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The gamecocks getting 9.5pts versus an inadequate michael sam-less, Mizzou? Wow! Don't expect the tigers to be able to keep up with the 'Cocks. TigerTD where u at, btch?
Unless Michael Sam shows up during warmups with a yr of eligibility i don't see the Tigers winning this game. Thanks
Stephen is your dad still. another 47 hours or so at the least.
Couple of inadequate QB's.. Should be a real barn burner. Best of luck to both teams!
Codyyy... You can type as much as you want, Stephen Garcia is still your Dad for minimum 48 more hours. Good luck!
Hilinski era starts now. Sabans demise has already begun. Will be quite the story in columbia when Bama falls, again, to the 25pt dogs that are gamecock nation. Muschamps wife also a babe. Good luck to the tide, going to need it when they step into Willy B
Would credit that more to Perine than Feleipe... also am speaking in generalities, this year.. as it relates to the article, not a blown lead from a season ago. silly...
Not sure who is more overrated Feleipe Franks or Kellen Mond...
@Bill @redsox ah ok, figures. what a pathetic excuse for a human being. & yes, look forward to saturday, more than anything just want to see how Hilinski does against the best of the best.
you have to be kidding i assume. not starting our STARTING, highly touted qb, against a top SEC opponent, when our senior is out for the season.. who do you suggest we play at qb, our other freshman qb? What better way to prepare than to actually experience it? It's a shame that you are even an SC fan, truly. go home
Kick rocks. The pig never disappears. that CAROLINA loss was what it was.. mack brown might not have too bad a team, either. As far as im concerned this is an entirely different team with Hilinski at the helm
You're either trolling, making a bizarre joke, or are a complete dumbazz. one of the three. whichever it is, please gfy
Hilinski will pass for minimum 250yds, 2tds, and SC will cover the spread if not win outright. Roll cocks
Regardless of the score thought A&M Defense played well overall, shot themselves in the foot with penalties and couldn't get Mond or RB to get anything going offensively. SC will beat A&M
Hilinski > Tua History will repeat itself. Good luck to the tide!
He will not have such luck against SC in williams brice this weekend while the tide try to avenge their loss
There's a reason this fat prikk was tipping the scales at 360 last season.. video taken in Zaxby's parking lot. lazy! does not want to work! sad!
Hilinski is going to make mincemeat of this defense lmao. They should bring michael sam back in as a defensive coach
Both RB's looked good yeah, would like to see a touch more of the split % wise go to Feaster at this point. 1 week of tune-up for Hilinski & everyone to figure it out before Bama comes to town to get upset
5, roughly the amount of games Kentucky will win this year with an incompetent QB & a lot of talent gone. Kash Daniel is a joke. Perhaps time for UK fans to pick up old hobbies such as crystal meth & making it to the elite8 in hoops.
You choked in the nat'l championship game & haven't beaten SC in a decade. Better focus up quick & get your act together in Tuscaloosa. Saban not getting any younger
You can pretend like you don't know who he is, but you've only got a few more weeks of that facade. And as for you Bill, I'll be at the game, in my usual section, come to my tailgate ill have a hard cider waiting just for you.. if you can afford the travel that is. Stephen Garcia is your daddy. Muschamps wife >>>>
It's going to when Tavien Feaster is running it down the throat of your defense and the tide catches 2 L's against the cocks in as many appearances... best of luck to you & yours