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Carroll is from Warrenton GA, near Augusta. He has been at IMG for a year. Don't write off Cory Brown from Parkview, he's a bulldozer like Holyfield was except faster and more athletic.
Now let's add Mims, Mondon, Colzie, Ferguson, Carter, Green, Brown, Carter, Fairchild and the rest of the Peach State's best. The 2021 Georgia boys are going to win a NC.
"... Jeremy Pruitt who though good with the x’s and o’s literally led a mutiny against Richt in 2015." Pruitt had just won a NC at FSU as the DC and was on staff at bama for a NC. Before that Pruitt coached with Probst at Hoover and won state championships at one of the nation's premier high school programs. Pruitt's father was a successful HS coach as well. Like him or not, Pruitt knows what a championship program looks like. And, Pruitt is a strong Type-A personally who doesn't suffer slackers and fools. Pruitt knew the UGA program was a house of cards and that it would never contend for a championship under the then current regime. Pruitt proved the axiom - if you point out the problem you become the problem. Pruitt wasn't gunning for Richt's position as the HC, he was just calling out Richt and UGA football for what it had become - a sh*t-show. Pruitt did UGA a favor.
There are a lot of reasons/indicators for why it was time for change but, Mark Richt stated that he was going to bring Brian Schottenheimer back after the 2014 season That was grounds for a public execution.
Take the most aimless, inefficient, not-needed government agency in existence and the NCAA makes that organization look like indepensible world beaters
Even as a 4-star Micah is underrated, very much like Andrew Thomas coming out of HS. If the kid puts together a good 2020 season he'll be a 5-star, he's on the radar after a showing in Orlando.
The Great Wall of Georgia getting greater!!!! Coach Pittman - thank you for your time at effort while at UGA, but Coach Luke is a recruiting savage, taking it to another level.
WhoTF cares!!!! Except for the jealous, poverty-minded haters. Good for Dabo and his family.
Lol "dog crap" After the SECCG did you see Gus's reaction when Issac Nauta bombed Gus's post game interview, Nauta was behind Gus and yelled "dog crap" during the live interview. Priceless!!!! Is Gus's buy-out under $25 million yet? When will you all fire him?
CowardTime stated that I post on all UF articles, that is either factual or not, either I do or I don't, objective. I stated that AU got destroyed by UCF. There is no objective criteria for defining "destroyed" in a football game. That is a subjective assessment. The context I was speaking to was AU'S 2017 season. AU beats UGA, Gus makes his hot-mic "dog sh*t" comment, AU beats bama, AU signs Gus to a mega contract, AU loses to UGA in the SECCG, AU loses to UCF in the Peach Bowl. Honestly, wasn't the final note on AU's 2017 season a bit "destroying?" Halfway through the 2018 you all were trying to fire Gus but you couldn't afford to. Don't try to tell me that wasn't carry over from 2017 season, in no small part getting embarrassed by UCF in the Peach Bowl.
So UF made an offer that is best for them financially and UCF most likely made a decision that was best for them financially. I would rather see UF vs UCF over UF vs FSU/Miami, at least until FSU or Miami get it turned around. Do UF and UCF compete against each other for recruits?
CowardTime "Click on any Florida article and you’re there" The challenge still stands - of the last 10 chronological UF articles, how many have I posted on? Was your statement the truth or a lie? It's a simple yes or no question, what are you afraid of? Man or coward?
Definitely not a lie, but to the reasonable person it was an exxageration, which I owed up to. You know what's not a lie not or an exxageration? UGA's current 3 game win streak against AU. Let me guess - 1980.
UCF 34 - AU 27 Okay, that wasn;t exactly getting destroyed on the score board. But, that was heck of lose after beating UGA, Bama and then playing a close SECCG.
A recap of today’s exchange between a grown-aass Man (TDOW) and a child (Cowardtime aka bamatime) CowardTIme’s original statement – “click on any Florida article and you’re there” (you being TDOW) TDOW’s challenge – “Of the last 10 chronological UF articles, how many have I posted on?” CowardTime then refused to answer in his next couple of replies, he didn’t want to further embarrass himself. Bamatime thus became CowardTime, not man enough to accept the challenge. After using his 2 brain cells for a few minutes CowardTime thought he could be tricky - thus he made the statement “of your last last 30 posts 14 of them are …” Even counting TDOW’s statements on this article, CowardTime’s newest claim was still a lie. However, in Coward’s infantile mind this new lie wasn’t as big a lie as his first lie. . . So CowardTIme, you going to accept the challenge - of the last 10 chronological UF articles, how many have I posted on?
Unwilling to take 5 minutes to back up your claim, and we both know why. COWARD it is for bamatime. Of course that was already known.
But, you're commenting on a thread that had nothing to do with your team. Can you see why the "bamatard" moniker sticks, at least a little bit?
"click on any Florida article and you are there" YOUR CHALLENGE, DO YOU HAVE THE INTELLECTUAL HONESTY TO ACCEPT??? Of the last 10 chronological UF articles, how many have I posted on? man or coward, which is it for you bamatime?
So what does "UCF wanted to be treated ..." actually mean? What was UCF's objection - scheduling, expenses/pay-out etc?
Rent free Seriously, it's just a drive-by, no content, mind numbing sports blog. Please tell me you have meaning outside of this forum.
Lol bamatime, you have been chasing me all over SDS blogs for 2-3 years. There was a time when you literally commented on every single one of my posts. Just look, here you are chasing me on a UF thread. And I will be the first to say - I have never slept with anybody you are related to. So, per your high-class logic, why are you so consumed and obsessed with me????
Seriously dudette, apples to oranges. UCF is a top-tier, competitive program, they have won a BCS Bowl game, destroyed AU in the CFA Peach Bowl and they win conference championships. If you actually knew anything about UGA you would know that they schedule/play Georgia Southern every so often. The same Georgia Southern that beat UF a few years ago. The same Georgia Southern that Saban was referencing with his "shi* through a goose" comment. Georgia Southern took UGA to overtime in 2016. I earned a MBA from Georgia State, I would love to see the game but it's not happening anytime soon. Excluding the UT win, Georgia State is on par with Kennesaw St and Valdosta St, they just don't merit a game vs UGA.
The big money is from TV revenue. If 97K people tightly packed into a stadium is still a public health concern/threat this fall I think the games will be played for TV. To much revenue to lose and people will be starved for the entertainment. TV ratings would be off the charts.
"Nothing wrong with TigerMarine’s comment – he’s just telling the truth…" Wow, you are a great spokeswoman, do you work by the hour or contract?