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By war I assume you mean a game of significance. How about UGA beating AU 28–7 in the SECCG in 2017? That season UGA won the SEC, made the CFP, won the Rose Bowl and lost to bama in overtime for the NC. While AU got completely trucked by UCF in the Peach Bowl and was the embarrassment of the SEC. --------------- As far as the UGA/AU series: UGA leads 59–56–8 UGA has won 6 NC's and claims 2. AU has won 5 NC's and claims 2. UGA has won 15 SEC Championships, AU 12. UGA has won 9 SECE Championships and AU has one 6 SECW Championships. so what's your goal here, to be be dumber than a bamaturd? If so, good job.
CO Jones I didn't say that Grantham should be left off the list, I just said he wasn't top-10 and that is a very fair assessment. Grantham just doesn't have the body of work to be considered a top-10 DC/Play-Caller. His tenures at UGA and Louisville were spotty at best. The differences between the defenses Grantham coached at UGA vs the defenses coached by Jeremy Pruitt are night and day. Pruitt really is a defensive guru/genius. And, the 2012 defensive roster that Grantham had was probably the best UGA has ever had. Multiple All-American and All-SEC players were on that defense. Regarding Chaney - you've never heard me say Chaney sucks, because he doesn't. But Chaney is a middle-of-the-road OC. Take away his tenure at Purdue with Drew Brees and what has he really done? If a team/coach needs an OC to come in and provide an immediate, consistent, productive offense - not great but good - then Chaney is that man. He did that for Smart/UGA and I thank him for his time and dedication. I can't believe that UT made him the highest paid OC in college football. But I also understand the Pruitt is trying to stabilize a complete dumpster fire so I see why hiring Chaney works for him over the next 3-5 years. Pruitt needs stability and Chaney will never have a better job/salary. Smart move by Pruit in the big scheme of things (pun intended.)
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Lol, oh I read it correctly. Go back and review your posts vs my posts. The one overwhelming, blatantly obvious trend you will observe you chasing me all over SDS blogs, yet you call me the "dumba$$" So, by your own admission, you are owned by a "dumba$$." You are stupidity-is-its-own-reward personified.
Per your understanding, is Diaz calling the defense in 2019/2020, is that stated in the paragraph for Diaz? Did UT and Cal have DC’s in 2018? Did Wilcox and Pruitt call all defensive set-ups/plays for their teams in 2018? Did Wilcox and Pruitt have responsibility developing defensive game plans in 2018? Did Pruitt and Wilcox manage the defensive position coaches and assistants in 2018? If Pruitt and Wilcox were not the designated DC’s in 2018, didn’t call all of the defensive plays/line-ups and didn’t put together the defensive game plans, then what was the cut-offs or thresholds for HC’s making this list? ------- It is well documented that Coach Smart is involved in coaching both DB’s and LB’s. I watch most UGA games, Coach Smart is very involved in the defensive calls, plays, line-ups, personnel etc. ------- My point, either the list is for DC’s or it is not.
Also, add Will Muschamp to the list of HC's who were/are great DC's. Again, to think that Muschamp doesn't exert influence over his team's defense is folly. I'm sure one of the bamaturds will attempt some type of dimwitted rebuttal but the article states no criteria for including/excluding HC's who were DC's. To say that Smart, Saban, Mason and Muschamp aren't involved in their team's defensive scheming while Pruitt, Diaz and Wilcox are, well that would be bamaturd logic (or "illogic")
So current HC's Pruitt (#4), Diaz (#10) and Wilcox (#15) make the list but Kirby Smart doesn't? Include Nick Saban and Derick Mason in that comparison as well, you don't think they don't call shots and yield influence over their team's defenses? How often does the writer of this article smoke crack? Todd Grantham isn't chopped liver but to say he is top 10 is delusional; why no mention of Grantham's tenure at Louisville? If for no other reason Grantham should be left off the list because of the dirt stompings UGA has given him since he left UGA, 37-14, 31-3, 36-17. UGA could hav really run up the scores had they wanted to in 2014 (Belk Bowl) and 2017 (MSU game.) Pruitt came in at UGA and immediately turned UGA's defense following Grantham. If you watched UGA during Grantham's tenure it was painful. Defense rarely lined up correctly, DB's pointing fingers at each other after long TD passes by opposing teams, penalties galore. UGA defense under Grantham was FUBAR.
