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Are all Alabama fans so humorless or only the ones who prowl comments sections? You guys won ... you are the likely next National Champions and Henry is the likely next Heisman winner. What do you have to be upset about? You can't endure obvious trolling from opposing fans? "Classless! Uncalled for! Disrespectful!" Ye gods, crawl back into your safe spaces if you can't take a joke.
I'd be happy to buy more team gear at Wal-Mart ... they just carry so little Auburn stuff in the Birmingham area. They carry plenty of t-shirts but the shirts tend to be of a lesser quality. Also, I'm a big guy and the few 3XL t-shirts Wal-mart has are incredibly short. So, I order from Tiger Rags or just wait until I hit campus. But the other stuff? Pointless but fun items like paperweights, Band-Aids, desk lamps, Pez dispensers, et cetera? It's all UA stuff. I don't know if Auburn just prefers keeping it in the specialty shops, if Auburn just doesn't license as much, or if Wal-mart's buyers just think Birmingham is a Bammer-city ... but the merchandise selection is literally 4-1, Bama to Auburn.
All respect to Laquon Treadwell! Prayers for a quick recovery.
I really hope stuff like that is what the CFP committee eliminates. There should be more taken into consideration that "they lost later in the season."
I feel so sorry for this young man! He played hard and gave us a run for our money. I hope it isn't serious and he has a speedy recovery!
Well, neither Auburn nor Alabama fans burn their own couches when they win a game ...
I mean ... let's be honest ... as sad as Treadwell's injury is, Auburn did tackle him and DID force the fumble. Being sad over this young man's misfortune is one thing. Trying to say that Auburn "got lucky" and "didn't win the game" is pretty ridiculous.