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Assuming Marshall game is not made up, i think we go 6-5. Think we beat Chattanooga, Tennessee, & one of the other 3- (@Ole Miss, @Florida, @Clemson). Really wish they would give a firm answer on the Marhsall game though.
Sounds like your salty azz is a little scared for the Cocks to get this guy under center. The education argument is one thing, but putting it up with "worst places in entire country" is a moronic stretch. Go tickle your Wazzu friends leg
This article is nonsense, on a multitude of levels. Jimbo can't pull any of his old tricks against Wet Willie. Cocks 30-24. Have a nice day.
Muschamp gonna have the Bentley & the boys ready to roll, and if not Jake, then Aggies will be introduced to South Caronecchia. Cocks 30-24. Good day
Ride Scar this next game. If he does well & this is something we can continue to roll with, redshirt Bentley. This is a must win game for SC as far as bowl projections are concerned.
can't mask the white trash that is UK & its fan base
U know who else would sneak around Waffle House? Tiger Woods. I've heard a lot about Snell, don't think he is good guy on/off field. Sad!
This was a fun little run for Kentucky, big for their programs future as far as recruiting. Hats off to them getting a little national recognition & momentum.. however all good things come to an end, as will their streak on Saturday.
Would like to see big fella #96 Josh Belk come in & do some run-stuffin'. UK is a bunch of frauds. They'll be exposed
We're gonna go ahead & put a muzzle on Snell for yall. GG
This man could dissect an elephant with a pair of tweezers
Also Gameday should be coming to Columbia to see a ranked SEC matchup including a team that played in last yrs CFB 'ship rather than Clemson A&M. Sure I am prob biased but seems like bs
Wouldn't say it's "bogus" or "upset-alert". More like healthy conversation ahead of a much anticipated game. Agree that stopping Georgias offense is imperative, but if you're not willing to entertain the thought of an upset you either haven't been around in the last handful of years or are just ignorant
With so much attention on Deebo (rightfully so), think Bryan Edwards will be key in moving the chains for SC.
agree to disagree but many would say Deebo is one of the best KR guys in country, although i know he was hurt a lot of last yr. our Punter is v good. Hot-rod is lights out tho and our kicking was abysmal last yr
Made me quite happy to see Coach O and LSU sht stomp the overranked Miami. especially as a 3.5pt dog
WR- SC, have a handful of legit wideouts ST- toss-up, Blankenship is a hoss, we have better return guys/punter QB- UGA OC- UGA RB- SC
yeah i think we all can agree Bentley is talented and a ton of potential but def cant firmly give SC the edge at Qb at this point in time.. that all being said Deebo is gonna dice the dogs up
5.) Jake Bentley- people tend to forget the last time Bama played SC...
I'm gonna need you to cite your source on the whole mother abortion spew