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He's prob gonna go to UVA so he can put up insane numbers against JV defenses
You all remember what happened last time they played SC... this yr should be no different
Deebo Samuel should get his name called in the 1st round.
8-4. Last time we played Bama we beat them. Mushcamps wife is a babe.
Think Edwards will stay, it wouldn't be wise for him to leave at this point. Another year would make him a lot more valuable as far as draft and chance of making a team goes. But just my opinion, who knows. Think Josh Vann is one guy who will step up for us next year. Defense is certainly the issue, think we are too small, especially at LB. Seems the opposition falls forward or drags our guys 4-5yds after contact every time.
Please look at Clemsons schedule this year & try to tell me the Cocks wont give them a fight. Bentley throws for 3 td's minimum
I consider Saturdays victory over Florida to be a monumental step for our program and our trend upwards. Going into the swamp (while not as coveted as it once was) & winning means something(still). Muschamp is gonna pound the gators, & after victory; his wife. After both of these things are completed, the gamecocks will slideee back into the top25. Sad for the Gators!
UF faithful will be in a real tizzy after they drop ANOTHER game at home this saturday.. Muschamp will wade thru the swamp with ease; COCKS 27-13. Nathan Peterman is better than Feleipe/Trask.
don't get your g-string tangled up too tight. I do have a brain. What i said, however, is factual
Actually, SC will be gift wrapping a VHS highlight tape of when the two teams last met and Stephen Garcia, Alshon, & Lattimore, made Bama their btch. Until we meet again, Nick...
This kid is going to do big things. Comforting to hear he's firm on SC. Will be the best QB SC has had in a long while, possibly ever. Roll Cocks
No, not really. Not sure why/how that would ever be a plausible solution for either party.
Won't matter who runs the clock bc Jake is gonna be threading the needle ALL DAY LONG. SC wins 37-17
Assuming Marshall game is not made up, i think we go 6-5. Think we beat Chattanooga, Tennessee, & one of the other 3- (@Ole Miss, @Florida, @Clemson). Really wish they would give a firm answer on the Marhsall game though.
Sounds like your salty azz is a little scared for the Cocks to get this guy under center. The education argument is one thing, but putting it up with "worst places in entire country" is a moronic stretch. Go tickle your Wazzu friends leg
This article is nonsense, on a multitude of levels. Jimbo can't pull any of his old tricks against Wet Willie. Cocks 30-24. Have a nice day.
Muschamp gonna have the Bentley & the boys ready to roll, and if not Jake, then Aggies will be introduced to South Caronecchia. Cocks 30-24. Good day
Ride Scar this next game. If he does well & this is something we can continue to roll with, redshirt Bentley. This is a must win game for SC as far as bowl projections are concerned.
can't mask the white trash that is UK & its fan base
U know who else would sneak around Waffle House? Tiger Woods. I've heard a lot about Snell, don't think he is good guy on/off field. Sad!