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So because Tua has a brother, his brother is automatically as talented? Maybe. But don't count on it.
Any game where UCF has the potential to get their mouths shut is must-see TV in my opinion. And I don't want to hear the "we didn't have our QB" excuse, either.
Wonder if there will be any major decommits from OSU in the wake of Meyer's retirement.
Michigan overachieved this year. I think we all knew that loss to OSU was looming on the horizon all year. Expect MU to go back to full Harbaugh next season. Expect the B1G to be on the outside of the CFP looking in again next season.
Notre Dame won't be laughing when Clemson drops 35 points on their sorry, overrated a**ses.
Bonus question: how will this Tweet go down if UCF loses to Memphis in the American Championship Game? That's a very real possibility.
Wow. Kannell is doubling, tripling, and even quadrupling down on this idiotic opinion. Not a lot of guys would have the nerve to so casually toss their credibility as a sports analyst out the window. Kudos for that, Dan. But I'm sorry. Now you sound as silly as the drunken dope with the UCF jersey at the end of the bar.
Even with Jones at QB the rest of the way, I'd still say Bama is the favorite to win it all.
I think you're right about that, Tim. Dawgs definitely still in the hunt for Pappoe in spite of his commitment. Hope UGA shows Owen what he could be missing on Saturday night.
No way Tucker doesn't get that job if he wants it. Would be brutal to lose him, but the man definitely deserves an HC gig. Go get 'em, Coach!
Not saying that Bama fans shouldn't be thrilled. Any fan base would be. And I'm sure you don't care that you'll be the only ones watching. I respect the juggernaut that UA has built. But it's no fun watching walnuts get opened with a sledgehammer. That said, I cannot wait to see Bama completely humiliate either Notre Dame or Michigan.
No one hates Bama's dominance more than TV executives. When most of America is ready to turn off the TV because the game is over mid way through the 2nd quarter, it's a problem. Bama fans might revel in it, but you can bet that this year's CFP is going to have the lowest ratings of the playoff era. I don't see any other team in the top four that represents more than a speed bump to Bama - if that. And that includes Clemson. But blowouts aren't fun to watch.
While we're on the topic, can someone please point out Notre Dame's quality wins?
A 19-point loss is a "moral victory?"
Am the only one who'd be utterly shocked if this still a watchable ballgame by the end of the 1st half? I feel like this is going to be a beat down.
Does anyone seriously believe that Devin White sitting out the first half against Bama will matter? So LSU would lose by 28 points instead of 35? Let's all get a grip.
I agree with most of this ... except for all the "what happens when ..." assertions about Kentucky and Florida. Not quaking in my boots over those two programs just yet.
M-A-S-T-U-R-B-A-T-I-O-N. Geez, I thought Mizzou was supposed to have a great journalism program.
Should any team that allows 52 points really be in the top four?
I'm a UGA fan, but those unis are pretty badass.
Good point cclausen. Way to early to consider that ticket to ATL punched. Keep getting better and GATA.