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What’s he supposed to do, get a few SEC teams together in the parking lot for some backyard football games? This is talking season, I’d say he’s doing a good job at it so far being the typical coach-speaking coach.
Since high school, Nix has yet to have the benefit of playing in the same offensive system 2 years in a row. I don’t care what anyone says about the guy because I know he’a better than what he’s been able to do. I don’t know many other QBS that could come into a season with a new offense with no spring training, limited fall camp, behind an average at best oline against a 10game all-SEC slate and still come out with a +.500 season.
@Tide - it’s ok man you can let your guard down, I’m not gonna confuse you with references that fly over your head anymore. @bayou - you mean the kid that destroyed y’all while setting the record for most passing yards in an SEC game? News flash, a high school quarterback could have done that to LSU in week one when you’ve got a DC that doesn’t realize he’s coaching defense. LSU was very talented last year and what happened just shows that Coach O isn’t worth his weight in spam as a coach. Hires a DC without meeting with him or interviewing him at all and (and this ones the kicker of it all) Allows him to put a defensive product on the field without having zone coverage in the playbook at all. LSU is gonna look the same as last year and Coach O will be gone soon after that because he doesn’t have the first clue what he’s doing as a HC. He simply got lucky in 2018 that he had Burrow and Brady to carry him to a National Title.
Boy these references are just flying over your head at warp speed aren’t they (that’s a Star Trek, not a Star Wars reference FYI, I’ll at least hint you one)
I can’t imagine you’d want to see something at Auburn resembling a passing game considering Nix threw for 75%comp, 300yrds, and 3 touchdowns against LSU last year in a 48-11 beat down. You really want to see him do better in Death Valley? I mean, obviously I do, but I don’t think you want that.
I think you’re forgetting that Harsin inherited the best roster of all first year SEC HCs. You shouldn’t expect him to be setting the recruiting trail on fire or even warming it up, especially considering no one has seen his system in the SEC yet. You have to look at this from the recruit’s standpoint and not an impatient fan aspect. The landscape of CFB is changing and recruits are looking for the quickest path to playing time to get their name out there for NILs and draft stock. Let’s say I’m a 4* RB with a ton of offers. Why would I go to Auburn when I know I’ll be sitting behind Tank for at least a year with fresh talent already on the bench in an unseen and unproven offensive system? I might wait until later in the season to get a look at what Harsin is offering, but if SCar came knocking and said, “Hey man, we can get you on the field ASAP” I’m probably going to jump on that, at least for now. My point is, Auburn doesn’t have as many holes to fill as SCar, Vandy, or Tenn. The path to playing time is going to be a lot shorter at those schools compared to Auburn, not to mention easier. IMO, he’s picking up steam with his latest recruits, but there is still a long way along that recruiting trail before the 2022 season. It’s just premature and poor logic to make assumptions on what Harsin will be able to do before he even gets to do it. Be a true AU fan and have enough respect to give him the benefit of the doubt.
I get where you’re coming from, but again, James Franklin already puts a knock on your take. Saban is 10 times the coach that Franklin is, he’d win at Vandy. Kirby is probably 5 times (give or take) the coach that Franklin is and I’m sure he’d win at Vandy also, he just wouldn’t live up to his recruiting class rank lol.
No he really isn’t. He needs to turn that ‘serious’ knob down a few notches.
Please tell me you didn’t just have that reference go COMPLETELY over your head and yet you’re calling me an idiot. Surely that can’t be the case with a road scholar such as yourself.
I don’t think it’s underrated. The oline is just too much of an unknown at this point. Pretty sure if we knew the oline was gonna be solid, no one would argue that Auburn’s run game is likely to lead the SEC with Tank, Shivers and Nix.
Idk about that, James Franklin did a pretty good if not great job under the circumstances.
I’d imagine Mason isn’t in any hurry to jump back in the fire after his failed experience with Vanderbilt. If he puts an elite defense on the field, he’d be wise to play it out for a while and just bask in the Auburn fanbase adulation. Probably be a better strategy to get another shot at a P5 HCing gig if he really wants it.
