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Tennessee football should be aired on comedy central from now on. Tennessee needs to fire that clown John Currie and get a real AD. Then fire all the coaches and start from scratch.
Christian Kirk is not better than Calvin Ridley... no way
I think Tennessee comes out with a chip on their shoulder this season. We will have new leaders and not to make excuses but all of our leadership was injured at one point except Dobbs. I understand why people are down on Tennessee this year but I'm not. This team is hard to judge because not many of the players got a whole lot of reps, they never got to be comfortable at their position. I also think if Tennessee has a 7 win season Butch is out. Fans will be pissed.
Yeah you're tripping everyone says last season just proves Butch Jones isn't a good coach and you can believe what you want but no one seems to think it could've been a fluke season. Tennessee has the talent. Last year almost all the leaders were hurt. Maybe I just like excuses but a fluke season makes sense. We will have to see...
The thing is no one knows how we will play this year because this is a new team. New leaders, new players. If you look at it through a talent standpoint we have plenty. Recruiting classes finished in the top 15 every year except 2017. So the talent is there. I see why you think it will be a down year, but I disagree... We will have to see
I like Butch to be honest and don't think there are a whole lot better options...
Remember when Hurd said "we'll find out who the best RB in the country is after this season" last year XD
One more year and he's gone anyways, unless a miracle happens
I think Ohio State and Michigan should be in anyways. Washington is gonna get absolutely obliterated if they have to play Bama. The best teams in the country in order (in my opinion) are 1.Bama 2. Clemson 3.Ohio State and 4.Michigan. I would rather have 3 B1G teams than Washington any day. If Washington played any SEC, ACC, or B1G schedule they wouldn't even be in the conversation. I think Oklahoma is better than Penn State and Washington, but i'm not on the playoff committee so my opinion is irrelevant.
John Crist obviously has a crush on Alabama. Jalen hurts isn't even the second best QB in the SEC. You put Chad Kelly, Trevor Knight, or hell even Josh Dobbs. They would be just as good or better. Barnett and Myles Garret are both better than Jonathan Allen. Allen made one very impressive play and now everybody loves him. Keep in mind that one crazy good play only counts as one sack where Derek Barnett has 4 more and more TFLs. Teez Tabor isn't even the best CB on his team. I hope this is a joke honestly.
McElwain and Malzahn but no Butch, Freeze, or Bielema?lolololol
Sooooo I still don't know what's wrong with him?
This is very odd situation. I don't think Jalen Hurd is injured I just think he is in trouble for being a smart ass or something of that sort.
Cam Sutton is better than both of them
You are absolutely insane if you would take Callaway over Calvin Ridley.
Michigan and Ohio state are the only legitament team in the B1G. If any other B1G team played an SEC schedule they would be like a Kentucky or Vanderbilt. If you put any of the top 7 SEC team in the B1G they would be just as elite as anyone in the country.
People don't give Chubb enough credit. He should in no way be a dark horse.
Tabor is just adding fuel to the fire. Making himself look unprofessional and cocky. Fine by me #GoVols
endurance may have played a part in not finishing games, but I believe the reason we didn't close out games is because of how young we were. Also how unexpirienced Butch Jones was as a coach in big time SEC games.
Barnett is a better player now, but Garrett has more potential because of his freak size and athleticism.
It's not that I don't think an upset can't happen I just think it's more logical to predict Tennessee losing to an Alabama or Florida rather than VT.