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Oh ok my bad. I just skimmed over it.
I thought LSU lost 2 games in 2007..?
Agreed. The Bama/LSU game with decide the: SEC West SEC Champion National Champion Should be a game for the ages.
You forgot game #13.. when we meet up with South Caroline in the SEC championship. In all seriousness though I have to agree with this analysis. The big problem games are Arkansas, Florida, LSU, and of course Auburn. These games will be the difference between going 8-4 and 12-0. Arkansas we'll beat at home, Fl. will still be adjusting to the coaching changes. LSU could go either way. I agree that home field advantage will be a major factor seeing as the teams are pretty much even otherwise. Auburn. Like you said we'll be looking for redemption from last year. Looks like we'll have more returning starters. Jordan-Hare is not an easy place for us to win in, but we've done it before and I think we'll do it again.
He's said so himself that he's a football player who runs track.
Either DJ Fluker or Jesse Williams for AL. I think I'd quit if I saw him getting off the other teams bus lol.
Well if the lockout does happen, I don't see why they couldn't have CFB on Sat. & Sun. I mean I have enough trouble as it is watching all the games I want on Sat. I end up having to record them and watch them later in the week. I hope to god this whole lockout thing doesn't happen tho.
1) Assuming the 5 star is actually a 5 star and not just hype, then I'd rather the 5 star. 2) I've been to tons of weddings.. I've never been to a championship game. 3) I guess if I had to I'd probably root for LSU. And if not them then Florida. 4) It's fine the way it is just don't penalize a team's recruiting ranking for not signing a certain number of players. 5) Sounds good. 6) No it's pretty much pointless. 7) I'd hafta say 12-1. 8) Either 2009 SEC championship or 2010 NC. 9) Mark Richt 10) FSU vs Florida.
I go with the guy who was a national champion not too long ago.
Well written article. I'd have to agree about these SEC teams being the elite.... except maybe tennessee... I can't stand tennessee.
It will be McCarron imo. I think he'd have to show some really stupid decision making to not get the job. Phillip Sims looked good as a pocket passer.. I don't get what this "dual threat qb" talk is all about.. he looked kinda slow to me. Like slow like McElroy. Not that a qb needs to be a track star to be qb for Alabama, but he certainly didn't look like Mike Vick Jr. to me.... now Blake Sims on the other hand, HE looks more like Mr. Vick.
You really think so? Ok maybe I was a little over zealous with my 99%. But seriously most of the "bammers" I've seen online are upset over it. Most of us will reject this guy as we should. All of my friends who are Bama fans feel the same way I do that it is a shame. Either way it's terrible what happened and I am sorry for what this bag of douche did. Sincerely.
Hey man. I know you're upset, as I would be too, and rightfully so. What this guy did is nothing short of heinous. But there's no need to bash all bama fans. He acted on his own and doesn't represent the University of Alabama or the fans. It sucks what happened, it really does. If an Auburn fan had done something similar to us, I would be pissed too. But I would know that they acted on their own and that they don't represent anybody but their idiot self. Just like this guy. I can guarantee you that 99% of Alabama fans reject him as does the university.
"You don't have to come and confess. We lookin' for you. We gonna find you, I'm lettin ya know now. So you can run and tell that.... Homeboy!!"
Wow. I can only hope he was mis-quoted some how. I had a good amount of respect for this kid. It would have been cool if he had come to bama. I think that would have really been just icing on the cake of an already strong recruiting class tho. However, he wasn't absolutely necessary to our class and SC needed him more. I wish him good luck and hope he can improve and be great at the next level, but he really needs to learn a bit more respect.
I agree. I think it'll be McCarron but I hope to god he improves. Either way I want the best qb to get the job. I can't wait till A-day so we can see! ROLL TIDE!!!
I'm excited to see what happens with Jabriel Washington. He kinda flew under the radar but he looks like he could play pretty much any position. I'd especially love for him to develop more and one day become a dual threat QB for us, tho I'm sure Saban already has a plan somewhere for him. Anyways Clowney would be another great addition but I really don't see it happening. Remaining hopeful tho! ROLL TIDE!!!
I like TRich all the way. As great as he is I don't even think he's hit his full potential. I think he has the potential to be better than Mark Ingram. I can't wait until next season to see what this kid can do.
Why not the year 2000 - present...? Change of the millenium, easy number to remember etc.
I really don't know why anyone is even comparing the situations. I'm not gonna even bring up cam newton because I have no way of knowing what happened. Even if Cyrus's family did vote on it who cares... his brother already goes to alabama. It makes more sense for him to go there too then to go to the schools biggest rival. This way the parents can visit them both in the same visit, and can cheer for both of them at a game instead of having to cheer for one or the other. As for Calloway, he's been a bama commit the whole time. He even admitted that his initial flip to auburn was a premature decision. He's always wanted to go to alabama so it's not such a farfetched idea that he would switch back in the end.