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"I'm excited to be a horned frog" That just doesn't sound right.
If OSU really thought a lot of Martell then I think OSU would have really made sure that Martell felt the love and knew he was part of OSU's future - like the way Coach Smart did with Fromm. One day Martell is tweeting warnings to Fields and boasting about his tenure and hard work at OSU then next thing you know he is transferring. I'd also venture to say Martell didn't feel a lot support in the locker room.
This guy talks too much but best of luck to him. btw - OSU must not think that much of his skill set. OSU is letting a player with 2 years in their system walk while betting on a waiver and a player yet to start a game or go through one OSU practice.
I keep saying the same thing; the NCAA will just appease and avoid the headache. But it would be refreshing to see the NCAA use some reason and do the right thing. I bet the vast majority of people would agree that Fields doesn't deserve s waiver.
More times than not you are better off dancing with the one you brung.
Careful there UGArmy vet, They got Dooley from LA Tech and Butch from Cincinnati. The hillbillies are up there with Castro for pulling off a major coup.
Careful there UGArmy vet, The hillbillies got Dooley from LA Tech and Butch from Cincinnati. The hillbillies are up there with Castro for pulling off a major coup.
Who's the "Ga source," your crack dealer from just across the state line? You know what really bugs me? Vandy has kicked you all's butts 3 times in a row and our streak is only at 2.
UGA was paying Chaney $985k a season and would only give him 1 year extensions. The hillbillies are paying Chaney $1.6 million a season plus paying his $500k contract buyout. UGA countered with $100k a season raise. Kudos to Chaney for doing what Fulmer, Kiffin, Dooley and Davis did - getting some of that easy hillbilly money. I know UT got Fulmer paid off from his lastl coaching contract, are they still paying off Kiffin?
When I see UT coming, I see Vandy's bytch coming. Not really overcome with fear.
Prior to the 2018 SECCG game I viewed Hurts as nothing more than a RB trying to throw the ball. But apparently the kid has really worked on his passing game. He looked great as a true QB against UGA. And, kudos for being a man,not whining and working hard. He was there when his team needed him. I would stay at bama and continue to work hard, he would just s play away from being the starter. Who knows, maybe he improves enough to beat out Tua.
Context is everything, the kid doing the shouting was drunk and was actually calling for Fields to replace Fromm. UGA is a hard place, if they deny then the race card will be played against UGA and the media will have a field day If the waiver is granted then any player that wants to transfer will only have to stage an event. Is the n word ever dropped in the locker room???? Does anybody ever blast music on campus with n word???? Fields couldn't beat out Fromm, that is the only real issue.
This season Clemson had the best Dline in the country while UGA was middling with no depth. Not the only excuse but definitely the biggest.
Oskie - when was the last time UT beat Vandy??? Was UT 3 or 4 years ago? Just think, if UT played Memphis, UTC and MTSU, UT would be about the 3rd or 4th best team in the state of TN.
The games you mentioned as flat are basically the only games where UGA/Chaney faced top-tier defenses. 2nd half of NC vs bama Chaney keep running between the tackles for 0.0 ypc. Many UGA fans view Chaney in the same light as Bobo - easily out coached/adjusted and prone to get stuck in a rut. Yes, UT could have done worse but for the money they are spending they could have hired the best.
Most likely UGA offensive co-coordinator James Conley. Jimbo tried to hire him as OC for TAMU last season so Smart made Conley co-OC and QB coach to keep him at UGA. Conley is considered one of the best recruiters in the country and recruits the heck out of Miami and S Florida.
For all this years - I never really grasped what a shiitake-show UT is. Kiffin planted the seeds, Dooley watered them and Davis loaded them up with fertilizer. If Pruitt has success there he should be awarded the Medal Of Honor. Fulmer should be named NCAA Football GOAT for what he was able to accomplish there (minus all the convicts he put on scholarship.)
This maybe explains the offensive problems in the Sugar Bowl - Offensive Coaching staff was in flux in the lead-up to the game. I'm sure Chaney has been talking to the hillbillies for at least a couple of weeks if not longer. This could be seen from a mile away - Conley was named Co-offensive Coordinator last year in order to keep him from leaving for the OC job at TAMU. CKS did what he had to do to keep Conley short-term and probably told Chaney and Conley may the best man win. Having 2 co-coordinators is not a tenable position, at least not long-term.
His body language was really bad. I think he goes to 70, 2 years.
Wasn't this bama team the GOAT??? Saban isn't having fun anymore, I'd give him 2 more seasons and then he retires @ 70.
You know what really looks bad??? A head coach (pun intended) doing a homoerotic dance on the sidelines for his chump QB. see you at the lizard killing in Jax next season.
UGA will be fine, Oline will be better in 2019. But, I really did like watching Holyfield tote the rock, he made them pay.
Yeah right, this past season was as close as UK comes for a long while, you got just close to get a good wiff of some Dawg butt. You had a senior laden team and lost to a team were 2/3 of the starters were sophomores and freshmen.
Yep. But the silver lining is the fact that UGA is such a young team, 67% of starters are sophomores or freshmen. Hopefully this experience "grows" them up sooner rather than later. Defeat and struggles build character.
To date I have resisted being overly critical of Chaney, but, CKS may want to find another OC. At this point in CKS's tenure I would say Chaney is the weak link in the coaching staff. All in all, the defense played well. The defense lost their Coordinator while the 2 best defensive players sit-out the game. The UGA offense put the defense in way to many short-field situations and had way to many short drives. If UGA had delivered an "average" performance on offense the UGA beats Texas by a good margin.