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Arkansas seems to be TE U. Hard to believe they wont have a stud in the position. I think the key is protecting Allen and getting consistent stops on D. Arkansas just doesn't have the talented athletes to execute a 3-4 defense with success. This will be a rough year for Arkansas. 6-6 maybe 7-5 at best.
If by decent you mean 6 or maybe 7 wins and that's a stretch I guess that is a decent season for Arkansas. TCU doesn't make a couple of stupid mistakes last year, they would've beaten the hogs. No evidence to support them beating A&M, hasn't happened yet and probably wont this year. Alabama, Auburn and LSU are all better this year. Arkansas is the most bipolar team in all of college football but its feasible to see them 6-6 or 7-5 with a mediocre bowl appearance. Good to be optimistic but better to be realistic.
That's the truth! get ready for another 6 maybe 7 win season!!
That's one of the biggest problems regarding the Arkansas fan base. They produce and have no evidence to support their statements. It's comical.
Arkansas has yet to win 8 "regular season games" some experts have picked them to finish last in the West. given their conference record and overall record with the loss of a lot of Key player and initiating a new defense with second half meltdowns its feasible to see Arkansas wining maybe 6 or 7 games this year. If anything is coming from the Hogs its more disappointment.
9 wins? ha ha ha ha ha I needed that laugh. Arkansas will finish 6-6 maybe 7-5 at best. On the plus side maybe Bielema's fat worthless ass gets fired.
18million? they can afford to get rid of him. Arkansas will never win 9 games in regular season as long as he's the coach! hell they haven't even won 8 regular season games since he was hired. The problem is he's really nice and people like that! Petrino was an ass and Saban is an ass. Being nice doesn't win you games or championships! another thing is his record at Wisconsin wasn't researched thoroughly. His success is credited to Barry Alvarez among other things. Fans need to realize the difference in being a great coach and a great guy.
Dabo isn't an 1/8th of the coach Saban is. So he's made it to the championship game only to come up short.
This game is a joke!! Washington has not seen a defense like this EVER!!!! Seriously, lets be realistic here. Browning will be running for his life all game. Bama wins by double digits.
LOL with that horrible Arkansas defense! Evans will be the difference in the game and Arkansas does not have the depth or talent on defense to stop him.
This could be a shootout but VT could also blow Arkansas out.
Who cares!! I guess since the team and the program sucks something awful you've gotta do something to keep it in the spotlight!!
Hey Moron!! I'd rather be Bama fan than an Arkansas fan!! Bama actually wins and has multiple Championships! Arkansas has What? Nothing!
This Fat Bastard looks like he's pregnant with sextuplets!!!! LOL
He just wants to be part of a program that wins and avoids embarrassment. 56-3 loss to Auburn and the pathetic loss to the worst team in the SEC, Missouri. LOL! He wont get a chance to play for any kind of championship at Arkansas. It's Arkansas so who really cares.
Portland State? Really? LOL Why would you want to schedule a credible and notable Nonconference game! It is Arkansas and they need all the wins they can get! Pathetic! Arkansas will always be a bottom feeder. These delusional fans wonder why they never get any credit. uh...... besides not winning anything they schedule games like this!! What a joke of a program!!
I'm sure no one expected the 28-24 pathetic loss to Missouri other than the Missouri players!! Arkansas will always be a bottom feeder. The sooner you delusional fans accept it you'll stop being disappointed.
38-10 loss to LSU!! hurts don't it? Arkansas sucks something awful. How does it feel to know your team will never win a championship? Your life must suck!!
Your ass still sore over that 56-3 loss to Auburn? or the 31-10 loss to LSU? I could go on. LOL maybe it was giving a 21 point lead to lose to the worst team in the SEC Missouri!! Your team is a bottom feeder much like you. You got your ass kicked a lot in school huh man? cry baby! Arkansas blows!!! accept it!!
it wont matter if he plays or not. Arkansas defense is pathetic. VT should put up 60+ points. Arkansas has never been able to deal with a mobile QB.
Changing the scheme wont help. The problems are Bielema and his horrible staff and the lack of talent. Wake up Arkansas!!! its really sad and pathetic.
Danny Kanell belongs in the shed with the rest of the dull tools. What a douche canoe.
shouldn't you be in the shed with the rest of the dull tools?? you will always be like Arkansas a bottom feeder!! accept it!
delusional douche bag Hog fans!! your team sucks just accept it!
Awe.... you poor pitiful baby!! LOL still mad because Arkansas lost to the worst team in the sec? or because your suck ass coach is 25-25 with an overall conference record of 10-22? Arkansas will always be like you a bottom feeder! accept it loser!
what an internet warrior you are! Just like a gayzorback fan you cant understand stats and facts! Arkansas will always be like you a bottom feeder. you should just accept that your team sucks balls and will never win anything ! LOL what a loser!!