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Neegan? TDOW? I’m going to go look for y’all on the Gators comments ok?
Where is TDOW and Neegan? You almost beat Bama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Of course first comment from a Dawgs fan. Already getting worried. Enjoy your trophy in the off year. Next trophy 2061!!!
Umm jebberrs Hillary’s drinking the children’s blood!! Socialists! Trump won!!
Georgia is losing to Clemson crackhead!
That’s my retarded brother TheDawgsofWar- he is a Dawgs fan of course. Notice the overuse of the term Crackhead. Who still calls someone a crackhead? Get out of Mommas basement Dork.
Breathe. Sunflower. Rainbow. Three to the right, four to the left. 450, Jorts!
You are DorkofWar! WHooooooo Jorts! Go back upstairs out of the basement your Mom is calling!