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Prayers for Jared's recovery. The article undersold Lorenzen's NFL experience. During his two years as the #2 QB behind Eli Manning, the Giants beat the undefeated Patriots in SB 42 - Lorenzen's got a Super Bowl ring.
2021 is an eternity from now in recruiting terms. Based on how things are these days, what are the odds that Vendagriff actually ends up in Oklahoma? I'd say they're kinda slim.
KInda hate his total confidence in UGA here. Nervous about that game. Think it's going to be a tough one.
UCF doesn't actually want to be in a Power 5 ... they get more mileage acting like they belong in one. If they were ever to get into a P5, they'd be trounced on the reg and disappear from the headlines.
Yeah, UGA fans are soooo terrible. I guess that's why Fields' sister still wants to play softball for the Bulldogs for the rest of her college career. Gimme a break.
I was thinking the same thing, Joe. A lame-duck coach is recruiting poison.
Crazy. With Pickens and Blaylock at WR - who can both contribute immediately - I've completely forgotten about Haselwood.
Tell you what, if Sony could win the MVP after getting his heart broken in the same stadium a year ago ... I might almost be OK with the Pats winning the game. Almost. Better scenario - Sony runs for 200 yards, 3 TDs but the Pats lose anyway, and Sony wins MVP anyway a la Chuckl Howley. THAT would be awesome.
Lol ... if that's the case, what are the Vols selling other than a campus dominated by statues honoring the womens' hoops program?
Lol. Sure, kid. Whatever. Truth is, Haselwood doesn't want to have to block. At Georgia, he'd have to hit the weight program and actually do something more than just running post routes. UGA much better off with Blaylock who is not a one-dimensional WR.
Yes, but couldn't you argue that the one-year rule has done plenty of damage to NCAA basketball?
Totally supportive of Fields being able to leave and play wherever he wants, but if the NCAA caves and grants a hardship waiver for a slur that Fields surely never even heard, just throw the "sit out a year" rule out the window. At that point, they're just handing waivers out like candy and the rule's become a joke. They should probably ditch sit-out rule anyway.
But one wonders if the fact that his sister is staying at UGA to play softball might undercut that "hostile environment" argument?
Della, please chow down on your humble pie quietly. You've had your moments. Now it's the Tide's turn in the barrel. So suck it. You're the Patriots of college football and everyone is sick of looking at you.
Clemson looked fired up and shot out of a cannon. Bama looked flat almost from the start. And a lot of the Bama play calling was suspect. Their 4th down calls in the red zone were WTF moments. Maybe spend at least one scholarship on a kicker and stop ignoring special teams, because yours suck. Don't want to hear another word about the Kirby fake punt after the catastrophe they ran last night.
Don't think Tosh is quite at the same level as Pruitt or Smart. Tough to lose coaches of that caliber so often and for it not to have some impact.
Lol. Texas wins a meaningless bowl game and struts. OK, dude. Enjoy it.
Maybe we should see how he does vs Bama on Monday before putting Lawrence in Canton. Let's face it: Bama will be the best defense he's ever faced in his entire life to this point.
Non-CFP bowls are meaningless exhibition games.
Dawgs loss was certainly disappointing. But isn't Kirby's big chance to show the committee that they belong next year ... the 2019 regular season? As for Clemson, hard to takeaway much from their win against fraudulent ND. We'll see just how far above the rest of college football parity they really are on Monday night. I suspect the Tigers will look pretty average.
Agree BamaTime. We all knew ND was a joke, but ND was undefeated - no way they could keep them out of the CFP. UGA had two losses - sorry, that's not making the CFP, even though a rematch with Bama theoretically it would've been a better playoff game. It's the system that's screwy. I hate that people think the CFP Committee goes into a room and completely abandons the AP rankings that have been the gauge everyone's been using the whole season and just "selects" the "best teams." You see the final rankings and you know what the committee will have "selected." There's zero mystery. Just expand to eight already.
Completely agree with you RollTide91. Build the bowl games into an expanded CFP and make them count for something.
I'm a relatively new fan of college ball and a longtime NFL fan. Now that the CFP is here, I kinda don't get why I should care about winning or losing non-CFP bowl games. Sure, would rather the Dawgs had won. And it was a bad look for the players to talk so much smack on Twitter. But these days, few of these teams are playing at full strength because of players sitting out to avoid injury. Many teams yesterday looked sloppy and disinterested. Would Penn State have lost to UK in the regular season? I like the bowl games, but they're just exhibitions and they don't really mean anything. Again, don't rip my head off - just asking as a new college fan with more of an NFL fan's perspective.
Thank you, Tigers. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Well done.