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I agree 100%! I definitely want to watch OSU Clemson. I want OSU badly! Not only because I think they'd be an easier choice but there's so much additional story involved between the two of them. Clemson matches up with us a lot better :/
My reaction was about the same as Marcus'. Between his epic debate with Stephen A after the Bama game, and now this, he is making this show a lot more entertaining.
Lol. These comments are hilarious....this is what you get when SDS staff writes articles about silly things. The Evil Twins are pretty infamous in the LSU Tiger Community. They are on the coaches radio show every week giving an epic promo and their Alabama one's are always epic so this picture makes a lot of sense. I didnt think this was worthy enough to appear on this site but I stand corrected.
Agree 100% man. They are talented, don't get me wrong, but hold Penn State and Michigan to under 20 points...then I'll be impressed. We'll see what Ohio State is really made of this weekend.
Finally someone with some sense! Steve would gladly step down....he didn't want it in the first place.
I want to see him with first team reps and not mop up duty before I make any judgement about him. The time he has seen this year is all garbage duty with second and third string. I doubt Jamarr Chase or Terrance would drop half the balls he's thrown.
Yep, agreed 100%. If he did his homework, stats would show he actually performs better under pressure.
"I dont see them overcoming the hostile environment". I would have to agree. Trask has not started a true road game since he was 14. He sat behind D'Eriq King in high school and Franks at Florida.
Are you referring to the same Joe Burrow that is leading the Nation in completion percentage while under pressure throwing at 70%, the highest the TD/Int (6/0) ratio while under pressure, and the highest passer rating while facing under pressure at 151? (Source: Source ESPN, Pro Football Focus) Teams and people change bud!
Source? Brady was hired before the announcing of Scott Woodward.
I'll just say I'm glad I'm not a Missouri fan...
Saturday morning :( Unless I missed the memo that the time of the game changed.
We were playing 4th string and WR's at CB... and still held them to 200 yards under their average LOLLLLL!
Its his fault Nick Saban can't recruit good kickers to Alabama? Its no secret they've always had kicking trouble....especially in big games.
@Bayou Tiger, People seem to forget that we will have Garrett Brumfield back in the lineup this weekend and how much he brings to the table. The offensive line will be the same as it started out to be for the first time since week 1. Therefore, I expect the pass protection to be good enough for Joe to make throws. They were averaging 43 points a game in 2016 before the LSU game and that went scoreless into the 4th and only scored 24 last year. Aranda just knows how to scheme against their offense and our defense has much better skill position players than the previous two years. Im interested to see how our CB's will pair against their WR's, which is the true reason behind their success. Greedy (1st round CB) is going to be paired up against Jerry Jeudy, and K-Baby will be paired against Devonta Smith. Tua will probably play well but he will be playing in the 4th quarter, I can ensure you that. I'm not saying LSU is going to thrash them like they did against Georgia, however, history shows us they are not the same team when they enter Baton Rouge. This young Alabama team has not been battle tested at all, meanwhile thats been a bulk of our season. 3 or 4 FG's and two TD's should be good to beat them this year.
One of the best pieces on this site in a while. Awesome read! Thanks for the trip on memory lane! Geaux Tigers!
Agreed! You'll have an extra hour of tailgate time and we'll be extra rowdy! Be sure to visit The Chute!
Yes, he was referring to the media. I have been trying to find the full instagram video but I think Devin White took it down after the AI article went public. (user)KirbySmart is correct...leave it to the media to twist this into something negative for clickbait. Matt Moscona went on a rant in his Morning Scone about it this morning; so disheartening.
LOL! Agree 100% man. O Line versus D line play is what I will be looking for and will probably be the deciding factor.
Agree! Hes twice the size of Linebackers...gimme a break lol. He played against a pretty top tier defense in camp...and was last...getta outttaaa heeeeaaa!
This is clearly a comedic article King lol
Finally someone outside looking in with some common sense! That's precisely the problem...Joe Alleva. He essentially fired Les Miles the first chance he got because Miles would not let him be more involved in the program; Joe wants a voice in the football program, which should not happen....for this exact reason that's going on right now (Reminder: It was Joe's idea to have the "CEO model"; having great coordinators assist in running the team). Its the head coaches job to push the program to a new level, not the AD. But, to your point, if Joe has to fire Coach O after next season, he might as well hand in his resignation letter with it. On the bright side, Joe's contract expires next year and they have not renewed it just our fanbase has our fingers crossed that it wont be renewed.
My guess is because Bama is home (always a great game regardless) meanwhile Auburn is on the road and we generally tend to struggle at Jordan Hare. However, I do agree...I can't stand FPI. Its rarely right.
I dont know about that :( Jimbo pretty much has an open checkbook at Texas A&M and will more than likely get the things he is promised upon his hired; unlike at Florida State. I think Jimbo will right the ship very quickly. Its a bummer we didn't get him and no elite coach is going to want to work with Joe Alleva. Joe is a football guy and likes to control the coach (a core reason why him and Les didn't get along and ousted him the first chance he got.) Alleva was essentially forced to hire Ed since he is the only coach that would be excited about the job and do what Joe says. The coaches love him as a person but dont respect him that much as a coach. I still am going to go into this season with a positive perspective though. Ed has his guys that he trusts he'll sleep in his own bed if it doesnt work out and will never become head coach again. The solution to LSU football getting back on track is getting rid of Joe A. His contract is up next year and it was not renewed this year, which normally it would be if they were happy with his performance. **Fingers crossed**
I've kind of thought the same thing. Les East's are generally pretty good. He used to write for the Advocate.
9-2 would be stellar but I doubt it haha. As long as one of our big wins is the Crimson Tide, it would be a successful season. We ALWAYS play Alabama close at home. I have high hopes though. Ive watched as much footage as I can on Joe and I think he'll fit in very well with Steve's offense (I dont see it changing a whole lot from the 2016 scheme). He can throw the long ball pretty accurately as well as ALWAYS being on the money with the 5-10 yard, swing, and screen passes. I would say the latter is more helpful than anything else. Its something our last two QB's were honestly pretty bad at :(
Great comment! And its pretty true! I think this is also why Les is having a tough time trying to find a job right now. The AD's follow up with, "Well, you had 1.5 years to 'fix' your offense at LSU. What makes me believe you have changed from meddling in your OC's coaching abilities?"