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Lorenzo Carter lit that poor boy up like a Christmas tree in Jacksonville this past season.
2018's signing class is old news. UGA came, UGA saw and UGA conquered.Let’s talk about 2019’s signing class. Who’s already out to a commanding lead for 2019 you ask?That’d be UGA with commitments from 3 5-stars and 4 4-stars. UGA has 3 of the Rivals Top-10 players committed. Georgia boy Owen Pappoe (the 7th ranked player, 5-stars) is considered a lock for UGA. Not sure but I think Bama may have cracked the top-10 for 2019.Bamatards – it’s only getting started.
One hell of a man - he layed his life down so that others may live - the greatest love.. .I wished he had been armed.
When you have to write an article about why Alabama isn't worried about UGA (and the bamatards all chime in with their dissertations)Then you are worried about UGA.
lol - Saban almost is 70 years old - don't worry though, he'll coach until he is 95.
Hey dumbaass, if you are going to go back 30 years then just go back to the beginning of the rivalry.Georgia leads the series 51–43–2
He was fun to watch as a football player. I hope he gets everything under control and can get on with a productive life. Would love to see him playing again.
Saban is 67 - maybe Bama needs to line Shula up - 2nd time will be a charm
I agree they will all be tough - but early in the season UGA will be breaking in new defensive starters - Locke and Bently are great QB's.Do you think UT and UF are a threat, beyond UGA not showing up for the game? I expect both to be improved with the coaching changes but both programs have been run into the ground.
Wow – between Danette’s “blind squirrel” comment and Sunseri’s over-the-top, best-job-in-the-World, pinch-me-I’m-dreaming routine – the UF fan base is an extremely needy bunch.I was at the 1981 Sugar Bowl, I was very young, but I remember Herschel trucking Sunsari like he was a corn stalk.
Because of a lot of new starters on defense UGA will be a much improved team at the end of the 2018 season as opposed to the beginning of the 2018 season. UGA has to play SCAR and Mizzou early and both will test the new defensive starters. Both games are one the road.If UGA can get past SCAR and Mizzou then I can see UGA finishing the season as a top-5 team. Beat SCAR and Mizzou then play Alabama in the SECCG.
The hillbliies were placed in the title of the article so as to create some click bait. UT's 2018 bowl will be the Vandy game, good luck.
Did you miss the following paragraph????"What’s much more significant than having one great recruiting class is stacking several on top of each other. With that being said, ESPN did just that recently, averaging out the last four recruiting classes around the nation."UGA's upcoming Sr. and Jr. classes may be weaker than Bama's, but only marginally so. Not saying UGA is better than Bama on paper, but they have the talent to beat Bama on any given Saturday.
UGA students were to my right and I was surrounded by UF fans. Everytime the UGA students did the gator chomp (which was often) the UF fans just lost it. It was a riot.When UF failed to score in the 2nd qtr, when they were in the red zone, UF fans headed for the cars.
Mark Rich recruited better skill players bover the same time period, expecially running backs. Why didn't Richt win any NC's of have players that won the Heisman????5/10 of Saban's top recruits are linemen, or play on the LOS. Saban figuered it out long ago, Richt never did.
"Wow I’ve read some pretty dumb posts on here ... the only team in our state we need to worry about is Miami and in the Sec east is georgia and south Carolina."--------------------------------2017 NCAA D1 Football in the State of FloridaUCF 13-0 FAU 11-3 USF 10-2 Miami 10-3 FIU 8-5 FSU 7-6 UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA 4-7
Bamatard - you live for my posts, don't you? Remember, unless you are the lead Dawg the scenery never changes.You can smell the fear floating over from alabamastan, Saban is 67 and Smart was his reason for success. Enjoy the good times, while you still have them.
Which lose hurt the worse - the dirt stomping by UGA in the SECCG or getting whipped by UCF in the Peach Bowl?????Gus lays two of biggest eggs and AU gives him a "Nick Saban" contract.
Coach MacShark won with Coach Boom's recruits and Mark Richt laid yet another egg to give the SEC East away. Ironic how UGA AD McGarity stated on record the decision to fire Richt was made after the 2015 UGA/UF game.Once all of Coach Boom's recruits were gone Coach MacShark didn't even make it a full season.UF was impatient and they screwed the pooch and fired Coach Boom. Boom had a couple of setbacks on offense but built a great defense and was recruiting at a very high level. Coach MacShark burned the house down.
Becoming a “force” in the SEC is not the issue at hand for UF – becoming relevant again in the state of Florida is the issue for UF and Danette Mullen. Miami owning the state in recruiting, UCF emerging as a bonafide D1 program and Tagaart at FSU at the immediate threats to UF becoming relevant again.UGA is miles ahead of UF. SCAR is ahead of UF. Pruitt is going to outwork Mullen and UK at worse is a peer to UF. UF will be lucky if they are the 4th best SEC East team in 2018/2019.Miss St players talked thrash before the UGA/MissSt game, saying they were going to “beat the brakes” off UGA. UGA scored on the first play of the game and destroyed MissSt. UF talked trash before the game, Chauncey Gardner calling out Jake Fromm. UGA scored 21 in the 1st qtr. and Sony Michele knocked Gardner out of the game. UGA put the worse aass whipping on UF in the history of the series. UGA could have easily hung 70 of UF.I was at the UGA/UF game this past season. I sit in the river-side end zone in the first UF section; got to see the 21 first qtr. points firsthand. The UF fans were a hilarious with all their whining and moping. UF fans were going up to the police and ushers asking them to make the UGA students stop with the taunting. The UGA students just amped it up and the UF fans started leaving in the 2nd Qtr. After half-time there were literally no UF fans in the section.Danette Mullen will rue the day he talked about “a blind squirrel.”
Last spring I really developed a bad opinion of Sankey when he high jacked the ESPN broadcast of UGA's G-Day. Very narcissistic and smug – everything he had to say was about himself – screw the fans wanting to watch the football game/scrimmage.Now we can add that Sankey is a bed-wetting liberal demochimp.
We UGA fans deeply appreciate Cade Mays.You think UT has a shot at beating Vandy next season?
My thoughts exactly. I doubt UGA and Pittman would even offer.
As much as I hate to say it - Emory Jones has a good chance to be a breakout freshman.The kid is very talented, he just got overshadowed by Lawrence and Fields.
I disagree on UGA/Fields. If Fields can handle the jump to NCAA/SEC as a freshman then he will get more than mop-up duty. Much like how Richt handled David Greene and DJ Shockley; while Green was the starter DJ was much more than a backup.First, Fields is an incredible talent who really does add another dimension to a Pro-style offense.Secondly, Richt and Bobo really hurt UGA's image as a destination for dual threat QB. Playing Fields early and often will go a long ways to undo that image.
I think SCAR will be improved next season and tough to beat. We play early and that works to SCAR's benefit.UGA lost a lot but has a lot coming back. Coach Smart plays lots of guys so there are a lot of underclassmen with a ton of experience. I think the only player were it's given there will be fall off is Roquan Smith. D-line should be just as good and the best DB's are coming back.The offense should be better. The O-line will be improved and UGA is loaded at all positions. Losing Chubb and Michele will probably be a good thing in that the offense will be more balanced and play calling more creative.I think UGA/SCAR will be for the SEC East.
I just hope all the women and domestic farm animals in Alabamastan are okay tonight.