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The possibility of losing Coley's recruiting skills and especially his S. Florida pipeline is worrisome. But, remember Kirby is one of the best recruiters in the nation. The UGA brand alone will produce excellent recruiting classes. UGA has always recruited FL well, way before Coley arrived. Having a lights out offense and being a perennial SECE, SEC and CFP contender will be more valuable for recruiting than any one person. Just win baby, then everything else will take care of itself
Let's all give a warm welcome to SDS's newest lizard licker crackhead LegacyGator88 . . Watch cojones, he's coming after your title - crackhead numero uno.
"Opportunity squandered" What happened, did Pruitt miss out on picking up a drunk co-ed or sucker punching a fellow coaching staff member?
“Ummmm…. What about QB?” I’m optimistic about the QB position is 2020. Be it his fault, the receivers fault, the OC’s fault, whatever - Fromm was mediocre in 2019. No zinger intended here but Fromm lit up UF in 2019 with one clutch 3rd- down throw one after another. Outside the UF game Fromm was nothing more than a serviceable, game-manager QB. IMO there were locker-room issues that we’ll probably never hear about. I base this on the fact that Fromm and the passing game never progressed in 2019. Just look at the UGA’s biggest game of the year, the SECCG, the passing game was a dumpster fire. WR’s were dropping passes that hit them in the hands and Fromm was missing WR’s that were wide open on simple routes. If UGA’s offense could have averaged 10 points per game more production in 2019 then UGA beats SCar, records more impressive wins against ND/UF/AU/TAMU, plays LSU much closer and beats out OU for the 4th CFP spot. Kirby and Coley will learn from the 2019 season. ---------------------------------- Newman is a legit QB that is all of a sudden going to be surrounded by talent the likes of which he has never seen. I think Newman responds positively to his new surroundings and the UGA coaches and players respond positively to Newman. Say Newman can post 10% better numbers in 2020 at UGA than he did at WF - that equates to 3155 yards passing and 631 yards rushing. With that type of production opposing defenses have to respect the passing game, the rushing game and a QB that makes plays with his arm and legs. With Newman, or Beck, UGA is going to a have deep ball threat not seen since Eason was a freshman and Kirby was a 1st year HC. Add to that Carson Beck is already on campus working out, learning the play-book and getting ready for spring practice. By all accounts Beck is the real deal and a contender that will push Newman. So, for 2020, we have 2 legit QB’s to push each other and/or have some roster depth. We also have a season of dismal QB/offense miscues, mistakes and shortcomings to learn from. ------------------ Hope springs eternal in Athens G-A
I agree, all things equal go with the local kid. Mayes is not a good example though. We take several O-linemen each cycle an UGA had Salyer (#1 in the nation) and Mayes (#1 in TN.). The better example is Tank Bigsby. Did we lose Tank because we went after Evans from Texas, only to not accept Evan's LOI?
As far as RB I'll take an experienced McIntosh over Herrien any day. The #2 RB will be an upgrade in 2020, be it Cook or McIntosh.
"While Smart walked into a 10 win roster at Florida ..." Lol - it really sucks when you are trolling one team and try work in a zinger for another team - and you screw it up! Run along crackhead - cojones has his gimp suit on, he'swaiting for you.
“Can Tennessee take advantage of Georgia’s attrition” Really???? It’s time to pump the brakes. Or - in hillbilly parlance – it’s time to stop pumping ur cousin. UT is not even the top team in the State of Tennessee; Memphis finished the season 12-2 and ranked #17. Memphis mops the floor with UT in a head-to-head match-up. UT is 1-3 against Vandy over the last 4 years. UT is not even the best "Sunbelt" team in the region – App St at 13-1 finished the season #20; head-to-head App State mops the floor with UT. And we all know what Sunbelt team Ga State did to the hillbillies. Before we get to UT playing at UGA’s level let UT prove they are the best team in the State of Tennessee; proving they can consistently beat Vanderbilt and hang with Memphis. Once UT is the best team in Tennessee and can beat their Sunbelt cousins (App St., GA St. etc) the next rung is consistently beating SCar, Mizzou, UK and UF. Pruitt will shag another teenager or get in a fight with fellow coaching staff member before that happens.
Speaking of trends, trajectories and the future how many co-eds has Pruitt banged in Knoxville?
November 30, 2019 @ Neyland Cow Field University of Tennessee 28 - Vanderbilt University 10 For the first time in over 3 years - UT beat Vandy. Be proud young lady!!!
Fuzzyballs Looky here, UT climbed a couple of rungs this season, can't nobody be denying that.
August 31, 2019 @ Neyland Sod Farm Georgia State 38 - University of Tennessee 30 That there is the truth Jethro.
