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You do know the federal government actually owns 58 percent of the forests in California. Just saying maybe the problem might be in D.C.
I am no big 10 fan but you can't really talk crap when we have vandy and Arkansas that is comparable to those teams over the last several years if not worse
But their games against USC and Stanford and Wisconsin games has been cancelled.
I don't believe nd vs navy has been cancelled yet. Just won't be played in Ireland. I could be wrong I didn't look it up
Don't know where to start with this one. Yes, testing has increased in most parts of the country but the percentage of positive cases compared to the number of tests is also increasing in parts of the country as well as increased hospitalization in several states. So there goes your argument that it just because of more testing. I don't know where your getting overstated death count from. Every expert I've seen speak says deaths are understated if anything. But go ahead and keep getting all your "facts" from the idiot in the white house. By the way how is that disinfectant taste
He did burn a year. He was supposed to redshirt until tua got hurt. Saban wanted to make sure he was ready if needed.
I see fromm as aj McCarran 2.0. Great college qb, backup NFL qb. He will still make a ton of money
While I am hopeful for football this year. If the second wave of the virus is as bad or worse than the first time as many experts are saying there will not be football in the fall. Just because Missouri says they are having classes in the fall doesn't mean nothing. Every school in the country hopes there will be on campus classes in the fall. But if there is still a danger to students come fall there will be no on campus classes.
I'd imagine dilfer is getting paid by tua. He is tuas personal qb coach
Then he must have had the best receivers in history in college to make him look a top 5 qb
Didn't Kentucky run the air raid in the early 2000s
And your showing your ignorance. Hydroxycloroquine and azithromycin has not been proven to be effective. In fact hydroxycloroquine when mixed with a common diabetes drug like metformin like my wife takes has shown to possibly be deadly. I think the IMPORTANT stuff I will listen to the medical professionals instead of the idiot that brags about his facebook ranking and his press conference ratings. And I don't blame him for the virus. I blame him for his poor response to the virus.
And Trump supporters don't want to hear facts of any kind. They just say it's the media making up fake news. Let's just blame everybody else for this instead of doing what needs done. Because that's what Trump and fox news is doing.
This administration has really screwed this up. From getting rid of the pandemic office at the white house that Obama set up to downplaying this virus from the beginning. Yes a lot of people dropped the ball on this but the bottom line the buck stops at the presidents desk. But Trump continues to think he has done nothing wrong. And yes Hillary probably would have handled this better. Heck a trained monkey would do better than Trump. I guarantee you a hundred years from now he will be looked at as the worst president in history. Instead of having the entire country work together on this it's becoming the wild west between the state's to get what they need to fight this.
How some of you can still support this president is beyond me. While tide69s grammar needs some work at least he can tell this is probably the worst and most corrupt president in history. Even if you took away all his lies and crimes he has committed before this year. His response to this crisis has cost lives. He was told in January this was going to be bad and did absolutely nothing. He kept telling his supporters in early March that this was just going to go away. And if you want to call me a leftist that's fine. Just know I was a Republican before he was elected. The way he has changed the party has sickened me.
Jeez, are you that boneheaded to blame everything on the media. The media is to blame for confirmed cases of this virus going up daily. The media is to blame for the president breaking the law and being impeached. The media is to blame for you losing one of your two teeth. Go sit down idiot.
Better than just handing out cash after a game in front of cameras
Come on lsu. Shut them other kitty's up. Now I must go start drinking now in order to pull for y'all.
I wish him luck but I am not sure he is a first round talent.
And Georgia needs a miracle. Maybe they might win one in the next 40 yrs.
I'm sure your mama longs for the day you move out of the basement