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What a CROCK! Bobo has NEVER had a boatload of talent anywhere. All the haters cite every possible statistic that supports their argument. Monken had similar results with poor talent. I look forward to the day when Bobo proves all the Nay Sayers wrong. Kirby Smart knows a lot more than anyone here...including Connor O'Gara. I'll take Kirby's opinion/decision over anyone else. The best is yet to come.
All those who think this is a mistake should ask yourself this question. If Bobo could come within 5 yards of beating Ala in 2012 and taking them to overtime at Auburn in 2021 (with inferior and mediocre talent), what is he likely to do at UGA with 4 & 5*** talent deep at every position? I don't think a smart person would bet against him.
There is no "up side" for Schumann leave for Bama. He's young and will be offered a HC position one day. He should just sit tight and wait for the right opportunity. I'm sure Kirby will mentor him and support him when the time comes.
There's only one person Coach Saban can blame for Georgia's success...HIMSELF.
Totally agree. Commitment is the new standard. Whether it's NIL, coaching salaries, or facilities, if you want to remain in the Arms race for competing in the SEC, you better be TOTALLY COMMITTED. That said, I don't think Kiffen would seriously take the Auburn job. Although it's a wonderful university with enormous potential, it has been and will remain a "Dumpster Fire" as far as football goes. Kiffen is about control and he certainly would not have it there. He will sit tight at OM and wait for the next, great opportunity to appear...Roll Tide.
Georgia Tech should be knocking the door down for Deion. He would absolutely kill it in Atlanta with recruiting and ACC competition. Unfortunately, I don't think GT powers see him as a real candidate.
Auburn is a lateral move for Kiffin. Why go to Auburn (and deal with all the BS) when you have a good gig at Ole Miss? Leverage the offer for more $$$ and wait for Alabama to come open.
TAMU is stuck with Jimbo for at least 2 more years. Just too much buyout $$$. He has enough talent to have winning seasons which will just prolong the mediocrity. Simple truth is, TAMU went "All in" on a lame horse.
Never seen two unarmed people have a “Battle of Wits” before. LOVE IT.
Never seen two unarmed people have a "Battle of Wits" before. LOVE IT.
Spot ON. A good dose of humility is better than Castor Oil. Better to humbled in September than November.
What a tragedy. Auburn is a great school with great potential. But the "Boosters" and their constant meddling/control have created a Dumpster Fire. Brian Harsin is a decent coach but is a "Dead Man Walking". Recruiting is the life blood of college football and Auburn has "Bled Out". Until there is a culture change at Auburn and the Administration "Grows a Pair" and takes control of the University, any attempts to create a lasting, winning program will be a drill in futility. Really sad given what Auburn could be.
Corso needs to spend his Saturdays in a big, comfortable rocking chair on the porch of his RETIREMENT HOME.
The issue with the Band wasn't lack of was the location. Texas put the Bama band in the "Oxygen Level" so that the students could have the entire field level. Next time Texas comes to Tuscaloosa, their band can be seated in the parking lot.
That diatribe would make the Unibomber look like an amateur. Dude, you need to get a life and some good MEDS.
A pretty good weekend for the SEC. Georgia and Alabama looked like the teams that played in Indy 8 months ago. Florida and Vandy look to be Greatly improved. LSU is still somewhat of a mystery after the "Thriller in the Dome". Brian Kelly needs to get a "Fun Coach". He demeaner looks like a Bull Frog whose lunch bug was stolen by a lizard.
Excellent. The Dawgs bite best as an UNDERDOG. PLEASE...keep Bama and Ohio State 1 & 2.
Tennessee beats Georgia??? I would love for that to happen. I bet Aspen Dental would give every Tennessee ticket holder to the game a free exam and 50% off on a set of dentures!
TAMU is a work in progress. Despite the fact that the fanatical fan base expects to win it all this year, Fisher has until 2024 to deliver. I think he comes close but as long as Saban is in Tuscaloosa, might as well kiss your sister.
He's right...the key word was "Transferred".
Good for you. Surprised the Boosters have not tried to influence this one.
We need to start a Go Fund Me Page OR SOMETHING for this dude to get some badly needed Therapy or Counseling. This post is over the top.
What is the likelihood that anyone who follows Saban will see Longterm success? Remember the turmoil when Bear retired? I don't think there has EVER been a successful choice to follow a living legend. Better off buying a lottery ticket.
Good luck to Arch. He would have loved Athens but also could have been a huge distraction. I think UGA will do just fine w/o him. There are many talented QBs that will succeed in the Dawg offense. Does "The Mailman" sound familiar???
Two Head Coaches (Smart and Muschamp) who were pretty good DBs in their day decide to take this young man early??? I think I'll trust their judgement.
When you're on the bottom, it all up from here. I'm excited for the future. GO DAWGS.
To borrow on of the great, all-time quotes, "I think the cheese has done slid off your cracker".
There is no question that the Florida Basketball program is one of the SECs best. But, Billy Donovan is gone and the entire SEC (UGA excluded) is competitive in Basketball. UGA got a quality coach and Florida lost one. Mike White may have been mediocre by Florida's expectations but he was a competitive, winning coach. I wish Florida success in finding a new coach but there is no guarantee that big $$ and a storied program will result in a return to the Billy Donovan days. I think UGA was fortunate to get "Mediocre" Mike white and UF will be fortunate to find a "Mediocre" replacement.