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Dilusional is the Bulldog. UCF played the game with an inexperienced second string quarterback and still scored more points on LSU than most of the SEC teams did, including Alabama. UCF can't schedule "big boys" because they won't play on a level field. They want 2 for neutrals. UCF is filling it's stadium every game at 45,000 people while "big-boys" have declining ticket sales. Florida won't play unless UCF loses money and has no home field advantage. Meanwhile, "the big boys" are scheduling 1for1s with weak teams like Colorado. Also, don't forget that the last time UCF and Georgia played, UCF won.
Actually, UF has a lot to gain by scheduling UCF. UCFs stadium sells out. UFs doesn't. If UF could actually make a reasonable offer(like a real 2 for 1) UCF fans would help fill "the swamp". It would also help both on SOS. It's better for UCF than anyone on their schedule, and better for UF than the mediocre P5 teams they will end up playing with outside of the powerhouse programs they play.
Folks, I get it. I wanted to watch UCF dismantle UF too. But, UF didn't really want to play UCF. They offered a two games in Gainesville and one at a neutral site. UCF would gotten NO home game. UF used the poor excuse that UCF's stadium only hold 50,000 spectators. But, then they scheduled a home and home with Colorado, who's stadium only holds 50,000. Let's face it folks. These so-called "big boy" teams will only play UCF if the Knights are at a disadvantage. So there you have it. If you want to offer a 2 for 1, make it at least reasonable. Just because they said Orlando, it didn't mean at the UCF stadium. They meant at a neutral site, Camping World Stadium.