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Dear Joe Alleva, I am not an LSU fan. But you are an idiot. A complete blubbering fool of an idiot. You want a program that consistently competes at the top and that's exactly what you had. And secondly, wanting to place your student athletes in the BEST possible position to succeed on the field is not accomplished by firing your legendary, elite coach after 4 games of the season. You say you have the same high expectations for the rest of the year, and that is fine for you to have, just be ready to be sorely disappointed. Because you sir, are an idiot. You should no longer be AD. In fact from the competence you've shown you might as well just go dig a hole and lay down in it and wait to die. Becsuse you're an idiot. And idiots just have no place in this world anymore. Sincerely, A Gamecock fan with a brain.
Yea you wrote this waaay too early. Cause the TCU game last night takes the cake. Down 31-0 at the half and then won... Yea... They win bowl season for that.
I'm sure he's a great player but ummmm... Defensive player of the game was ILB Aaron Ramseur from Crest High School. Saw the trophy myself.
These are pitiful!!! WHO in the heck came up with this sad crap?? Seriously, the Florida and Tennessee helmets are exactly the same with a different letter on it. The only one that is remotely acceptable is the slight pattern in the Alabama helmet.
Dude took his helmet off and threw up his fists actin all crazy and as soon as a hoard approached him he out his fists down and grabbed his helmet real fast. Hahahaha! What an idiot. You just made yourself look real chicken on national TV. Shouldn't be fighting to begin with but if you're going to try to get all big and bad like that you can't just immediately change your mind and act like you were just messing around. If you're going to act like that you might as well go down swinging.
Seriously!!! We will take him!!! If they are that stupid our Gamecocks will GLADLY accept him!! Just think about the legendary line of coached we've had! Holtz, Spurrier,.... Miles??!!! I'm getting excited about this. Please fire him LSU. Go Cocks!
OSU is a joke. The most over rated team in the last 15 years. And that's saying something because Florida State the last few years has been outrageously over rated. But I believe OSU has them beat on that. These overgrown babies are crying and blaming coaches for the play calls but they can't even execute even the most simple of play calls. It's all execution!! It wouldn't matter what the play call is if you can't execute!! Urban Myer has been a MAJOR success at every single program he has been a part of. So who do you really think is to blame here?? A guy who has proven himself to be a hall of fame coach, or some overgrown babies who got to be so cocky and arrogant that they think they can win just by stepping on the field? They lack discipline. They lack heart. That's why they've almost been beat multiple times this year by nobody teams! As for Elliot... Yea he's over rated too. And if I were the coach and he came out saying "there's no way I'm coming back next year," then I would go ahead and bench him this year. Since he's clearly so openly unhappy and ready to no longer play for the school, I'd sit his ass and oblige his wishes to no longer play for OSU. Also it's clearly a point of great stress for him so I'd just have to tell him stress is unhealthy and its only right as his coach to watch out for his health and then bench him so as to relieve him of his stress. Big ass baby. Then watch him go to the NFL and ride the pine there because he ISN'T that good to begin with, and he lacks the work ethic and maturity to do what he needs to do to become a success as a professional football player. He's a freaking joke. And he just killed his draft stock. Nobody wants an outspoken, self centered ass hole who trashes his own coach. They won't put up with that mess in the pros. PS... They'll lose again next week. Because it all boils down to one word that success depends on... ATTITUDE. Something these pansies need to learn.
Yeaaa I guess you don't know your own coach there gatorboy. McElwain was the OC at Alabama when Spurrier beat them. I don't know that you can really call it a "zing" but the ole HBC was just not letting McElwain forget that he had bested him and handed him probably one of his most unexpected, upsetting losses. Nothing has been made up. You clearly aren't much of a Gator fan if you don't know that about your own coach. Get real or get off the internet.
We live in an age of entitled, self centered, little freaking brats who think that everybody has to like them and agree with them. And that you have to believe what they believe. And if you don't, they and THOUSANDS of their brainwashed idiot friends will get together and force you to believe. And if you still don't believe, they'll shut down your business, Sue you for everything you ever worked for, and take everything in your life, except your actual life. I tell ya, you'll just have to straight up kill me before I bow to this new mob mentality of today's youth and liberals. I'm afraid America is already past the point of no return with these idiots being raised to be the future leaders of this nation. In the next 20 or so years we are screwed.
I work in the music industry and thought you might like this little statistic. There are TWICE as many country music stations nation wide than any 2 other genres COMBINED. Country music is actually the most popular genre in the United States by a long shot. And you would be surprised by some of the people that listen to it. Just because you don't like it, doesn't mean the rest of the world doesn't. In fact, you are in the VAST minority. Statistically speaking. Either way the tide straight whipped them bulldogs. I've lost hope in the cocks this year but big things are in the future! In the mean time, Roll Tide! Or anybody but Georgia.