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You really should demand a full refund for the English as a Second Language Class you took.
Hey PC717 I think you confused 4-star, 5th nationally ranked WR, 36th overall nationally Dom Blaylock with 5-star, 4th nationally ranked WR, 24th overall nationally ranked George Pickens. That is, unless you where just trolling for butthurt lizard lickers who have to deal with signing 2 3-star WR's in 2019, one ranked a whopping #562 nationally and the other an amazing #794 nationally.
I'm okay with UGA getting 4-stars, especially all of the 4-stars out of the the state of Florida that UF so desperately needs. But hey Mullen will coach up the 2-stars ad 3-stars he does get because that whats the Ole Bourbon Coach said 25 years ago. 36-17 chump
Dude throw me a bone Was that suppose to be a serious statement, a joke or a confession of severe mental limitations?
Fill in the blank: Many people go to a car race not to see who wins but to see the wrecks. Many people read SDS not for the content but _________________.
Yeah, way more impactful than what Justin Fields does at Ohio State or Jacob Eason at Washington or Tate Martel at Miami or Bryant at Mizzou or Hurts at Oklahoma or ……
I don’t know man, have you seen the grass on Dooley Field lately???? There are obviously some problems with the soil ph and calcium deficiencies, Notre Dame is going to hang 50+ on us
JJ Holloman is gone JJ Holloman is gone JJ Holloman is gone JJ Holloman is gone …. Everybody knows that if a team doesn’t have the right combination of Aries, Taurus’, Gemini and Pisces then UGA’s celestial coordinate system will be all out of Feng Shui, the Zodiac’s Ying Yang will be in reverse osmosis, Kirby’s flux capacitor will be incapacitated and Jake Fromm will lose his khakis. Just look at what happened to Ball St and Wyoming Tech last season!!!! Had we not lost Holloman then UGA wins it all. Now we’ll be lucky if we break .500. #firekirbyyesterday
Godspeed young man and remember even in 400BC Athens was the place to be.
I haven't heard of him but that is mostly due to me only following UGA recruiting. Warner Robbins (Houston county) is big boy football so the kid's rankings are probably legit. Warner Robbins is a big transplant town due to the Air Force base, the kid may have never had any interest in UGA.
To me, it just wasn't the ole Bourbon coach checking out but also Swaney getting rolling at Clemson. Muschamp has a tough road competing with UGA and Clemson in recruiting but I think he is doing as good as anyone else could hope to do.
UGA fans saw it coming, we just didn't know when. The talent base and resources have been in place for UGA for ages. It just took the right coach to maximize. Just like UF and LSU.
So crackhead, Let’s sum up your post. Beck decommitted from bama because of a “late” offer from UGA. And although home-state florida offered before Georgia did, Beck still committed to UGA. And you point was to raze UGA fans because Kirby was “late to the game” in UGA’s recruitment of Beck EVEN THOUGH Kirby beat out GOAT HC Saban and UF HC mullet for Beck’s verbal???? Okie dokie
Now we are referencing Texas. Although the sun does literally rise in the east and set in the west, I was being metaphorical, sorry that was lost on your part. “Are you one of those who lost to lsu last season so …” I guess I could referenced UF since they beat lsu last season but who cares, it was the battle of the 2nd’s. Anywho, hopefully lsu makes the SECW in 2019 and we get to talk smack over that game.
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I wasn’t really sure where the sting on was suppose to come from on that come-back considering bama and others in the West have owned lsu for a while now????
lsu Good retort. Allow me to add “1980” to your post, might as well get that bard in while you can. Alabama has had UGA’s number since 2012 (actually since 2008), no argument there. But at least Bama is having to come from behind to beat UGA since Kirby’s arrival. Sooner or later UGA beats bama with Kirby at the helm; I wouldn’t make that statement if RIcht were still the coach. So from that perspective the sun is rising is for UGA fans. Speaking of being owned by bama, when was the last SECCG game for lsu? Seems like it was a decade ago, has it been that long?
Mr Beck knows what the future holds. The Sun rises in the East.