Substitute "Georgia State" for "Georgia" and this is spot on. . . Tennessee will continue to close the gap with Georgia State and in due time establish themselves as the better team
Bottom line - UGA's offense will be improved next season. Last week turdnation was abuzz over the various UGA articles - 2020 is their year! Turds - get ready for your 4th iteration as the rented mule.
2019 Stats comparison Fromm Passing: 2860 yards – 60.8% completion – 24 TD’s – 5 INT’s – 141.5 Rating Rushing: -12 Yards – 0 TD’s Newman Passing: 2868 yards – 60.9% completion – 26 TD’s – 11 INT’s – 145.36 Rating Rushing: 574 Yards – 6 TD’s I like everything about Newman over Fromm except the INT’s. Their passing stats are almost identical except for Newman having over double the number of INT’s, this is a point of concern. Is Newman prone to mis-read coverage, does he force passes or is it a lack of accuracy? Or, was Newman doing the best he could do with the weapons he had? The talent differential between UGA and WF has to be off the charts. Newman throws a much better deep ball where as UGA/Fromm had no real deep-ball threat. The ROP threat with Newman is real where as with Fromm everybody knew 90% of the time, if not more, Fromm was handing the ball off. SCar exposed our ROP farce and LSU destroyed us by defending the run 100% of the time. I was at the SECCG game and LSU’s corners crashed the line of scrimmage all day, they dared us to pass. Newman’s running ability would have been a serious upgrade for UGA in 2019 and could have transformed the offense. Most likely both team passing stats and team rushing stats would improved. If we could simply plug Newman into the 2019 Bulldogs offense then we beat SCar, still beat everybody else and play a much closer game against LSU. The only 2019 standout game for Fromm was against UF, where Fromm hit virtually every pass on 3rd down. ------------------------------- I loved 2017 Fromm and I thought 2018 Fromm really was an elite QB. Once Fromm lost an elite group of WR’s and a TE to the NFL - 2019 Fromm proved to be just a game manager. How was 2019 Fromm better than Greg Talley, Mike Bobo, Joe Tereshinski III, Joe Cox, Greyson Lambert etc? Did David Greene, Matthew Stafford or Aaron Murray ever have a single season where their top 2-3 RB’s were going to the NFL, their starting WR’s were going to the NFL and their TE was going to the NFL? Did any of those QB’s ever play behind an offensive line where 4-5 of the starters will play in the NFL? Jake Fromm is a DGD and as a UGA fan Fromm is one of my favorite players of all time. Fromm owned GT, he owned UF, he owned ND and he was 3-1 against AU. He won 3 SECE Titles, 1 SEC Championship and a CFP game. Neither lose to bama was his fault or a result or his shortcomings. ------------------------------ The comfort-seeking side of me wanted Jake Fromm back in 2019. The risk-taker side of me (or was it the realist-side) wanted Fromm to turn pro so UGA turn another chapter. Looks like UGA gets to evolve; at least we won’t be in the same rut. Hopefully Newman is the 1st step in an evolutionary process that ends with a NC.
From today’s Drudge Report - “Aaron Hernandez secret gay lover opens up about relationship...” As it been confirmed yet that cojones was in fact Hernandez’s secret, gay lover? . . Not that there’s anything wrong with that
Mayes is a great O-lineman. He got beat a few times in the Sugar Bowl going up against the Big-12 Defensive Player of the Year playing a position btgat he didn't normally play. He'll play in the NFL.
The lawsuit is public record, available to any and every one. To say it was "leaked" is over the top. It was more like leading a dumbaass horse to water. The fact that no sports writer had stumbled upon the fact the Mayes Family from TN was suing UGA for something that happened at a recruiting event is surprising. I wonder why Daddy Mayes is suing UGA 2 years after the fact, just when his little boy wants to transfer back to UT???? Somebody tell the shyster-lawyer to spare us from the "humanity of it all" posturing. Cade will probably get his request - his transfer fits the close-to-home requirement and his family suing the university he played for is a mitigating circumstance. The NCAA will cave.
Lol - what, did UCF, USF and FAU all pass on him? #3StarRecruitingMachine
UGA has no O-line???? So, UF is not the only crackhead magnet. UGA is still loaded on the O-Line. QB not so much but O-line is aok.
Time is not what cojones had in his hands most of the time. I'm guessing cojones is cross-eyed and his computer monitor and keyboard is sticky mess.
Kanell is an embarrassment to the human race. I've got several door knobs that are sharper than that clown.
Cade not the idiot that hired Butch Jones. Cade is not the idiot(s) that ran the Butch Jones Replacement Cluster F Party.
I am actually optimistic about next season. Defense will be a machine again. I think Fromm leaving will force some good change for the offense.
It's already being reported - Mayes transferring to UT