good they both are. But until then, how in the heck is LSU considered to be "head and shoulders" better? We simply don't know yet.
LOL. On Wednesday the game looked very playable. On Thursday afternoon the storm shifted and its impact on North Central Florida looked A LOT worse. The impacts could have been devastating (They still were on the coast). Thankfully the storm shifted east again and Gainesville was spared. Negotiation was never an option. Travelling to LSU was not a realistic option both logistically and for the fact that we don't want 3 years in a row there in a rivalry game. And moving the game to Sunday would have still been a poor choice because of recover efforts all around the state.
Did not host recruits. One recruit had already traveled to Gainesville before the postponement and decided to stay in town with family that lives there... He was not hosted by the University
Alleva himself said we should have given up a home game to play in Baton Rouge... so...
jt4lsu, you clearly haven't been paying attention. 1) The hurricane's track as of Thursday when the call had to be made showed it bringing HURRICANE FORCE WINDS to Gainesville. Weather changes, can't help it. So many boosters, fans, players families, etc were seriously affected on the coast. Travel Saturday and Sunday would have been awful. Gas stations around the state are low on gas. People are out of power. Emergency responders from Gainesville were busy helping with the recovery on the coast. 2) You think we postponed the game so we could get healthy? Yeah, cause we'd much rather face a healthy Fournette... 3) The storm was never forecast to hit Miami hard, and it had already passed with enough time to recover and play a game there. 4) The games in NC should have never been played, plain and simple. They were under a voluntary evacuation, yet still played a game... And it was an ugly game at NC State. 5)Florida did not host recruits on Saturday. One recruit had already made his way to Gainesville before the postponement was made, and decided to stay in town since he has family that lives there. He was not hosted by the University. So why don't you try and get your facts straight before you open your big mouth like Alleva.
I can't stand this guy. First he whines about Florida not wanting to play the game in Baton Rouge, now he's adamant that he's not going to give up a home game. Well guess what buddy, we didn't want to give up a big home game against LSU, which would make 3 straight years in Death Valley (in addition to the logistical concerns with moving the game on short notice). He seems like a bully in the schoolyard that makes one offer, and when it is denied, for legitimate reasons, gets all offended and hurt and takes his ball and goes home. What a p.o.s.
LSU barely beat Mississippi State, who is also much further down the list. We can play this game all day if you want.
A&M has earned the #2 spot, for now. Ole Miss and Tennessee are very similar. They are both very scary. They both show the talent and flashes to potentially be as good as anyone. However, they're both inconsistent and have turnover problems. Ole Miss can't finish games. If UT can stop turning the ball over so much and play with a consistent energy level, they can beat anyone, including Bama. So for now I think the 3 and 4 spots are justified for them.
Have to say I agree with you. Auburn has looked impressive. Florida has been inconsistent. I guess the argument could be that Auburn barely beat LSU, who is farther down this list, and Florida looked very good for 1 half at Tennessee. I guess based on potential, I'd say Florida should be 5, but based on what we've seen, Auburn shouldn't be overlooked. Also, Arkansas' "big win" over TCU is looking less impressive with TCU barely beating Kansas. The rest of this list is pretty good. I would just move Auburn to 5, UF 6, Arkansas 7.
Finally, someone with some common sense. Thank you. Yes, the storm is already past us in Gainesville, but so much of our fan base comes from affected areas, and players have family there too. Not to mention that the police, etc needed for a game would be occupied. I can't believe this game is being played at NC St. It's absurd.
We haven't had a major hurricane since 2006... So no, not really. Plus every situation is different.
100% agree with you. Why the hell would UF ever agree to playing a critical sec game in Death Valley (making 3 years in a row there)? These other options are viable. Also, weather is so unpredictable, I think it was completely reasonable to wait it out. The storm could have moved, sped up and been out of the way, etc. playing in Baton Rouge was never an option in UF officials eyes.
Guess you didn't watch the Kentucky game. Yes, it's Kentucky, but to argue your point we did look very impressive that game.
Just based on the entire body of work of both teams so far, Florida has shown more potential than LSU. Obviously that can change, and injuries (like our entire D line) factor in. I've just gotta see more than 1 good game from LSU before declaring them the 2nd best team in the conference. Tamu has earned that spot in my mind, they look like a complete team.
This is laughable. Talk about overreactions. Sure, UT is finding a way to win, but they really haven't shown the consistency of a great team. LSU???? are you kidding???? One good game. Against Mizzou. No way they're better than UT, Ole Miss, Arkansas right now. Heck, I'd take Georgia over them, and the Gators should have something for them Saturday.
If you wanna talk about missed calls let's talk about the last time UF lost when a Tennessee db slapped Dallas Baker after a play. Baker retaliated, drawing the penalty, but the ref was right there watching the whole thing, and should have flagged them both. That penalty led to UF punting, giving UT the field position to set up that game winner.
Much of the media is often inaccurate when talking about the McElwain's timeout before the Medley field goal. Florida had too many men on the field. He wasn't calling the timeout to ice Medley. If he doesn't call the timeout, a 5 yard penalty will move Tennessee closer and give Medley a better chance. It was the right decision, even if Medley had made it the second time.
No way that Gator games are more redneck than MSU, UT, UK, Arkansas, LSU. Not that I care one way or the other, just going for accuracy. And the only people with sunburns around here are tourists and snowbirds.
One thing people aren't talking about much... Purdue is not Florida. When Appleby was at Purdue, he didn't have the WRs, RBs, or even the OL that Florida has, and certainly not the same defense he has behind him now. Those factors have to have some kind of effect on how he performed there. All we need to win this game is a game manager. He doesn't have to do much with our defense and playmakers.
He was going to be our next Tebow... then he stole a laptop and tossed it out his dorm window. But Auburn being Auburn, they'll take anyone, regardless of past legal issues.