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Lol, example 1,000,001 of why the term bamatard rings true.
So one-dimensional Fitzgerald is surer bet for the NFL than Jake Fromm?????Time to put the crack pipe down Jr.
I use to hate Bobby Pertrino - then he hired Grantham away from UGA.
Dawg88Excellent troll, you got 4 bamatards with that one post. It's like shooting fish in a barrel, except the fish are smarter.
UGA lost Roquan Smith while Alabama lost Fitzpatrick and the dominant DL.Alabama lost more elite talent.Last year Alabama had the better defense but not by much (2-3 players.) Going into 2018 I still give the edge to Alabama but feel UGA has closed the gap. UGA could even prove to be the better defense by the end of the season.UGA has much better defensive coaching, especially with Pruitt gone.------------------------------------On a side note – if you’ve heard/all one bamatard you’ve heard/read them all. Amazing the level of ignorant group-think that permeates that tribe.
Wow, no way I would put Auburn that far behind UGA and Bama. Maybe 10/1 or 12/1.SCar 200/1 yet Mizzou is 100/1?????SDS is trolling hard today.
Not hating on Fitzpatrick (Georgia boy) but placing him above both Fromm and Bentley is assine. I think the case could even be made that Shurmur is a better QB than Fitzpatrick.Nick is fun to watch run and hopefully he fully recovers from his ankle injury, but he is a one-dimensional, running QB. He want even get a free agent contract as a QB in the NFL.
"The Georgia Bulldogs haven’t had the best luck with punters the last couple of years, but coach Kirby Smart is hoping to change that this fall."?????? Nizialek was awesome last season.Mr. Spencer must be thinking of the 2016 season.
Probably the deepest we've been in years, deepest I can remember.Goodwin, Hardman and Ridley is a very strong starting 3 with some major talent behind them. Loaded at TE.
FYI99.99% of authentic, mature UGA fans don't really care about Richt beyond acknowledging he is a good man and wishing him well.
If you are going to run with the big Dawgs you have to "manage" the roster.hen a scholly player can't break 2-deep on the depth chart after 2 or 3 years he will probably never start. Room as to be made for incoming freshmen and/or transfers.It's brutual, cut-throat World at the top, and that is the case in all aspects of life.
Richt never really underachieved, at least not at a systemic level. Most years Richt did about the best that could be done with the teams/rosters he had.Richt never, ever recruited a “complete” team. He was great at getting skill players (Shockley, Stafford, Murray, Eason, Moreno, Gurley, Marshall, Chubb, Michele, Green etc) and defensive players except defensive backs. And, outside of getting Gurley/Marshall then Chubb/Michele Richt was terrible at building depth. Just look all the gap years UGA had a QB, WR, RB, DL, LB etc under Richt.Richt was downright atrocious when it came to recruiting O-linemen. He even admitted as much after losing to Alabama in the 2012 SECCG. Richt stated that “he didn’t need 5-star O-linemen, just some 3-star kids that could put a hat on somebody and then let the play makers make plays.” (He made the comment at a UGA Alumni/Supporters meeting when he was asked why he didn’t recruit O-linemen like Saban did.)At Georgia Richt achieved about what his rosters were capable of – beat low-to-mid teams and upset top-tier teams from time to time. Combine his rosters with his terrible selection and hiring of OC’s and DC’s, and, Richt was never going to win a NC. That’s why a lot of influential backers and supporters wanted Richt gone after 2010. The movement to get rid of Richt started long before the 2015 season.
What the going rate for crack these days? What do you get for a hummer at the truck stop?
Did this same guy question Texas A&M after Manziel, UF after Hernández, Ole Miss after Nkemdiche, UT after Jamal Lewis, Nebraska after Lawrence Phillips, USC after OJ Simpson etc etc etc etc etc.
My apologies to the AU fan, I intended to post a reply to him, not one of the resident bamatards. No offense or slight intended Weagle99.RT819 - speaking of bamatards, where is your butt buddy? Normally you two pounce on every comment I make. Is he still trying to make bail?
Okay, I didn’t recall the details between AU and Foster but I knew there was a bad incident between the two parties
Okay, I didn't recall the details between AU and Foster but I knew there was a bad incident between the two parties.
"Supposedly" Mark Richt passed on Foster when he was coming out of HS; Foster is from GA. Auburn "supposedly" passed on Foster as well. The guy already had a child when he was in HS and a bad reputation.
That’s a good man, no more McShark jokes from me.Good luck at Michigan Coach Mac.
Write this name down - Elijah Holyfield, UGA.
Elijah Holyfield is going to surprise a lot of people in 2018. Don't be surprised if be beats Swift out to be the #1 TB.Holyfield and Swift will end all the fretting over losing Chubb and Michele. The O-line should be the best in the SEC next season.
Sounds like Lane is trolling again.Pruitt is a great DC and most likely will be a good/great HC. The guy is a very good recruiter. He made an immediate difference at UGA both in coaching and recruiting.But UT has some roster problems - not a lot of talent. Coach Boom has SCAR trending up, very up. Mullen will make a big difference at UF and Coach Smart has UGA at the top of the SEC Conference. The SEC East is now very competitive. Jones (like Mark Richt) had a wonderful window of opportunity to win/dominate the SECE but the landscape has changed drastically for Coach Pruitt.It will be a tall order for UT to be a SEC East contender within 2 years.
LOL - you mess with one bamatard - you mess will all the bamatards.Tribalism - the surest sign of stupidity.
"Before you start spouting off at the mouth and calling me bamatard, you may want to get your facts straight."Hey Bamatard - getting the name of a player on the opposing team wrong does not change the point made. Wilson benefited greatly from the efforts of the DL in front of him.So touching to see your boyfriend chime in and defend your honor. I guess you wear the dress when you and bamatime get together.
BamatardIf you actually watched the game and possessed a level of understanding equal to that of a cheerleader – Hand got penetration on virtually every play and was frequently double teamed. That allows the LB’s to run free and run down-hill.In the first UGA/AU game the UGA DL’s got knocked off the ball virtually every play and All-American Roquan Smith had one of his worse games. In the SEC Championship the UGA DL’s adjusted and won the battle at the line of scrimmage – Smith was the SECCG MVP.
Mack is a good LB but make no mistake about it - Da'Shawn Hand was a one man wrecking crew against UGA. Put a lesser DL in for Bama and Mack doesn't have nearly as good a game.
I watched Holyfield at a HS track meet his junior year, my son was also participating in the meet.Holyfield looked like a body builder then. He looked just like a 5’10’’ version of Herschel. I can only image what 2 years of UGA strength and conditioning have done for him.Holyfield took 2nd in the 100 meter event that day, barely losing to Darius Slayton and edging out Micah Abernathy. At the UGA/UF game this season there wasn’t anybody in the state that was going to catch Holyfield on his long TD run.