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I knew it was a long reach, but dang I wish we could've snagged Mingo. Either way, hope he has a successful 4 years/education at Ole Miss.
I think it's too many variables to make that claim since Fitz is coming back from a major injury.
This post makes too much sense during the meltdown we are experiencing. Moorhead inherited this team (with lots of talent) but his offensive scheme requires more intellect/reads than what Mullen ran. Expectations were too high (he didn't help with the "ring" comment) with a roster that isn't known for passing well. So I expected some hiccups, but it's downright stubborn to keep Fitz in after the passing performance he's had. I'm not calling for Moorhead's job since we won't see his true potential with the program for a few more years, but being this many games in without a QB change, there's no excuse for.
It's too soon to say that Moorhead isn't an SEC coach. He has the right mindset, the right play calling, but I think he needs to listen less to the hype around certain players he inherited. Fitz just isn't going to bring things to the next level and you don't need to see much film to notice that. I think we can still salvage the season, but we have to become an offense that can pass the ball around for that to happen. Thompson deserves a shot at this point.
Agreed. Dude is a baller on the field and backs up the talk. Looking forward to seeing what he and Kentucky pull off the rest of the season.
^^Agreed. The data just isn't there to make a bold claim on which team is better. Both teams are mad hungry for respect right now, so this game could be a toss up.
The old lady wants nothing to do with Oxford/Ole Miss but I am honestly drawn to experience The Grove at least once in my life. All the homemade vids I've seen recently though don't show it to be a good time for anyone in opposing team colors though.
Moorhead is trying to ensure we can get some Top WR's from now on. It's one of our weakest spots, so hopefully this hire can turn things around for us in the future. Great move imo!
At no point did I convey hatred for Mullen. I respect him greatly for elevating our program, but play calling has never been his strong suit. So I appreciate you having his back, but your post wasn't warranted if you felt I was doing anything more than calling out an obvious flaw in Mullen's skillset.
Uhhhh, he does realize that his new coach was pretty dam predictable during his stay here, right?
Bulldog fan checking in, idc what team you're for, you can't tell me the fumble-wave video wasn't funny lol
Agreeing on the Mullen part. With how we recruit, I never expect us to win the SEC, I just want us to be competitive against legit teams from any conference. We were at a point where we would only be winning the games we were supposed to win (sometimes). So if you're making $4 mill, I want to see some more smart/aggressive calling instead of choke-fests/Goose Eggs. I respect him for what he did for the program, but I was never satisfied with the mediocrity fans settled for after constant pay increases.
Is it wrong to want them to schedule SEC opponents so they can get exposed consistently?
While I do think Kelly is beyond talented, his decision making on the field was sometimes questionable. Luckily his receiving corp. were pretty amazing on any of his missteps. All in all, I think he will do amazing in the NFL. He def has an NFL arm, and actually being around Adult-thinking individuals, whom have already been successful, will spur growth mentally. To me, he's an easy gamble and a no brainer.
Glad Evans touched on this topic. The biggest downfall of people who acquire wealth really fast is friends and family with outreached hands. Taking care of your people is totally fine, but some can/will milk you dry if you let them.
This. The winner of the Egg doesn't need to talk trash for a whole year because the results can easily be used to ward off any smack talk. It works that way for both teams and will always be that way in this digital age.
To me it's a toss up between A&M and Ole Miss for Best receivers. Stringfellow, Adeboyejo, Engram, Connor, Jones, and that's not including the recent pickups.
^^This. All the speed in the world won't help if you can't run crisp routes to create separation. This is where he excels, combined with his insane catching abilities, his current speed wouldn't be an issue to me if I were looking to draft him.
There's so much wrong with that rankings list. Just at a glance, Bama should be higher than 7 and Ole Miss way higher than 23.
Agreed, can't really knock him for leaving town honestly since he's known this place all his life. He knows his talents can help him be anywhere in the nation. With that being said, I do hate we didn't get him on our roster but I still wish him best of luck in Oxford. And for those salty fans, shut it...No wonder people say we have no class.
This def would be a good grab. If those two new commits can make a splash this summer, then that would def take some pressure off of Ross and Gray/Dear.
As a fellow native, MSU Graduate, and lifelong fan, I'm far from delusional. As I've stated, our program has def catapulted from the stone ages but to be content about our level of competing is ludicrous. I do agree that Mullen isn't going anywhere though, because I wouldn't leave my job either if I was making $4mill+ with "Don't finish last in the West" as my only expectation.
Kinda wanna agree with this. I think he did try elsewhere and ended up empty handed. You don't say the PC neutral comments he made unless there's a chance you are leaving, but it just didn't pan out. I've got nothing against Mullen personally, dude has definitely turned the program around. But at some point, for $4.25 mill, he's gonna have to quit choking on big games if he ever wants to recruit with the big boys.
I'm all for Mullen turning 2-3* Ath into playmakers, but by George it's time we started bringing in some pure bred 4-5* players -__- Props to Freeze cuz that man makes Mullen's recruiting look remedial in that category
Agreed. I don't see how you lose track of such big tight-end bodies like we did ALL night long. We're gonna have some problems if the D-line can't get to kelly every time he drops back :/
If we don't protect him, it'll be Bama all over again. Not only that, but we can't call bonehead plays and expect to beat Arkansas at the level they are currently playing.