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Jeez, are you that boneheaded to blame everything on the media. The media is to blame for confirmed cases of this virus going up daily. The media is to blame for the president breaking the law and being impeached. The media is to blame for you losing one of your two teeth. Go sit down idiot.
Better than just handing out cash after a game in front of cameras
Come on lsu. Shut them other kitty's up. Now I must go start drinking now in order to pull for y'all.
I wish him luck but I am not sure he is a first round talent.
And Georgia needs a miracle. Maybe they might win one in the next 40 yrs.
I'm sure your mama longs for the day you move out of the basement
Come on bamatime. Don't you know that Georgia is for sure winning it all next year.
And what happens if lsu blows out Clemson. What's your argument then
No your point was to troll bama. Nevermind they won it all both years. And if your point was about only putting conference champions in then imagine if Virginia managed to beat Clemson this year. Do you really believe Virginia is one of the four best teams this year
Where is the gators moment this decade. Oh yeah
Yeah auburn beat Bama. You guys should have mentioned how much it sucks to not to make the playoffs. Now we know how you guys feel every year.
Must be a sad life not knowing what it is like to go to the playoffs. Maybe you can help us out on that front and tell us how to do this "bowl" game deal.
Isn't the refs who Georgia fans blame for every single loss they have ever had.
Yeah beat him with one leg by five points. I like sabans odds with a month to prepare even with mac jones.
Try scoring a point in the playoffs this year please. Then you can talk smack.
The most important criteria was to put the 4 best teams in. You really want a 4 loss conference champion in.
Lawrence was in throwing it up 38 to 3 in the middle of the 3rd qtr. He also had hurt his knee earlier in the game. Don't see anybody questioning dabo do we.
Gruden is about to take the Tennessee job. Didn't you know.
I don't like Trump bamaman because he continues to put his interests ahead of the country's. He spends more time tweeting about his political rivals than he does running this country.