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Rumors are going around on Twitter that it might be either Chip Kelly or Scott Frost.
Foley scheduled the Michigan game not Stricklin. We shouldn't be afraid to play big opponents anyway. Mac's problem is that he had 3 years and the offense is still in the triple digits that is on him he said so yesterday too and the fact that him and the university don't get along.
On behalf of GatorNation, thank you Georgia for putting Mac out of his misery.
I don't know but I am getting tired of this, this has been a bad week for UF.
After the hell they gave Gator fans after our 4-8 season seems like they might be heading down that path.
I completely agree with Paul. Mac has not made this easy, during his intro conference he said he could win with his dog at quarterback and yet the offense is still in the triple digits despite the talent that is there on offense. Then this whole death threat fiasco just made the university and fanbase look horrible. I think that if he at least goes 2-1 or 3-0 against UGA, South Carolina and FSU then he has a chance, lose all 3 and I think he is gone.
I never wanted him to leave because I knew how talented he was, now we are paying the price for Coach Mac not letting him just take his punishment.
I read that the university now has just cause to fire him and not have to pay for his buyout if he doesn't provide proof for the university and police to investigate.
He is losing it, and if he keeps this strained relationship up with the athletic department then he will be gone sooner than later.
Why can't our players just shut up and play? Look what happened when we talked about Michigan, LSU, and Tennessee(last year). Show your work on the field. I haven't heard UGA players talk yet because Kirby has a focused team, Mac can't control his locker room.
I don't understand why he wouldn't just go to the police or the university about the threats if they are true. It makes Gator fans and the school look bad with these comments. What coach or recruit would want to come to a school that "threatens" their players and coaches. Funny thing is Muschamp was worse than Mac as UF's coach yet I never heard him say anything about getting "threats"
Yeah you guys looked very good yesterday I don't know if we should even show up for that game. Mac is now 3-8 against Top 25 teams, what will it take for him to change if what you have been doing for the last 3 years clearly hasn't been working.
Corey I disagree with one thing you said, GatorNation is already tired of this, we are sick and tired of being promised a better offense every year and yet we keep getting the same thing year after year after year. He either needs to get rid of Nuss or go down with him. Enough is enough no more excuses this year.
Starting to wonder if he should've just came back for his senior season to improve. His combine and pro day were bad too, wonder what's going on with him?
Florida has always been a quarterback away since Tebow left but nobody has stepped up. I will hold out on the hype until I see a few games first.