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Good idea! Brady would make an excellent analyst for the Tide!
But does it translate? Intelligence is only one of many factors it takes to be a NFL QB. some guys are extremely intelligent but can't make the quick decisions while maintaining composure in the pocket as a NFL QB. Dobbs is intriguing but he never wowed me in college. Dak Prescott on the other hand...... took less talent and won while leading the way. I knew he was a steal in round 4. Dobbs might be a reach above round 3.
How can you be an LSU fan and think that Saban took the Dolphins job the year you guys won it all? It was the next season before losing to Iowa in the Cap One Bowl I believe.
Wow, great story. I can tell you this much... Mal Moore might not have made great hires early on but what did he inherit? A program going on probation and crippling NCAA sanctions along with outdated facilities. The foundation for landing a Nick Saban was laid years before when he was the driving force behind the Crimson Tradition fund spearheading massive facilities upgrades which allowed him to present the complete package to Saban.
Correction - Florida lost Urban Meyer to Nick Saban then OSU plucked him out of his less than one year hiatus.
Go to 9 conference games and keep both Alabama-Tennessee and Alabama-Auburn.
Different coach. Same Result. Five years from now this season will be remembered as the worst coaching hire in LSU history.
Easy turbo...playoff conversation? Only in the sense that...IF pigs fly.
Pure ignorance. First, who goes to an outside OC in the middle of the season? Second, Miles would never make that move. Third, Hiring him as a consultant really changes none of his options.
Remember what happened at the end of 1992? That's right... Alabama won the championship. Let's hope for more of the same! RTR
100% expected that the SEC would go against it's own bylaws as voted on by ALL 14 school presidents. No backbone. I hope Bama plays UGA in the SEC title game and wipes up the field with them.
Mountain Dog... this is absolutely hypocritical of Kirby Smart. I guarantee you he would have never allowed a player to follow Richt regardless of their standing as a student. By the same token, Saban isn't allowing Smith to follow Kirby. I have no issue with either. But let's not make one out to be a saint and the other a villain based on who we cheer for on Saturdays.
mah1860, Alabama will be stronger on the offensive line that last season. Alabama is loaded at WR/TE. Scarborough showed great promise in limited action last season. Harris is good. When has Alabama not had a good RB under Saban? The only REAL question mark is QB. Do you now what Saban's record is at Alabama with a first year starting QB? 52-4 with 4 SEC titles and 3 National Championships Memo to Heather Dinich: It isn't only about what you return. Alabama may not have 17 starters coming back like LSU BUT they have 11 and those are from a much better team. I'd be worried if Brandon Harris was my returning starting QB. Clemson should probably be #1 but other than that...............I don't see a legit argument .
Alabama may or may not deserve the #1 ranking BUT this much I know...Heather Dinich is as ignorant as the day is long. All you have to do is listen to her in these weekly playoff discussions. Some people are there just to rile up certain fanbases. Dinich did not like Alabama LAST SEASON either. How did that turn out?
I said it in 2011 to my friends....... You guys are about to find out the difference between a championship PROGRAM and and a championship TEAM. AU is the only school I am aware of that went from National champs to not winning a league game in the span of two seasons then turn around the very next year and got to the title game only to fail to win more than 8 games the two season after that one. It's crazy the yo-yo cycle you guys are on but it's because your program isn't being BUILT the right way.
AUinGA...... you are ignorant to the situation. The truth is that Smith was set to play a key role for Alabama this year. But the reason he will never be given a release to Georgia is because Smart's DC Mel Tucker who coached DBs at Alabama last season has been actively recruiting the kid to go to UGA well before he asked for his release. Additionally, Smith has been reported to have been pursuing other players at Alabama to go with him to UGA. But no coach in their right mind is going to allow a contributor on their team to go to another team in their conference. All you have to do is look at Corey Grant being released to go to Auburn. Chris Black being released to go to Mizzou to understand that this situation is a bit unique. Saban is not going to allow former coaches that go elsewhere to actively recruit current players to transfer. Not happening and for damn good reason. Georgia fans should understand this completely because Smart wouldn't let former players transfer to Miami this past offseason even though they are not in the SEC.
Here it is plain and simple: Maurice Smith wanted to transfer so he asked for permission to contact other schools. At that time Saban told him he would not be released to ANY SEC school. Right up front the first time he saw Smith after he requested to contact other schools. I'd caution anyone to understand this is only one side of the story and SDS does it's best sensationalize the article on dawgvent. If true, the only part that isn't status quo for this situation is his personal belongings being in the trash. That is uncalled for and whoever is responsible for that should be handled accordingly. But if a player wants to transfer to a rival school that just hired away the DC and the DB coach you do not allow that player to go when he is going to be a contributor to your team as a Senior. You do not allow him to go when said coaches actively recruited Smith illegally. You do not allow Smith to go when Kirby Smart obviously knows the deal as he blocked kids from transferring to Miami because Richt went there.
