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"... you’ve only won it the last two years but good try little guy" crackhead - do you actually understand the English language, do you understand what you just typed???? UGA has only "won it the last two years?"
"... Once nationally relevant rivalry has become site of Tennessee horror and heartache" Substitute "Florida" for "Tennessee" and you'd be talking about Jacksonville.
JoeJort When it comes time to dim the lights, turn-on the soft music, light a candle and pour a couple glasses of MD 20/20 in the double-wide Which crackhead is your goto sugar-crackdaddy – CO Jones, Joe Marks, NashvilleGator, GatorsDontKNowCrap, Ben7254, UrbanLiar, Mattchew, Gromit? What’s the pecking order? (pun intended)
$400 would be record setting weekend for you at the truck stop.
Everybody wants to and tries to recruit Georgia. Clemson and AU would be .500 teams without GA boys.
Lol, crackhead is confusing Trask with the trucker she is dating
Why we call them crackheads, example# 1,000,001
For a kid just out of high school...
Fit a kid justboitbif high school band having to play bama - Hillinski looked good. If Hillinski can progress every week then Bentley's career is over.
I still have my black jersey from the 2008 BO vs bama, haven't worn it since. I should probably burn it.
If you can't appreciate where UGA is relative to UF and UT... Ah,nevermind, run along now
I don't agree with that assessment. UF is beneath having no class.
Any credit card schemes, tutors choked or coeds assaulted this week in the Florida penal colony called Gainesville?
I actually stated UF by 10. But myself along with every other non-crackhead fan will be rooting for UT
Meanwhile in Knoxville the SECE Crapfest Bowl kicks off at noon. Go Vols.
UGA fans pulling for UT to beat the lizards And all the crackheads are whining because they are the least liked team in the SEC UF fans - embr ace your irrevence
UF would be lucky to actually be the #2 team in the State of Florida, UCF would dirt-stomp the lizards. 36-17 chump
Crackhead - go back and review your comments - you chase me from end of this blog to the other. It is far beyond living in your pea-sized cranium rent-free. It's more like you are my bytch, except I want nothing to do with you. A whiny little bytch seeking attention from an adult. I picked UF to beat UK and your ladies got lucky. The UK coaches gave you all one. If UF plays to their ability this weekend UF could win by 10 and take home the SECE Crapfest Bowl throphy.
ND played Clemson better better than bama did last season. Slimebaum is just shilling for bama, hoping the Dawgs will trip up.
Go VOLS! UF is 2 plays from being 1-2; UK gave them the game and a terrible 1-2 Miami team almost beat them. UF is most overrated 8-4 team in the history of college football.
The delusional lizard lickers would be fit to be tied!!! GO VOLS!!!
Talk smack while you can lizard licker. UF is 2 plays away from being 1-2. Mizzou is going to kick your butt, SCar is going to kick your butt and the Dawgs will continue their OWNERSHIP of UF
I picked UF to win by 1; and they did minus the junk score at the end. But UF is steaming pile of Dawg squeeze. Change 2 plays and the lizards are 1-2.
lil kirby Great job stepping in and being the "good cop." You drew a lizard licker in. don't worry, he'll be lucky if he remembers his name tomorrow, it'll take dozens of times before they figure it out.