Raised a Tennessee fan (where my father went to graduate school) in Louisiana. Became an LSU fan when I attended school there. Would love to see LSU beat Tennessee in the SECCG every year.
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Homer here. Burrow looked like a better qb than franks and mond for the majority of the year. Obviously mond is young and franks was adjusting to a new system.... But so was burrow. He arrived late in the summer and our most experienced pass catcher had to block all year to make up for some poor protection. I expect a very good year from burrow. No disrespect, I realize both teams bested us head to head last year. I wouldn't blame burrow for either loss and I wouldnt lay the victory at either qbs feet... LSU lost those games in the trenches
Playing time best guess from me. Clearly prefers baton rouge over going back to northwest la.
I don't know what or who started it and I don't condone violence of any sort. I guess my point then and now was that everyone's bogus chivalry is hilarious. The gender is not really important... If a woman OR a man breaks the code of civility that we all adhere to (i.e. wailing on each other in a parking lot) in a civil society, those males OR females forfeit any protections that society offers them. When a lady stops behaving "like a lady", why should she be protected from violence bc she's a lady? You all would defend your player if they got in a barfight with some bros in a heartbeat. This is supposedly different? To me it isn't. If some woman were wailing on my little sister or brother, i'd do the same. Most violence is avoidable and deplorable. Unnecessary. But I'm not gonna hold 17 yr old Simmons to a higher standard bc he's big. Or a man. Or a football player. It's a double standard.
Agreed. Florida Lsu is really hard to predict bc our biggest unknown is probably the defensive line and y'all's the offensive line. Maybe our oline too lol.
All of these comments would be more relevant if Georgia hadn't gotten spanked in baton rouge and embarrassed the sec in the sugar.
Im feeling a blowout even. The longhorns will be hyped plenty after their emotionally driven (on both sides) fluky win over uga in the sugar and will have a false sense of superiority. Ed and co probably still feel a little disrespected nationally. They replace too much on defense and it's so early... I think the LSU offense will be humming (for us). Hopefully our defense plays as advertised.
It was strange when he didn't gain weight that first year... But I think he added about 25 ! Lol... Feed that boy some gumbo
I didn't. Caught a lot of flack for saying "if someone was hitting my sister, I might do the same regardless of gender"
Yea a little embarrassing but not too bad lol. He's in draft mode rn. Probably been getting coached to talk up his leadership skills 247
Also, this raggedyazz athletics program is one of the more dominant and well rounded in the country (like a couple of other sec schools in addition to our two). I think the Aggie mentality is even more annoying considering their recent comeuppance, which is due in large part to simply joining a conference that was already the gold standard.
Newsflash: college station ain't Paris. We get it, you have rich boosters. Most sec blue bloods have enough to pay the right guy the right price. I honestly can't think of a fanbase with a more inflated self image. Maybe he left because of the outrageous ego in CS. Or the lame "traditions" like yell practice. Please don't draw your sabre on me. ...
I guess we'll have to see what we can buy
I didn't see for myself, but I heard a neutral fan make the argument that on the very next play Auburn inbounded with a few secs left and got a 3 off.... The uva defenders were in a very similar position so that the aub player was contacted on the way down. But no foul. Idk. Sucks for Auburn.
Too much jimbo hype here. Obviously he's a well established coach and the AG's have a good program and great resources. They are exciting. But the saying the west could run thru CS soon is jumping the gun. Not only have they not sniffed bama, they've only just gotten over a 6 or 7 year losing streak to LSU... In 7ots at home winning 4 or 5 50/50 calls against a supposed option C coach. And if you wanna pretend like roller coaster Auburn has never bounced from terrible season to NC before, go ahead... Let's just let it play out.
This seems so silly. Why would wade talk to the media!? It would be patently stupid. Why do the fans, media think theyre owed that? Smart is somehow better because hes lying? Lmao ive heard lots of takes.... i dont understand any of them
We did. We played like wet a*s in a paper sack. Even if we had not payed our players, we wouldnt have deserved victory. Well done
Sorry. Tigers letting us down with the weekend sweep vs texas. They'll fix it, but what a way to start such a hyped season
Plz god crawl back under your rock and spare us paris.
Lol this is a delusional comment. You remember wrong. Getting smacked around in death valley has you not thinking straight.
Same for express. Christian hackenburg has been ATROCIOUS and the defense usually holds strong until the end but they are wiped because the offense goes 3 and out all game
LOL. yep im sure miss st doesn't cheat. Or aTm or bama or Auburn. Just the rebs and lsu.
Yep. Had to happen at some point. Was hoping later rather than sooner. I figured the feds would take a year or 2 to focus on little ol lsu.... maybe letting us rack up some wins and attention first. Oh well.
Just wanna say here mythic appears to have watched the game and has some solid evidence of poor officiating in lsus favor. Jordan should not have been officiating the game and id be pissed too. Thats fair. The worst part to me was the inconsistency in foul calls... especially hook and holds, over the back, and body contact when attacking the rim. Seems like smart would get a call on 1 play and then not the next. Also on "follow thru" fouls or whatever. I thought they were going to give us the game cheaply on the last real shot of regulation when i think mays shot the 3 and had 2 vols stupidly run into him on the way down. Either way, lsu wont get them at home again with grant playing poorly early, bone sick, a raucous crowd, hopefully poor officiating, etc. It was a weird game. Naz was also terrible and absent a lot, no tremont waters... i think the vols are the better team obviously and a rematch would produce very different results.
Thanks mythic. Just reading this. I remember the h&h play. It was similar to the h&h on naz reid after which he angrily threw a vol to the ground (should have gotten a falgrant 2, also in lsus favor there). The elbow to the face is at least questionable. Dont remember the clock issue. I can see where wade could have gotten T'ed up, although again, the refs were so bad both ways either coach had the right to be furious lol. Thanks for pointing out some real calls. Do you think mays was fouled on the final shot of regulation? Do you think williams travelled on the way down from the rebound on the same shot? Do you think williams fouled on the last play of OT or should that be let go?
It is possible to be a professional at work and a fan at home. I wouldn't personally want him reffing lsu games, but the notion that refs at any level can never have been a fan of any team ever is ludicrous. We'd have no refs. This guy shouldnt ref lsu games, and maybe not sec games. Thats fair. I completely understand vol fans outrage. Although. I still havent heard from one who says they watched the game, and i still havent heard anyone point to any single play that was called poorly in lsus favor (and there were some!)
They dont have a specific play or call they're mad about, or an ejection at all. But nice zing.