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What's your story, troll man? Clemson fan? Gamecock slid into your wife/gf/daughter?
Kevin Harris, LynnBobTX... LynnBobTX, Kevin Harris.
There's a lot of hype around Stingley that will be put to bed this Saturday
No, definitely not Aubie. Not in the current situation during a year like this. Tank Bigsby is legit but the rest of the Tiger chumps will be taking a cock-smacking at noon tmrw
Perfect game for the Tide to lose, no Saban so still can claim undefeated vs his boys.. likely play UGA or Florida again anyway in the championship and beat them. Vols win by 13 vs Terry & the inept 'Cats Ole miss wins by 7+ SC wins in OT in a low scoring affair vs the Tigers UNC throttles FSU (i know the spread)
Trash list. obviously Mac Jones and many others but since we're here.. Shi Smith has 22 catches 225yds and 2td's, in 2 games
Congratulations. Thought it was a well-fought game for the most part. Trasks numbers should have him as early heisman fav. If the gamecocks are as bad as you all seem to think then perhaps Florida has a lot of work to do. There is no answer for Pitts, and I imagine there won't be (at the college level at least)
Agree, really did think Bobo would find a way to get Joyner involved. Also Doty was mentioned last week to muschamp, still haven't seen him play a snap
Nobody takes more (or all) of his time to bash the cocks than Butch. Makes you wonder what the root of all his anger is...
Was a mistake, he's only human. You might be saying the same thing when Trask turns the ball over to the cocks for 6
Ole Miss pulls the upset
Vols by multiple scores. Nothing to see out of Mizzou for the foreseeable future
Least this poor chap won't have to be subject to a cock-smacking like the rest of his team on Saturday night
This guy is a skidmark on Joe Burrows ohio st trousers