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I don't think you, personally, get to use "USCjr" any longer. At least not until Georgia beats SC again.. And have UGA fans moved on? still see fans calling for coach/oc's head for days/weeks after the L. You are a laugh!
Vols will not be able to stop Feaster/Denson combo. Tennessee will truly be in shambles after the beating that 'Champ & the boys lay down saturday
will be drafted inside the top10. ppl are gonna wet themselves when they see his numbers at combine as well. JG & the vols are shaking in their boots
Lol. Oh yeah you handled em alright! That's rich. Good luck Sat, you may be looking to get "high" on something after the beatdown in Knoxville. Will be fun to watch Vols attempt to block Kinlaw.
Lol. Hot Take Szn calling the vegas spread .. anyway.. we CockSlap Tenn 27-10. SC D-line eats their lunch. Feaster runs wild. Rocky Bottom. ~Pig
Ummmm in what world is Garrett Shrader & two JV ole miss QB's better than Hilinski? And Burrow is true #1. Blasphemy!
Everybody below #3 is a misery & doesn't need to be ranked/discussed.
Officiating in CFB (as well as NFL) is so beyond atrocious this year that I wouldn't consider this "whining". It is almost unbearable, ruining the product. Give em hell William.
I don't think the passing offense needs to be "fixed" to deal with the almighty Vols...
Perine & the Gators came back in the 2nd half last yr when we got complacent with our big lead. That will not be the case this yr. SC will finish the gators this year. SC 27-20.
Kellen Mond should be lower, Ole Miss & MSU as well
Bill, have you ever thought about pursuing a coaching career?