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Are you saying/implying that AU has a better offense than UF? And, barring injury Franks will never be the starter at UF again. Ditto for Hillinski/Bentley/SCar.
Ah isn't that special, the little twinkie had put me in my place
I would love to see a parade of pelosi, schiff, sanders, warren, AOC etc walk out before the crowd at a big SEC game, it would be priceless
Coach is 100% coonaass and he is the man; he's a man among men and 2 men among the women. Great to see him have success in his home state and at a school he attended. I am really hoping for a SECCG game of #1 LSU vs top-4 UGA. If we can't win it all I hope Coach O and LSU do, I'll be their biggest fan.
It will be very similar to the 2017 games, if we can win the LOS, we win. If not then it will be tough sledding.
I was thinking UGA’s 2019 defense + LSU’s 2019 offense = the greatest college team ever. We’ll gladly take a good WR coach if you have one to spare
Let me guess – you have a bunch of participation trophies and that-a-good-job medals? Go grow a set and quit pandering to these jackanapes. Nobody likes a wimp - except for co jones, marks, nashville, mtn, atlgator, 2bits, gatorsdontplay, swamp, investi ….
I didn't catch that on the pass to Pickens; I just saw the one hand attempt then Smart coaching/scolding Pickens afterwards. The announcers also commented on the one hand attempt.
Oregron > mullet 2019 wait, I don’t have hide behind another coach/team Smart > mullet 2019 Smart > mullet 2018 Smart > mullet 2017 . . 24-17 Chumps
Tangentially related to Cager Coach Smart should evaluate the WR coaching after this season, Hankton isn’t getting the job done. Out WR’s haven’t progressed since Coley was the receivers coach Watching Simmons and Landers drop passes was painful. Then you have Pickens attempting to one-hand a pass that he could have easily put two hands on, and getting scolded by Smart. It’s apparent the position/technique coaching isn’t there. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link and the poor play of our receivers is bringing the entire offense down.
Lol, UGA could lose all their remaining games by 1000 to 0 and it won't change the fact we best y'all's aass in Jacksonville, again. 23-17 Chumps
Mullet is such a great coach the NCAA has relocated the transfer portal to Gainesville Lizard lickers - you should really stick it to us inbred, hayseed rednecks and sign mullet to a 10-year contract. You really want to throw some salt into the wound - include Grantham. #3StarRecruitingMachine
So UGA dominates UF head-to-head, has the most SEC titles and just spanked the lizards for the 3rd time in a row. But UF has a more recent NC; wow you really got me there!!!! 24-17 Chump
Good luck Chief, wish you could have earned a UGA offer. #3StarRecruitingMachine
I’ll admit to that, being infatuated The Dawgs kicking uf’s aass yet again, Smart kicking mullet’s aass yet again - it’s addictive, can’t get enough of it. 24-17 Chump
“Couldn’t cover an intelligence spread with a preschooler” Yet here you are again, and again, and again …. along with a whole gaggle of your fellow preschooler turds 24-17 Chump
I like the look the gators were sporting in Jacksonville last week – bytches 24-17 Chumps
UF was one play away from losing to UM UK literally gave the game away to UF The refs gave you a win over SCar UGA and Kirby Smart owned UF, once again UF is staring down the barrel of a Mizzou 4-peat UF is 2nd-tier SECE at best 24-17 Chump
LSUSMC Here's a good read for you you, I boogered up the URL so the robot doesn't block it https: // uga.rivals . com/ news / significance-of-uga-s-run-stopping-success
UF will not cover the spread 24-17 Chumps
Since Kirby has taken over at UGA who has the SEC's best defense is a debate between bama and UGA. So maybe the correct phrasing is "has already established his defense is one the best in the SEC, and the nation." 2019 season to date - UGA is the best in the SEC. We have played 2 top-10 teams and have yet to give up a rushing TD.
The turds should be entrepreneurial - get a jump on mullet's contract buy-out. I'd love buy one those wristbands, when can I order one? 24-17 Chumps
CRACKHEAD!!!!! what happened - no bail money, Judge was on vacation, detention center lost your paper work, you p'ed off your parole officer, you got to close to a school, your dealer collected on past due debts ... or did the Dawgs win, yet again? 24-17 Chump
I'm guessing getting beat at home by Georgia State had more to do with BJ decomitting than his brother getting to be a captain.
Seems Mizzou would be a good fit for Gatewood as well.
The Great Wall of Georgia is getting greater. Check out the Dawgnation write up on this kid. Freakishly fast and already strong as an ox. He'll be a 4-star, potentially 5, before he leaves HS.