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Your time to lose to SC has arrived. As is tradition...
This man was a heck of a gamecock, sideline to sideline always did his job even during the dark years, overcame some injuries.. Good luck to him
Tough times for the 'Cats! Time to pull plug on Calamari and Stoops. Lifetime contract... yikes!
Rattler is back as well just hasn't announced formally yet. SC is the east's only chance to take down Dawgs
Softer defenses for this soft young man to play against. Best of luck
Thanks for Dowell. Good luck to "Moragn" !
Be interested to see what the holy roller Dabo has to say after this game. SC ruins another orange teams season this Saturday
Safe travels back to Knoxville. Clemson, you're next!
No, actually. Curb stomp or not, all of the pressure is on TN. Cocks got nothing to lose, besides maybe an OC
This game will be a lot closer than expected
Yeah keep looking ahead of this week...
Bama will win this game by no less than 20 points, thanks
Nowhere near..? Look at the big picture, he has had a successful first year and a half. Won a bowl first year with a lackluster QB rotation/team. While the offense has not been where it needs to be.. you simply can't knock his abilities off the current sample size. Get out of town, clown!
There will be no Tigers of the week this week... Cocks roll 34-17
LOL at Brian Kelly being on this list... I'd venture to say Beamer has a better shot than him.
4 straight L's is tough for a team that had lofty expectations (dreams?) It's not so bad though, if they beat Vandy and Louisville they can still achieve the Bowl or something. Basketball season is soon!