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At least your last touchdown was ruled a catch. Two hand catches don’t always count.
DVotK, can I assume from your statement that ALL Ohio State fans are democrates? The same could be said about democrates regarding the 2016 election if I applied your logic. Walkons like Swinney’s 2 boys, Venable’s son and two of Herbstreight’s sons? Where else would they go? Can I assume you received your degree from Clemson? If so, you should ask for a refund as you clearly have never heard of a run-on sentence.
This was a hard fought game played by two of the best teams in the country. It is understandable that the loser’s fans reactions are biased, but so are the victors. Imagine if the results of the replay and the game were in OSU’s favor. I would be willing to bet the same posters critical of the opposing opinions to theirs would be equally vociferous. However, commenters should avoid spewing insults, expressing hyperbole or gross exaggerations in an effort to support their opinion. Instead apply sound reasoning with supporting evidence rather than personal interpretation to your argument and let it stand at that. You will never change the minds of “fanatics”. You can only hope to get reasonable people to consider opposing viewpoints with well thought out arguments to their statements of opinion. In a 60 minute game there are many calls made favoring both sides in the contest. The officials are charged with enforcing the “rules” of the game. They make their calls based on their understanding of those rules applied to what they see on the field. The replay was instituted to provide a tool to correct egregious misapplication of those rules. Human beings are imperfect. Two people can view the same thing and arrive at two completely opposite conclusions. This game and its result are a case in point. Personal Insults or in this case impersonal insults due to the anonymity of the internet are totally uncalled for. We all are entitled to our own opinions as flawed as they may be. God willing and with good fortune we will have another opportunity to meet on the field. Good luck to all and happy holidays!