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He exposed a flaw in security which could have been exploited by someone else with malicious intentions, like someone looking to steal something. They were clearly concerned that there was unauthorized access. I do not think they actually gave a s*** about what was done.
You are clearly an idiot, so I will do my best to explain this the same way I explained it to my 10 year old. The fact that the message was "Get Ass Kicked By GT" was out on the calendar is not the point. The point is that there was unauthorized access to the UGA site. Was the Tech student's intentions harmless? Absolutely. Did he do anything wrong? I don't think so. Think about this though. It is possible that someone could have seen this story and said: if a college student can access their site, then maybe there is a way for me to access student records. Social security numbers, account information, etc. I want you to try something you probably have never done before: look at something at someone else's point of view: Someone was able to access our site that shouldn't have had access. That is a problem. What was done and who did it are irrelevant. Enjoy your fat, Yankee weasel coach while we enjoy Pittman.