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You do know Saban won 3 of the last 5 bcs titles before the playoffs started. Not to mention the one he won at lsu. He gets paid like he does because he's the best. If anything he is underpaid
Truegrit you said the sham two decade playoff. You do know the playoff didn't start until 2014. And that only started because people were yelling because the sec was winning the bcs every year. So when they do expand the playoff don't complain when sec gets 4 or 5 teams in and their 5th place team beats Utah by 4 touchdowns.
Yeah but in their defense that is as high as most UT fans can count.
Fans have been storming the field for years. Never heard of someone dying doing it
Tidefan chill out. Let them have some fun. As long as the fans leave the opposing team alone let them go. Kentucky will pay the fine and I am sure they don't mind.
He actually does it pretty regularly. Especially on his Thursday radio shows.
As a Bama fan was I a little disappointed with the mistakes Saturday, sure. But then I remember the Shula and dubose years. We as a fan base have been spoiled under Saban. Take the win and remember. It could be a lot worse.
I am actually more worried about Ole miss than I am Florida this weekend.
Dude get a life. Everyone knows your just a troll with multiple profiles
I think the writer was pushing more for a good week 1 opponent and saving the fcs teams for later in the season
Hey no call for that. He is actually one of the better people that post on here
yeah I remember the one wide receiver talking trash leading up to the game and up and down the sideline before the game. Then Teague running him down and taking the ball away. Awesome
All it will take is a playoff this year of Bama, Clemson, Oklahoma and Ohio state. I think before the championship game is played so many people will have thrown a fit that a change would only be a year or two away.
The sec doesn't care what anyone says. They are going to be too busy cashing those checks in the near future to care.
I bet Disney and ESPN have more lawyers than the big 12 has employees. They definitely have more money. I bet the big 12 would not get very far in court
Sorry you won it 3 times in 30 years compared to Missouri 2 times in 10 years. You go arky
Hasn't Arkansas only won the west once in 20 years. Might want to choose a different argument to talk trash
Now that might make idiot post of the day. Because I believe trump is a crook and con man and one of the worst presidents in history doesn't make me any less of an American than you. I believe we need a strong and moral republican party in America. But I don't believe that is what you will ever get with trump as the leader of the party. But this is still America and you can disagree with my opinion as I disagree with yours
I think he's also seen from covid last year he has absolutely no interest in staying around the house. I bet he went nuts not being around the team auburn week.
I think 3 years at Bama helped. He obviously had a good year at Oklahoma that helped. But he is kinda of an odd case of being a transfer. I don't feel the same way towards other transfers that had any kind of success post Bama. I think the stuff Jalen did for the team plus the class he always showed kinda gives us fans a soft spot for him
I think most Bama fans like me respect the way Jalen handled losing the starting job to Tua. Not to mention coming off the bench to beat Georgia. I for one still think of him as a Bama player and was even happy fo him with his success at Oklahoma
I admit I am a Bama homer. But which qbs from Bama has been a bust. Aj McCarron was what a 5th round pick. And he's been a backup qb that's still in the league. Sims and Coker were not drafted. Tua is really the only one that has had any real expectations and it's hard to say he is a bust after 1 season. Before tua the last Bama qb taken in the first round was what Richard Todd if I am right
I could see him finishing up a degree at Bama and if he don't have a shot at being the starter then transfer