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I could see him finishing up a degree at Bama and if he don't have a shot at being the starter then transfer
3 star players like Mac Jones or Mark Ingram or Josh Jacobs, etc. Yes Bama has lots of talent but they also coach up all their talent. Or how do you explain how Mac Jones went from lightly regarded 3 star to possible heisman winner and possible first round draft pick.
You do know Mike price was 5 or 6 years before Saban. Mal Moore offered it to Saban first and was turned down. Then he offered it to Rich rod. Thank goodness his wife didn't like Tuscaloosa. Then mal wouldn't leave Miami without Saban
I think you need to go back and watch that play. That was a good legal hit. The rest of the gator fans on here have been pretty nice. Always one idiot in every fan base I guess.
You mean the competition that had 0 turnovers and led his team to a 52 - 3 win.
The problem no matter how much they spend they still have to be invited to join a power 5 conference. Not to many of those spots ever comes open. Not saying they deserve a spot in the playoffs but they don't have to many roads available to them.
Players were opting out and transferring well before this past weekend. Quit trying to make every single thing political.
And Trump said it would disappear on nov. 4th. Guess that didn't happen neither
Says the side that is armed and showing up to demand to stop counting votes in some states and to count all the votes in other states.
Except Bama also had a guy named tua committed when mac got offered. Not to mention the reigning offensive player of the year in jalen hurts coming back. More depth is never a bad thing.
Yeah because Bama never won any championships before Saban came.
It's always funny after Georgia losing. There is always a dawg fan blaming the refs. It's usually negan when he comes back from his self imposed exile.
Except he does just about every year.
Urban doesn't want to coach in the sec west. Not as long as Saban is still there.
They call it 19 because it was discovered in 2019. And I bet the great Trump is wishing he took it little more seriously now.
You do know the federal government actually owns 58 percent of the forests in California. Just saying maybe the problem might be in D.C.
I am no big 10 fan but you can't really talk crap when we have vandy and Arkansas that is comparable to those teams over the last several years if not worse
But their games against USC and Stanford and Wisconsin games has been cancelled.
I don't believe nd vs navy has been cancelled yet. Just won't be played in Ireland. I could be wrong I didn't look it up
Don't know where to start with this one. Yes, testing has increased in most parts of the country but the percentage of positive cases compared to the number of tests is also increasing in parts of the country as well as increased hospitalization in several states. So there goes your argument that it just because of more testing. I don't know where your getting overstated death count from. Every expert I've seen speak says deaths are understated if anything. But go ahead and keep getting all your "facts" from the idiot in the white house. By the way how is that disinfectant taste
He did burn a year. He was supposed to redshirt until tua got hurt. Saban wanted to make sure he was ready if needed.