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Yeah auburn beat Bama. You guys should have mentioned how much it sucks to not to make the playoffs. Now we know how you guys feel every year.
Must be a sad life not knowing what it is like to go to the playoffs. Maybe you can help us out on that front and tell us how to do this "bowl" game deal.
Isn't the refs who Georgia fans blame for every single loss they have ever had.
Yeah beat him with one leg by five points. I like sabans odds with a month to prepare even with mac jones.
Try scoring a point in the playoffs this year please. Then you can talk smack.
The most important criteria was to put the 4 best teams in. You really want a 4 loss conference champion in.
Lawrence was in throwing it up 38 to 3 in the middle of the 3rd qtr. He also had hurt his knee earlier in the game. Don't see anybody questioning dabo do we.
Gruden is about to take the Tennessee job. Didn't you know.
I don't like Trump bamaman because he continues to put his interests ahead of the country's. He spends more time tweeting about his political rivals than he does running this country.
So you don't mind having a crook who only cares about himself and is influenced by hostile foreign nations for our president
I think the early signing period is the thing. He waits till the end of the regular season and that leaves him what two weeks to make a decision. Starting now allows him to attend some games like Kelly Bryant last year. I agree with you that it would be nice if he waited till the end of the year but with the early signing period you also have to try to gain a scholarship for your preferred school before they are gone. It's just the way things are heading right now.
Just what I was thinking. Your the defending national champions. Act like it. You never see a Bama coach talking crap about another team or their schedule. Act like the champions they are. Not a bunch of whiny babies.
Funny thing about that would be if he took the USC job after this season his first game as coach would be against Saban and Bama next season.
So you have no life so you call people names. Hopefully sds bans you and what I am sure are your many different screen names
Don't you have anything better to do than follow bamatime around. It is just sad.
Didn't hurts have the same thing done last year after the Tennessee game and he wasn't back until auburn. Hopefully tua is back in time for lsu but I am not sure he will be 100 percent. Even when tua had it done after Georgia he said he was only 80 to 85 percent for Oklahoma. Of course he still torched them for 4 tds. I am really hoping I am wrong but I have a feeling he won't be back for lsu.
Everyone said the same thing about Bama defense last year heading into the lsu game. How did that turn out for the tigers in baton rouge.
It probably was a dare or something like that. Either way it was a pretty stupid thing to do
Tua is making a case for best qb but Bama has had some all time greats. If he finishes this season with a championship then he could be in the conversation for best player.
Remind me who else uf and lsu beat that was in the top ten. Texas for lsu and auburn for uf. Maybe I am forgetting someone else. Either way I agree that the winner of this game will have an argument for being number one
It's hard to get elite teams to play Bama. Take 2022 and 2023 I believe. They could only get some cupcake named Texas to play them.
As a parent and coach I can understand the reaction of the dad. Not saying it was the right reaction but I would have had a hard time not doing the same thing. Especially on a safety related call like that and such an egregious non call. Sounds like the coach took responsibility for his actions. The ref needs to do the same.