Blue and Orange. Gator Chomp!!!!!

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It's been the same thing for the past 3 years Tennessee and Arkansas. Please stop with it.
I think Marcus Maye deserves to be first or second on the list considering he was a first team all american. How he was an All American but not on the All SEC is baffling.
8 Tackles 3 TFL 5 Sacks 1 FF in a playoff game I saw, every hit was a decleeter. He was like a wrecking ball out there. Just flying around smokin kids.
I hope that option is Florida, cuz this kid is a BEAST!!!
This kid is a big,fast,hard hitting beast. He starting fallowing Coach Mac and Randy Shannon right around the time he decommited from Alabama. Hopefully he becomes a Gator.
being a first round draft pick is more important to them then NC's
He also denied he was leaving LSU for a while.
I think Tabor, Davis, Brantley, Calloway, Ivey
Dartmouth really won 1925,Lafayette-1926,Notre Dame-1930,Minnesota-1934,Minnesota-1941,Arkansas-1964,Nebraska-1965,Notre Dame-1973,USC-1978 Stop claiming NC's you didn't really win. Alabama has won 6 NC's, be happy and proud of what your team has done claiming ones you didn't win.
They were ranked 20th in 41' and still "claimed it".
they won 6 the rest are all bull. 1961,1979,1992,2009,2011,2012.
Actually your wrong. The NC was given out before the bowl games that bama lost. Arkansas went undefeated and were number one at the end of the season.
Really cuz bama got beat by ole miss who also lost to Florida and memphis. That method of justification doesn't make sense. Should be 6 team playoff.
lI think it has something to do with the fact that most coaches and players want a 6 team playoff. That and the fact that Christian McCaffrey got robbed of the Heisman. It's an individual award not a team award. Even in Stanford's losses he had 200 yards. The Heisman committee is biased. It should go to the best player, not the best player on a NC bound team. They always pull this BS.
Tabor was one of the only ones who did, Hargreaves didn't.
If Jake stays commited to the Gators, then Florida will have a bright future. He'll be a 5 star recruit next year.
I think Tennessee is way too overrated. I don't know how all these analysts can choose anybody but Mizzou to win their division after Missouri has made them all look like idiots the past 2 years. I'm not being biased cuz im a Gators fan and i hope they can beat out Mizzou. I'm more worried bout Missouri and Georgia then Tennessee.