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I liked the opening statement the best, "I don't want to get on a soapbox". Well, don't pee on my leg and tell me it's raining. Georgia and Alabama have done nothing wrong...they simply have made a commitment to be the best. And College Football players don't want to play for losers. If this is such an urgent problem, why don't we limit College teams to only playing in the CFP for two consecutive years? How about capping head coach salaries at $2 million a year? Why don't we limit the square footage for indoor practice facilities and weight rooms? And there are many others we can institute. Expanding the playoff is fine but don't try to sanction the results. THE CREAM WILL ALWAYS RISE TO THE with it.
No surprise here. Lanning is a class act at a class school. Integrity and honor will serve him well as a head coach. Thanks Dan...Good Luck at Oregon.
I could understand but I believe he should see this as a resume' building experience. He's 31 and will have been mentored by Smart, Lanning & Muschamp. Powerful stuff.
Hey case you aren't aware...QUITTER = LOSER. Got a Mirror?
Looks like a diamond in the rough. Will really sparkle after some nutrition and weight room sessions. Another "Mad Dawg" in the making.
Kiffin would be a huge hit at Miami despite its lack of an on campus stadium. He's a maverick and the U still has that same persona. Not to mention that Miami beach is a "target rich environment". Recruiting's good too.
Hard to believe that Florida Football has fallen so far, so quickly. I remember when Miami, UF, and FSU were all in the top 10 in the country the same years. But the saddest thing is there doesn't appear to be an end in sight. Only a few quality coaches for so many high profile openings.
Jeremy Pruitt and his attorney have nothing to lose and lots of $$ to gain by slinging mud. If UT has done nothing wrong, they should stick to their guns and let Jeremy starve. Remember, if you get down in the mud with the pigs, you both get dirty but the pig enjoys it.
Mullen and Grantham have been together and enjoyed success for many years. I doubt either of them will criticize publicly. The problem appears the culture they have created and the talent they have recruited don't match.
It's apparent there are many things you don't understand. Gus was a decent coach, just not a great HC. Harsin has the youth and demeanor that will attract high quality talent to Auburn. Underestimate him at your own peril.
I think you pretty much nailed. Harsin radiates confidence. I'll be surprised it that isn't reflected on the field.
No doubt, the jury is still out on Bobo's ability after CSU and SC. But, I am inclined to believe that he will prove to be "very good". CSU was somewhat of a "Train Wreck" wasn't a very good fit and he had lack luster talent. Not to mention the serious health issues that developed, probably a result of extreme stress. Then, he jumps to SC, a "Dumpster Fire", in an attempt to save Muschamp's job. I sense that he and Harsin have some personal chemistry and Auburn is a much better fit with much better talent. Only time will tell, but I have always thought Bobo's talent was best realized as an OC and recruiting and developing QBs.I hope he develops AU into a program that consistently challenges Bama and the emerging TAMU.
Go Gators. I will be surprised if he matures and makes a significant contribution. But, he's your problem now.
Good luck earned it. Unfortunately, Auburn will live in the shadow of Alabama until Saban leaves, and then it may only be temporary. It is hard to dethrone a dynasty.
I hope Vandy will support him with improved facilities and staff. Otherwise, it is just another insanity drill.
Bobo's offense wasn't the problem. SC could have won the Ole Miss game if the Defense could have made them take more than 3 plays to score.
This thread is a crock. Danielson is a very talented sportscaster who knows football. Does he have some bias...of course, he is human. I find that his bias is toward teams that play good, consistent football vs. one particular team. If TAMU had a better team, it probably would not be an issue. But, I will take Danielson and his in-depth understanding and historical knowledge of College Football any day. If you want Danielson to treat your team better...have THEM play better...problem solved.
So, the only thing you did not like was the quality of the opponent? I agree that a more competitive game would have been better for all concerned BUT, "Cupcake" games don't always turn out to be so boring. I seem to remember that Appalachian State gave Michigan a surprise in "The Big House". It's difficult to know the quality of the opponent when you are scheduling years in advance. The SEC should expand to a 9 game schedule which would increase competition in scheduling. But, "Cupcake" games will always be on the schedule as there are simply not enough quality opponents.
Alabama, Auburn and LSU are all talented, capable teams...AND they MUST PLAY EACH OTHER. The SEC Championship Game in December is wide open for the West. It will be fun to watch.
A 5 Star talent with a 10 Star Ego. Perfect fit for the gators. I seriously doubt his "Bullet Proof" attitude will fly even with Dan Mullen and Todd Grantham. Unless the NCAA gives him a waiver (unlikely) he will never play a down for the gators.
I also don't believe that any of these will follow Saban. Who wants to follow a living legend? Just like when Bear Bryant retired, Bama will go through some turmoil. Dabo and Kirby will NOT follow Saban...they are building their own empires. Expect to see an interim coach before Bama lands the true heir apparent. If Pruitt is successful at UT, he could be the man.
Smart business decision. I am sure Grantham will be able to leverage UF for a few more $$ and it gets him more publicity his agent can use for future opportunities. I expect Grantham will eventually be a HC somewhere soon.
2019 will probably be a big disappointment for most A&M faithful...BUT...the future is bright. A&M has made the investment in $$ and it will take a few years for everything to mature. Fisher is a successful coach and that will follow to A&M. You can expect that in 2021 and beyond, A&M will challenge LSU and BAMA for dominance in the West. Remember, Patience is a most UGA fans have learned.
Should have let him go to Arkansas last year when you had the chance. The "Gus Bus" ain't going ANYWHERE for several can't afford it! Sit back and enjoy the ride!
I don't care how much beer you have had to drink, this is unacceptable behavior. What makes it even worse is the fact that it is from a scholarship athlete. Apparently this young man is from a circle of friends and family that find this behavior acceptable in public or anywhere for that matter. He maybe a good athlete but he lacks judgement and common sense. reminds me of John Rocker who is probably his idol. "You can't fix STUPID".
Lets see....90K people attending football game...30K have steel hips, knees, whatever...have to be scanned. Just how many persons with scanners will be available to get the 30k into the stadium BEFORE HALFTIME??? Attending a game is already and ordeal and now this. I think I will stay home and watch the game in my Man Cave.
The reality is, Saban's run as the undisputed king of the SEC is drawing to a close. UGA, South Carolina, Tenn, Florida all have quality Head Coaches and assistants...and all come from the Saban tree of coaches. IT'S GOING TO BE FUN TO WATCH.