Lev - He is the most successful coach in Michigan St history...not the best. the best coach was good enough that he elevated Michigan St. (Through NCAA Sanctions from the previous administration) from a B1G doormat to a 10 win program beating Michigan and Ohio St in the same season then finishing it off by beating SOS's Gators. He got a better offer and went to LSU...then the Dolphins...then he settled in at Alabama. Dantonio is a damn good coach. Make no mistake but he is not the best coach in Michigan St. football history. That my friend is Nick Saban.
Here is my issue with the list...... Is it best Qb or QBs who had the best careers/seasons? You seem to combine both. Weurffel had a great career but not the best QB. Peyton and Cam are great QBS but not among the 4 most distinguished careers. Tebow.....great career but not a great QB.
Only if the Big 12 disbands would it make sense to take on more teams. Then you have to make each of the remaining four conferences have balance. So they all should have 16 teams which would only leave ND. My guess is ND would need to joing a conference but who takes an odd number of teams? lol, who knows but the idea of adding four mid major programs to the Big 12 seems like a good move if you are the big 12 and OU, Texas etc.
Some stats Collin: Carries per game over college career: Eddie Lacy 9.34 Trent Richardson 14.21 Mark Ingram 14.67 Derrick Henry 14.70 TJ Yeldon 14.76 All went in first two rounds. All have been successful in the NFL so far save Richardson and Henry (not yet played) some other notable backs carries per game in college: Ezekial Elliot 14.66 Todd Gurley - 17.00 Demarco Murray 18.97 Leonard Fournette 20.29 Adrian Peterson 24.13
Losers make excuses. It's what they do. Lawson played a heckuva game. Put up season high numbers in sacks and TFL yet we are supposed to believe he was 50%. The guy was as healthy as any other player on the field. It's game 15...... they all were playing with bumps, bruises, sprains, and strains. Clemson put up a good fight. Alabama was the better team. End of story.
Mike and Mike are ignorant on the issue and that is a GROSS UNDERSTATEMENT.
Skegee, I tend to believe the guy whose story has never changed vs the accuser whose story has changed over time and who has plenty of evidence on social media to safely conclude she is bat s_ _ _ crazy. exactly is he becoming a HC candidate again? Seven openings this season and ZERO interest. I didn't hear his name once. He was flat out lazy as a recruiter at Alabama. the truth is Alabama was on the backside of sanctions in 2006 and they regressed instead of improved. It was as obvious as the nose on my face he was never going to be THE guy to right the Alabama ship. When Saban stepped to the podium EVERYONE KNEW. Did we know it would be this great? No, but we knew he was the man.
As if "yet again" means they always lose in the playoffs or BCS. We have exactly one year of playoff history. They lost that one time the the eventual champ. Oregon blew out FSU. OSU whipped Oregon. OSU beat Alabama. It's all about matchups. OSU was the best team last season but based on the results it's hard to argue Alabama wasn't the 2nd best of the playoff bunch. Before last year's playoff loss Alabama had not lost a BCS title game/playoff game under Saban. I will be SHOCKED if Mich St beats Alabama. They don't have the skill necessary to make big plays against Bama. Alabama will have their hands full in the title game against the OU/Clemson winner.
No one doubts the FSU dynasty from 1986-2000. They won exactly two titles in that time frame. They dynasty would be over if teams like Tennessee kept them from winning the SEC and going to the playoff. Alabama is poised to win it all. Can they execute? No clue but the fact is they are in the hunt and as long as they are winning the SEC every year and in the hunt....the dynasty is alive and well.
Wolfman - you are incorrect on many levels. #1 being .......the SEC doesn't HAVE or NEED a dynasty to carry it's reputation. The SEC in FACT does have a dynasty ongoing at Alabama. Eight straight years of 10+ wins. In 7 of the 8 they have won 11+ games and been in the BCS/Playoff picture until the last game of the regular season or later. The last five seasons Alabama is 35-5 in the regular season in the SEC. 2008 - lost in SEC title game to BCS champ Florida. 2009 - won SEC and BCS. 2010 - Lost 3 regular season games. 2011 won the BCS. 2012 - won the SEC and BCS. 2013 - lost last game of regular season to BCS runner up. 2014 - SEC champ and playoff participant. 2015 - SEC champ and playoff participant. Like it or not....when you win big they will be talking about you. You lose a lot then you become non relevant.
The Big ten isnt the toughest conference. They have 3 teams with great records because of weak OOC scheduling and lopsided conference scheduling. Northwestern is the worst 10 win team in the nation. The bottom half of the big ten is putrid. No one is even decent.
Neither Clemson nor Oklahoma are hypothetical. And where is North Carolina on this list?