Sounds like Nix is focused and having fun! Dare I say a dark horse for the Heisman…lol
Have to disagree. Probably the biggest bias is against Auburn. Look it up, there are at least 3-4 negative articles on Auburn to every 1 positive article and O’Gara and Marler are ALWAYS critical and disrespectful of Auburn on their podcasts.
Idk about that but, based on the overall personality of both coaches, I can see Mason being a more intense and energetic coach that Steele.
It’d be better for you to elaborate on ‘highly regarded backs’ because that says nothing itself. That just means you’re good enough to play in the SEC, but absolutely nothing to suggest they will be great backs in the SEC which UF would need to achieve that level of success. And Jones hasn’t shown anything whatsoever to suggest he will be that successful in this league, on the ground or in the air. There is no sample size at UF to reference to back up that kind of claim. Auburn on the other hand can say that. Nix, Bigsby, and Shivers have all proven that they can achieve that level of success on the ground, especially if the oline takes a step forward this year.
If JT comes out slinging it like the dawgs think he will, your assessment suddenly means nothing. UGA was good in the rushing game last year only because that was the most consistent offense output y’all could manage with poor QB play. Guarantee you if JT lives up to the hype, UGA won’t be keeping it on the ground near as much. You can’t win a natty on the ground in today’s CFB and Kirby knows that.
Never gonna happen. Florida might crack the top 5, but won’t be anywhere close to leading.
So is he trying not to say that there are concerns from an academic standpoint on his eligibility to play at Auburn?
I’m betting Auburn leads the SEC in rushing, if not a close second. Harsin’s offense is probably going to be run heavy at first and I’d have to say Auburn has the most physical rushers in the SEC in Bigsby and Shivers. Barring injury, both will be in a prime position for tons of carries and they are both a nightmare to try to take down. I see them both racking up some serious yardage as the season progresses.
I’d have to say 2-7. Kinda hard to definitely say A&M is going to be a top team when they are green across the Oline and at QB. Defense is stout but a defense will only get you so far, I draw your attention to Auburns 2019 defense. I’d be willing to bet A&M looks a lot like 2019 Auburn in year 1 with Bo Nix with the exception that A&M isn’t beating Bama.
We may not have been great in the SEC, but compared to what PSU was last year we were. That game is way too overhyped and when they get curb-stomped by Wisconsin in the season opener I’m sure that hype will die down and folks won’t hold that game as a measuring stick to Auburns success this year.
I think there is a rule on SDS that your team has to win at least 1 game in a regular season to comment on articles. I’m sorry man, I don’t make the rules.
I can’t blame Nix for that Florida game. It was painfully obvious Gus had not prepared him with a contingency for communicating. He was more prepared for the LSU game which I also believe he should have won but just couldn’t quite come through. But my main point is he is the most experienced QB in the SEC with these environments, probably the most experienced in all of CFB tbh. The WhiteOut won’t be a factor, it’ll just be Nix for better or worse. I just think Harsin is going to do a better job preparing Nix to be successful than Gus did.
I think a lot of folks are expecting the ‘WhiteOut’ to be a significant factor and that’s a mistake. Bo has already seen the swamp as a homecoming rival, and LSU at full capacity, can’t remember if it was at night or not. Guarantee PSU can’t even begin to compare to those hostile environments
I set the bar very high for them. Only games I expect us to lose is UGA and Bama. I’m not bought in on PSU, absolutely terrible last year, LSU I truly see Coach O being gone after this year, or A&M, sure they have a stout defense but I think that offense is too green and I see them taking a step backwards this year.
It’s sad this kid is only being charged with a misdemeanor. 115 in a 55 and caused an accident involving a total of 4 vehicles with severe injuries sustained and you call it a misdemeanor? In many states going 25+ over the posted limit is a felony offense. At minimum this kid should lose his license for 2 years and sit in the county for up to 365 days. He certainly doesn’t deserve to continue playing football for Clemson.
Forget Thor and Cooper, when we gonna get an article on Sunsie Lee winning the gold in overall.