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But Eason hasn't even considered decommitting according to his coach as of yesterday. As far as his head coach and Eason's dad are concerned, Jacob's still a Bulldog.
Muschamp is a complete joke as a coach, the only thing they pay him for is to train the defense to lay down and take it and for him to run his own personal improv sideshow on the sidelines. If he does come to UGA, I don't see how we'll be competitive at all.
I'm okay with almost all of his staff choices, almost. But he wants Muschamp? Really? His defensive coaching is extremely subpar and he wouldn't be anywhere near as close to our guys as Pruitt. If Smart lets Pruitt go, he may need to look into changing his last name.
I still don't fully understand the decision to fire Richt. The man led us to 15 bowl appearances in 15 straight years, is one of the best, if not the best, coaches as far as a HC and as a man in general, and finished his coaching career at UGA with a 145-51 record. Who else can say that they have accomplished what this man has in such a difficult division as the SEC? Richt is a DGD and always will be, shame they fired him and not McGarity.
I totally agree with all of these predictions; and the WI vs UGA game would be a great one to see.
Georgia fan here just checking out the article because I remember watching the game and watch Jeopardy as well. However the banter between the War Eagle and Tide fans here is too good not to comment on.