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Yes, there are beaches here in LA. I live about 20 min from one of them.
That columnist needs to get his head checked. Did he not witness the greatest season in CFB history? Lol.
Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't Tua collect on a injury insurance? If so, he must go to NFL or return the money?
Absolutely breathtaking! I'm so glad that LSU is having this season and not Bama.
What makes this so much sweeter is that Bama has never accomplished this since beginning of the CFP.
That was such a fun game to watch not only b/c my team won but b/c for the first time in years it was competitive. This victory was a little sweeter with the game being played @ Bama. Hats off to Bama...they played their hearts out. I knew that once Ed O. got the interim tag removed he would bring LSU back to prominence.
I was thinking same thing, man. I hope To a is back so that if LSU does beat them Bama won't have a excuse for LSU beating them. Hope that makes sense. God bless.
I would be content for my Tigers to remain @ No. 2 but I know they probably won't. I also would be content if we beat Bama but don't make playoffs. I'm pretty sure LSU will still reach playoffs if they lose to Bama on impressive resume alone. Geaux Tigers! God bless.
What a game by them Tigers. This is their 3rd TOP 10 team they beat this season. Bama can't even say that.
Wow! It should be LSU or Georgia at No. 1 and then Auburn, Bama, Clemson, Ohio St. and so forth. Because Bama, Clemson and Ohio St. haven't played anybody ranked yet. Auburn has best resume thus far.
The writer of this article mentioned the Auburn vs. Oregon would be only SEC opener in Top 25. Umm hello? Have you forgotten about the LSU @ Texas game? You know that one will be ranked.
I wouldn't waste my money on that game. Bama wins every year. Takes the fun out of it.
The only logical reason I think they would drop LSU a few spots is so it will help Bama out in case they lose.
Very interesting article. Interesting because I did not know that TN, TAMU, and Mizz have all been without their best D player when they played Bama.
LSU is a elite team b/c they have the best resume in all of college football. No other team has beaten 4 top 10 teams this year.
This is going to be a much closer game than you expect.
Great win,Tiggahs! I think Miss. St. should switch QBs. The Miss st. Offense was just one dimensional.
I'm just glad they finally get to come to our house next year after going to their stadium 2 years in a row. Anyways, hats off to Fl for the win.