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If this kid doesn't go to the NFL this year, someone is giving him - and his family - terrible, terrible advice.
Seems like UT has at least righted the ship. Next step will be tougher, but the fans have to be happy with their competitiveness. Didn't quit in that game vs IU.
If you've been watching the NFL, Haskins is not looking like he should've been anything like a #1 overall pick. Pick 15 looks like it was a stretch, too.
If this is true, Tua is getting some very, very bad advice. It would be foolish for him to return to Bama for his senior season.
Alternate title for this piece: "Tua, please gamble the generational wealth you could receive as a 1st round NFL pick because odds are great you'll come back 1000% healthy from insanely major surgery and win the Heisman in 2021 - there's no possible way you might hurt your draft stock by being average - because Bama fans don't really have that much confidence in Mac Jones." This article is absurd. Tua needs to go immediately to the NFL. The guy has nothing else to prove in college.
Boo. This kind of enthusiasm is what makes college football great. Loved watching the Auburn fans go crazy. It was awesome. Please ... don't take the joy out of the game. That's the NFL's job.
Definitely not optimal, but I doubt this game is going to be about defense. They should make sure there are fresh lightbulbs in the scoreboard at Bryant-Denny.
Spot on TJW13 A little mystified by headlines that say OSU "made their case for #1" by thumping an unranked Nebraska team. Really? Did Colorado "make their case for #1" when they beat Nebraska a couple weeks back? Really don't care to hear about OSU and their stats until they play someone competent.
Auburn's D is definitely for real. But the quality of their wins over ranked teams has already faded: Oregon's no good, A&M was clearly ranked laughably high, and now everyone's losing their minds because they beat the brakes off a bad MSU team in prime time. Maybe we should slow our roll until we see how they do vs UF, LSU, Bama and UGA. I think they'll make some noise, but can't imagine they go 4-0 through that stretch.
Very, very nervous about this game. But there was one part of this piece that stood out to me: "But this type of atmosphere is nothing new to Notre Dame, which is noted for playing a tough schedule every year." Um ... what? ND's schedule is usually laughable, and known mostly for playing annual nail-biters against service academy teams. I respect ND's talent, but let's not kid ourselves about how "tough" their schedule is. Puh-leeze.
This game still makes me very nervous. UGA has a lot of inexperience at WR, and no idea if Simmons will be healthy for the game. By no means is this one a gimme.
Justin Fields may live in the end zone. But he's also living large off a pretty weak schedule so far. Let's see what happens when he plays a team with a defense.
No doubt. Seemingly endless pool of 5-star talent. Crazy.
I assumed that the slow start was a result of multiple starters being benched in the first half for discipline reasons. Hadn't realized so many true freshmen were carrying the weight. Wow.
Auburn just beat a PAC-12 team. Fixed it for you.
Oh please. FAU was completely hapless. Looked like a 7th Grade JV team. Let's see Fields, Day + Co play an actual team before everyone gets all hot and bothered.
Updating my score prediction. Dropping it from Bama by 11,000 points to Bama by 10,999 points.
Just flat-out terrible news for such a talented athlete. Hate to see this happen to any player or any program. Hope he's able to make a full recovery. Jaylon Smith was able to bounce back big; let's all pray Moses can do the same.
Prayers for Jared's recovery. The article undersold Lorenzen's NFL experience. During his two years as the #2 QB behind Eli Manning, the Giants beat the undefeated Patriots in SB 42 - Lorenzen's got a Super Bowl ring.
2021 is an eternity from now in recruiting terms. Based on how things are these days, what are the odds that Vendagriff actually ends up in Oklahoma? I'd say they're kinda slim.
KInda hate his total confidence in UGA here. Nervous about that game. Think it's going to be a tough one.
UCF doesn't actually want to be in a Power 5 ... they get more mileage acting like they belong in one. If they were ever to get into a P5, they'd be trounced on the reg and disappear from the headlines.
Yeah, UGA fans are soooo terrible. I guess that's why Fields' sister still wants to play softball for the Bulldogs for the rest of her college career. Gimme a break.