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4-Star on Rivals, he'll be a composite 4-Star by the time he shows up in Athens.
Rivals 4-Star - 6'3'' and 190lbs Loving the size UGA is recruiting at WR. Put Adonai Mitchell, Justin Robinson, Darnell Washington and one of our 6' World-class-speed slot receivers on the field and you are guaranteed at least 2-3 mismatches.
If Daddy can't sit in a folding chair without lopping off a finger tip, he probably can't find the land of milk and honey on Mrs Mayes as well.
Seems all QB's get a muligan, starting after Eason's transfer and denial. You really want a case of unfair treatment - Luke Ford.
I think a lot of fans are/were excited about the dual threat that Newman brings and afraid of going from riches to rags in the QB room again. I want to see the best QB on the team start. I hope it's Newman and he is delivering on the hype. Let Daniels heal completely and learn the system extensively. couple of thing for sure - UGA has options at QB and quality depth
Poor Stetson Bennett. Last year he got his scholly, was the #2 QB and was the subject of many interviews and articles. Now he is like the #4 scout team QB.
dartha delusional huh? Play attention, you might just learn something ---------- Did you actually watch the O-line play of UGA in 2019? Why were opposing teams so successful in shutting down the UGA offense in the second half of games? Did you see the UGA vs SCar game -no real rushing attack, Fromm getting pressured and sacked? Did you see the SECCG - UGA vs LSU? LSU bringing the CB's on almost every play, loaded boxes, safeties playing close to the line. UGA could not gain yard rushing behind the left-side of the O-line – Thomas and Kindley. ------------ Some offensive team stats (from w3DOTgeorgiadogsDOTcom) 2018 season Total yards rushing – 3343 Total yards passing – 3165 Sacks/yds lost – 24-152 3rd down convert rate – 47.58% 4th down covert rate – 61.54 2019 season Total yards rushing – 2844 Total yards passing – 3122 Sacks/yds lost – 31-299 3rd down convert rate – 41.18% 4th down covert rate – 60.00 Rushing yards down almost 20%, sacks up, conversions down … Does that sound like the O-line in 2019 played better than the O-line in 2018? Even though the 2019 O-line was undebatably more talented when evaluating the individual O-line players/positions. The 2019 O-line underachieved in 2019 because Fromm had his worst season, the WR’s as a group were worse, the play calling was horrendously bad, there were obviously locker-room/confidence issues by the end of the season. ------------------------------ “If they were better they would have been starting.” Isiah Wilson and Soloman Kindley redshirted as freshmen. Why did Wilson and Kindley not earn starting jobs and/or play when they were freshmen - BECAUSE THE PLAYERS AHEAD OF THEM WERE BETTER AT THE TIME. Kindley lost his starting job in 2017. Same reason Thomas played RT and Isiah Wynn played LT when Wynn was a senior, Wynn was the better player that season. Justin Shaffer didn’t get a start until his junior season. Trey Hill didn’t start as a freshman but in his 3rd season he is predicted to be the best OC in the SEC and one of the best in the nation. Slayer didn’t get his first start until the last game of his sophomore season, ditto for Ericson. The returning O-linemen from 2019 will be better O-linemen in 2020 barring injury or outside problems.
nottttttTrudawg you've been hit in the butt at the truckstop too much
When to World knows you by just your first name You are somebody Herschel is UGA personified.
ConjonesLicker mocking somebody else on SDS blogs A turd (literally and figuratively) complaining about somebody else being malodorous ROTFLMAO x10
Clay Webb was a 5-star recruit ranked #2 player in Alabama (behind Pickens), the #1 OC in the nation and #26 overall nationally. Both Bama and AU recruited Webb hard and wanted him badly, as did UT, UF, Michigan, TAMU, Clemson, Ohio State etc. He could have gone to any college on scholarship he wanted to. The reviews from UGA is that he is a great player and will be a multi-year starter and probable NFL pick. Do you even understand the game of football????????????
Tae Crowder was a 2/3-star RB, he was just drafted as a LB. Thomas Davis was 2/3-star, DeAndra Baker was a 3-star, David Andrews was a 2/3-star .... Trenton Thompson was the #1 HS player in the Nation, is he even playing football now? I believe the recruit ranking systems are fairly accurate and a good barometer. However, I believe Kirby Smart is a much better evaluator and ranker of talent. UGA desperately needs bodies???? Come on man - are you trying to dethrone cojones and bamatime???
Well, if it makes you feel any better, we also singed Clay Webb that cycle as well.
I wonder when the turds will start posting about the kid only a being 4-star and not a 3-star like mullet and UF have locks on.
Pickens will be double teamed and schemed for, at least initially. If Pickens gets a 1,000 yards then that means the offense is killing it.
flipped from the #2 program in the state of Alabamastan lol, the butthurt just won't go way huh?
