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Who's the trol, me? If so then answer the question, you think UT can even win a SECE title in the next 3-4 years?
Hopefully we get Pappoe back. Seems that Morris and UGA where never really interested in each other to start with.
Coach boom is a heck of a recruiter; I think he is going to take SCAR to a level that even The Old Bourbon coach couldn't. UF did UGA a favor when they fired Coach Boom. If Coach Boom had stayed long enough to straighten the offense out UF would have been a force under him.
I think Isaiah Wilson makes a name for himself this season. Apparently by the end of last season he would have been a stater except that he wasn't needed. Read Lorenzo Carter describing him as a Beast. UGA's left side of the O-Line is going to be scary.
If I had to pick one guy who goes from relative obscurity to being known conference wide or even nationally - Ben Cleveland, red-shirt sophomore. Was only 17 when fall camp started his freshman year. Beat out all sec freshman Solomon kindley after last seasons AU lose. In SECCG he threw Derrick brown around like a wet rag. Probably makes all sec this season. Kid is a friggin beast
Honestly, do you believe UT is going to win a 'title' in the next 3-4 years????? You guys will do well to beat Vandy this season. Maybe in 2-3 seasons you'll knock off UK and/or SCAR.
If I recall correctly UGA told Morris they saw him as a guard and Morris held on to being a tackle. All this 1-2 years ago. The kid has always been a top tier recruit but he has come on really strong the last few months. It would be nice to see UGA flip if for no other reason than to lock down the best talent in GA. The kid will probably be a day one starter at UT with a chance to be drafted after 3 years. It might be 3 years before he starts at UGA. Cant blame him.
This ought to really chaff all the snmelly bamatard aass in alabamastan
The Beast of the East has been awoken, all hail Emperor Kirby Maximus Smart. Cry havoc and unleash the DAWGS OF WAR.
Not picking on UF (this time) but coaching at UF is a sticky wicket, just ask Zook, Muschamp and McElwan - all very successful until arriving at UF as head coach. I agree that Mullet should do well, he did great at MSU all things considered but UF is a different challenge. Not a lot of talent in the roster at this time so 2-3 years just to get sufficient players.
I have never heard of Fiutak, now I am blogging a comment regarding him. Just like Murray's stupid babble about Pruitt and Richt dynamics, gotta say something stupid to get noticed.
Hey granny. If an undefeated or 1 loss Washington wins the Pac-12 they are in the CFP. only way that doesn't happen is if SEC, ACC, B1G and Big 12 all produce undefeated champs.
Bama didn't rape us but those B1G officials did for sure. We got treated like a 1st cousin at a family reunion in Tuscaloosa.
Hey granny, maybe you need to slow down on the ruematiod medicine.
Lol, the hillbilly fans are now subservant to the vandy fans. You all truly are at the bottom of the barrel.
Mullet did a lot with very little in starkvegas. I much as I dread it, mullet is going to be a force at UF.
I think for most UGA fans there is no hate for SCAR. The hate was for the old bourbon coach and UGA lit him up like a Christmas tree just before he got fired uh I mean quit on his team. The old bourbon coach's last outing against UGA, a never-was QB set an NCAA record against him - priceless!
After the 2018/2019 season the narrative will be "After UGA, who is the 2nd best team in the SEC?" Bama will hold on to it for 2-3 seasons but will get passed over by TAM and UF in due time.
Tier 1 - UGA Tier 2 - SCAR, Mizzou, UK Tier 3 - UF, Vandy Reading left-to-right and top-to-bottom that will be the finishing order for the SECE
Kudos to little Nikki for breaking into the top 5. If he doesn't lose to many assistants this season bama could possibly end up ranked #2 for 2019.
Lol, all one has to do to put the bamatards into a frenzy is get a UGA avaitar and then take deep breath, they hate and fear all things UGA. You could post empty/blank comments and they would still foam at the mouth.
