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What a game between my Tigers and Ole Miss. Hats off to Ole Miss for a great game.
I totally agree with your statement. I know a few months ago Jimbo had said he would love to return to West VA. Also said there's no place like home in reference to W. VA.
Dang it! UF got a great coach. I've been following him since he arrived at ULL. Can't wait to see whom LSU hires.
I can't wait for the SEC Championship game.
Congrats to Alabama. That was an exciting game to watch.
So much for LSU being an 28 point underdog. I'm still proud of the way my Tigers fought especially with so many starters out. Alabama doesn't deserve to be the No. 2 team in America. LSU was the better team tonight.
Of course Bama fans would comment on this article first. Don't have any thing better to clean the dust off your football trophies?
Back to back SEC trophy holders. First, Burrow in 2019 and now Smith. Let's start a trend.
Congratulations, young man!
Wow! That was the most exciting SEC Championship game I've ever seen.
Yes, there are beaches here in LA. I live about 20 min from one of them.