Kudos to Coach Smart - his tiktok video IS NOT him dancing like a drunk chimp.
Bamatard - thanks for letting me know I hit a nerve. I'm done with you now, run along.
Bamatard - trying to defend cojoneslicker's honor - what are trolling/working for some d*ck? I'm sure cojones will be good for it. What has it been 3-4 years and you are still chasing me all over SDS blogs. Maybe bama can close the gap with LSU and Auburn in 2020.
wde0012, cojoneslicker and bamatart – the numbnuts trifecta!!! Collectively, between the 3 of you, the IQ is about 30 or 40 and one set of grown-man balls, maybe. Snared 3 of SDS’s biggest fools with one comment – I should get a medal.
CojonesLicker I have never conversed with you about my finances but for some reason you are always referring to me as the "millionaire." I did converse directly with somebody else about success with 401K, Roth and individual investing but why are you fixated on that conversation, a conversation you were not directly part of? "go around the internet bragging about ... or blood types" What is that all about? When have I ever commented on my blood type, that is a bizarre comment. Do you think is insulting to me, a gotcha? Allow me to give a tip - go to the website betterinvestingDOTorg and will yourself to learn about club investing and the NAIC model. Find an established investment club that you can join. Spend half your online time doing that and you'll be successful.
Your first comment – “Take a look at this class act.. lol” followed by: “your skin is about as thick as one post-it note” “Now look at you.. still don’t know what you are talking about and bringing up irrelevant and wrong information.” I did however like your puussyboy-trying-to-be-authoritative attempt in the last comment - “Answer my question first and quit dodging it.” Now run along wde0012 and quit trying to be Mr Helper
"O line play could potentially better ..." Yes, you understood the point I was making. But you are coming from the perspective knowledge – knowledge of the UGA program and basic knowledge football. You grasping the comment was a given, as opposed to the clown act that has repeated the parrot-monkey talking points thus far. ------------------------------- On a skill/experience level we won't be able to replace 1:1 what we are losing with the departure of Thomas. However, if you recall we were worried about who was going to replace Isaiah Wynn, then a true sophomore stepped into the position. But beyond whether the 2020 LT is better or worse than Thomas – UGA will put a better than average SEC LT on the field in 2020, that is a given. Regarding Kindley – his departure will not be an impact with Cleveland, Shaffer, Ericson and the returning group of 4/5-star interior linemen. Many, many starts and plays returning for the interior OL positions. If Hill stays at center in 2020 he will be the best center since Smart arrived at UGA and the best 2020 OC in the SEC. However, it's not outside the realm of reality that Hill slides to OG and OC is Webb, Ericson, Van Pran etc. (Van Pran is unlikely early in the season.) Isiah Wilson was a great run blocker and a decent pass blocker. Slayer will more than make up for Wilson’s departure. Between Slayer, McClendon, Truss , Condon and the HS All-American OT’s coming into the program (Jones and Ratladge) UGA will be fine at OT. All the talk about closing the gap - who has really closed the gap in the SEC – UGA. Over the last 2-3-4 years UGA has closed the gap with Bama. UGA now has the depth that Bama has had over the last 10 or so seasons. Bama has lost Barret Jones, Kouandjio, DJ Flunker, Chance Warmack, Cam Robinson, Kelly, Jonah Williams, Pierschbacher, Wills etc. All those great players have come and gone yet the Bama O-line is still one of the best in the Nation each and every season, UGA is now operating at that level. ------------------------ But with all of UGA’s offensive woes in 2019 we squandered the O-line talent we had – no real RPO threat, Fromm’s accuracy problems, WR drops, ignored the TE, James Cook ignored, no pass threat out of the back field, terrible play calling etc. A better offensive system in 2020 will lead to a more efficient, better utilized O-line in 2020 regardless of whether there is net talent lose.
wde0012 The initial insults were levied at me "Nice try" "... but because they’ll be better friends" "lol…funny thread this morning blah blah blah" Don't whine about my comment just because I cut through the chase and called the puussyboys puussyboys. Can AU pay-off the Gus Bus buyout yet? Must really s u c k to be part of a fan base that can't afford to fire the coach.
CojonesLicker 1980 1980 1980 1980 ... You seem to be the one stuck in a different era, unable to accept the reality of TODAY. What has UF done over the last 3-4 years? What has UF done against UGA over the last 3-4 years? Who has won more titles at UF - mullet or McSharkHumper? And yes, Pruitt and UT are recruiting at a higher level than mullet and UF. The results of which will be seen over the 2-3 years.
mullet winning the SECE, now that's the real stretch. Is mullet and UF still getting their asses kicked on the recruiting trail by Pruitt and UT???