Flip Pappoe from UA, Wayna Morris from UT, Miller from OSU and Hinton from Michigan and this would be one of the best recruiting classes ever assembled.
“ I cursed right along with you in 2012 in that SEC Championship game, because you had Alabama beat …. That should have been your title” I couldn’t disagree more with that statement; I was at the game and have watched the game in its entirety several times since. Alabama possessed a clear roster advantage. If we had played Alabama 10 times that season they would have won at least 8 of the games. On that day Richt/Bobo/Grantham actually out-coached Saban and the Alabama staff. Kudo’s to Richt for bringing a knife to a gun fight and almost winning. THAT WAS THE GAME WHERE I LOST ANY REMAINENTS OF CONFIDENCE I HAD IN MARK RICHT. I lost most of my confidence in CMR in 2010 and then 2012 sapped any remnants. 2012 was Richt’s most talented team ever, he will never assemble a more talented team, not in a 1000 years. On offense UGA had Murray, Gurley, Marshall, Conley, Mitchell, Andrews, Lynch and others who went on to make NFL rosters. On defense – 10 of the 11 starters made NFL rosters. Even the kicker made an NFL roster. A team composed of SEC career record setters, All-SEC team members, All-American team members, an NFL Rookie of the Year, players that set NFL Combine records, Super Bowl starters etc. But, there was a glaring whole in the roster. Alabama brought 4 All-American offensive line to the dance. In 1.5 quarters of play Alabama set SECCG rushing records (since broken by AU.) Yeldon and Lacy were averaging 8+ ypc for a segment of the game with only UGA DB’s making tackles. During that phase literally every Alabama running play was a threat to go the distance and score. In desperation UGA put the entire defense, 11 players, in the box to stop the bleeding. Then McCarron hit a Cooper on a post/fly route and nobody was home for UGA, and, that was the game, checkmate. 5 Alabama players controlled the destiny and outcome of a game that was flush with All-SEC, All-American and NFL draftees. Richt and UGA did not come close to winning; in actuality a loaded but flawed UGA roster along with great coaching (minus that last play) allowed Richt to avert another Saban administered beatdown such as those in 2008 and 2015. A few months after the game, at a UGA booster meeting, Richt waxed poetically about how he didn’t need or even want 5-star offensive linemen. Richt extolled that all he needed was O-linemen that can “put a hat on somebody and allow his playmakers to make plays.” Maybe that will work out for Richt at the U. 2016, one of CKS’s first public assessments/comments of his new team – “we have to get bigger offensive linemen.” 2018, along with elite QB’s, RB’s, TE’s and WR’s UGA IS LOADED ON THE OFFENSIVE LINE!!!!!!!!!!! Likely the most talented roster of O-linemen in the nation and then throw in college football’s best O-line Coach to develop that wealth of talent. No, UGA is not the new Alabama, UGA is just ascending to its rightful throne now that its favored Prince has returned home. The Beast of the East has awoken, cry havoc and unleash the DAWGS OF WAR.
You have to give Luke credit, he was given a bowl of chicken #$%@ and he has made chicken salad. If Ole Miss can put together a solid season and go to a bowl Luke should be coach of the year.
Wow little nikki really showed UGA and Kirby what's it's all about - A 3-STAR FROM OHIO!!!! And to think all those obnoxious DAWG fans were crowing about a 5-start and 2 4-stars in one day. Go ahead and put bama's name on the 2022 NC trophy.
Yeah, that was painful to read. If an essay is required as part of the admissions process I don't see how the kid gets into any major University. I hope the young man makes the most of his opportunity and is successful.
Bingo, having to react to King Kirby. Give it one more recruiting cycle and Lil Nikki will be whining to the NCAA.
Couple more Kirby administered spankings and Lil Nikki will be gone.
Kirby already spanking that aass on the recruiting trail. But for paid off B1G officials the on-field spankings would have Already commenced.