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Google is your friend Mustardlover. Mel Kiper's latest draft (today) has Levis as the 2nd quarterback taken and 4th overall pick.
AR has 3 tackles and 0 TDs so far this season. That’s absurd. Until ha can become a more accurate passer, Florida will be just an average SEC team. I hope he figures out how to put it all together.
Is this the same list where Clemson is ranked #10 in the nation? Yeah, good luck with that.
Kentucky was a 20-something underdog to Lamar & Co. but pulled off the win because that’s what happens in rivalries. Cats better have their A game.
Obviously in the coaching world you never say never, but I really believe Stoops is becoming Kentucky’s Bobby Bowden. He’s paid extremely well, has top-level facilities and short of any scandal that could derail his tenure, he can promise every recruit that he will be there long after they’ve played their last down at UK.
The big story is this was no surprise at all. It wasn't very long that in-state recruits of this caliber were a long shot at best when the Notre Dames of the world offered. Stoops and Marrow have changed the narrative at UK. Blue chip recruits and first round draft picks are the norm, not the rarity.
CT is a vol fan trying to keep the players from transferring and recruits from decommitting by floating this nonsense. Simple.