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Georgia football, turning 5 stars, into 2 stars.
I thought the whole D opted out this year. Sure seems that way
Because of the incoming freshman and out going senior scholarship situation, spring football isn't gonna happen.
The biggest part of your scenario is that no college age kids have died from covid in the United States.
He can't sign a LOI and doesn't need to rush anything. He's being smart and taking his time, making sure the place he chooses is the right fit.
NashvilleGator he definitely has the grades, from what I've seen, he did great in school and graduated early.
He was one of the few that didn. If they commit early they usually sign early.
Kinda stupi for a Georgia fan to say that considering their starting safety Richard Lecounte was 5-10 170lbs his senior year of HS. While this kid is only a junior and the same size.
Pacha12 most kids sign during the esp in December. So we probably won't have to wait til February.
Better hope ya don't end up with another Fromm/Fields situation with Beck/Vandergriff.
Uhhh, Kirby you obviously don't watch football or you'd know they played for two in back to back years a few years ago.
Better then the former Tennessee QBs that marry their sister.
GatorTrav88 I don't see how color matters. A good QB is a good QB. Anyways Franks was half black.
UGADAWG78 when your coach looks like Alex Baldwin and Muschamp had a kid, you can't talk.
Class of 94 why not that's what georgia fans do ever year.
The Patriots had 2 Arkansas o lineman on the team this year. If they are good it doesn't matter what school they choose.
At least Florida came up with their own emblem. Georgia stole there's from the Packers. I can't Imagine repping a team that didn't even have enough imagination to come up with their own logo. Pathetic.
UGADAWG78 he's not a Gator,I think he's a Bama fan, don't get why so much hate against Georgia, maybe he's just pissed about Kirby leaving.
If Beck isn't ready they're gonna be in trouble. They better hope they get a transfer.
I went with 1990 because that's usually considered the start of modern era football along with the majority of fans on this site are too young to remember football before then. So let's go with 1970, since you wanted to bring up the 70s and 80s. Florida still leads the series 26-24 since then. As for me. I actually did well in school, so I got to go to a good university, Florida.
I thought the same thing about UT fans when they were sending death threats to Hunter Johnson and tweeting to him that they hope he gets hurt because he de-committed and went to Clemson.
Looks like we know why he's transferring. Would have been awkward to sue the school and stay.
There is no way Fromm is going to the Pats. Brady has 2-3 more years and that gives them time groom Stidham to replace him.
I think he realized with losing 4 starting OLineman, starting RB, both starting TEs, the starting D line and another 5 defensive contributers, next year would be a rough year for him. His last 6 games of this year his passing completion percentage was 49%. It probably wouldn't have been better next year. Smart move to cut and run while the money is there.