Raised a Tennessee fan (where my father went to graduate school) in Louisiana. Became an LSU fan when I attended school there. Would love to see LSU beat Tennessee in the SECCG every year.

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I don't remember seeing Dean much vs LSU, always harder from the stands to spot the issues, but Dean is costing y'all big. Why does he never at least bump the back coming out to the flat or for a wheel?
Bad break for sure. But no call Nola is the worst "call" all time
Well I can't speak on the bye week situation (everyone else seems to have it covered), but I can explain the polls. LSU only got 1 more 1st place vote in the AP poll after beating aub than they had going into the game. That's not what cause the swap. The difference is that Oklahoma lost... So all the writers that had ou in front of LSU bumped us up 1 spot. Bama was already above ou on their ballots so it didn't affect them. Noteworthy that pts wise, this is the closest 1,2,3 since the an ap poll in the late 70s. 7 dufuses (dufi?) are still voting Clemson no 1
I think there has def been a talent gap... But on average we've definitely been closest over the years. Tho they did not win the NC.... the 2011 LSU roster is one of the most incredible collections of talent ever. It reads like an NFL Probowl program. Some were babies and some we just didn't know were good yet. What a waste.
True, anyone who saw "this" coming (as in a prolific offense and the no 1 ranking) would be lying... But there are plenty that were happy we kept o instead of Herman or Jimbo. And not bc he's "one of us". But bc he was the best thing available. His first interim game he broke offensive records, the players were clearly motivated, and considering what happens to most recruiting classes when a coach is fired after 4 weeks, his job on the trail to retain and recruit was nothing short of legendary. I made the argument then that he deserved the job, would take less money, and was less likely to get us into hot water than a guy that perennially disappointed in a peerless ACC or a coach who had some small qb success at Houston but had to prove he was a HC. again, not saying I thought we'd be in a title hunt so quickly, but plenty of us legitimately considered orgeron as the best option for the time being, regardless of warm and fuzzy hometown hero stories. The man has managerial chops.
Lol at this headline. Most everyone agrees this was just good defense. Now the other play when an Auburn defender hit Joe about 6 inches off the ground?..... More questionable.
That is definitely a hold on the burrow td. Auburn's defensive line was great all afternoon and our guys couldn't hang at times. Gotta fix it. I'll just note that aub was penalized 15 times to lsu's 12 I think.... So I get the gripe. But 7 of those 15 times were false starts or intentional groundings. Can't blame the refs for your offensive lines struggles and if you think for a second they weren't holding every play too then idk what to tell you. Been seeing Florida fans in here chirping about "back to back" games in death valley with home cooking... Weird that they don't remember a very similar, but worse, hold on Emory Jones 4th down touchdown. And another when they were back up against their own endzone. Sec needs to fix the arbitrary holdings/non-holdings. Also, LSU fans feel like we got hosed on some of the p.i.s we got hit on, while the Auburn wr was actually pushing off. In the stands it's hard to hear, but also of note that Auburn gets in on a second effort touchdown where he appeared stopped for a good couple of seconds, and then LSU gets their next scoring opportunity blown dead after a second effort td.... We were eventually stopped with no pts. All in all, sloppy game by both teams, sloppy officiating for both sides, both had 10+ flags and shot themselves in the foot alot. Respect to aub d line
We gave them the ball inside the red zone, and aided their 4th qrt td drive with penalties and sloppy d. We outgained them by 200+ yds, just shot ourselves in the foot.
Lol this take about death valley is hilarious. Yea that was a terrible hold and a missed call. But why can't I get a gator to admit that the offensive holding on the Emory Jones Td was equally as bad and actually affected the play maybe more? There were some missed holds on the tigers and on the gators outside of these two plays. This is apples to oranges with the Florida scar calls.
Come now Nashville gator. Overhyping the refs in baton rouge again eh? Gators lost by 14 and needed the refs to keep several of those drives alive, especially the Emory Jones Td.
Obviously it's hard to predict how a prospect will turn out. But sites claiming arik is the best te prospect since oj Howard, and ranking him the best te since Greg Olsen seems like high praise. Darnell Washington must be pretty good...
I am seriously not just trying to trash talk... I promise. But do uga fans still feel the same way about JC being gone? I mean waived goodbye and mocked the vols for months....
Delpit isn't just playing better, we've altered the scheme to bring him back into the box. Finally. I think the tackling has gotten better, but some of that is just fatigue and inexperience. The defense has been hard to figure out this year but it seems like we play every first half super conservative.... Cage rushing the ends, few blitzes.... Makes for long drives. Once our defense is gassed, we start blitzing and things happen. I don't understand but I trust aranda. Maybe he just knows that we can win a shootout and prevents the big play early.
Wasn't beat down by lack of ability.... Edit button plz
Disclaimer: I'm not as confident as some of my brethren and am not by any means predicting a win. --- I've seen multiple times on these boards bama fans bring up burrow last year. It's irrelevant. Burrow was beat down by a lack of ability. He was hamstrung by an unimaginitive offense and inexperience in that mediocre system. It's not like burrow improved drastically in arm talent or in football iq.... We didn't fail to score bc he was missing wrs or not seeing them. We failed bc they weren't open. We failed bc the system was not designed to do what it's doing this year. Burrow can make all the plays and is smart as a whip. Still, it will be his biggest challenge obviously and I for one expect a drastic drop off in efficiency. Should be a fun game.hope we can beat state and auburn before then tho. Rat poison.
@gatorgrad Trask played well and I don't mean to discredit him. He's a gamer. But to insinuate that Florida somehow deserved to win and got screwed by the officials "home cooking" is disingenuous as well. Same as you said, I've got purp and gold glasses on but if I had to guess, I'd say the gators benefited from the calls by a slim margin. And that's fine, with only what 7? Penalties in the whole game, it was pretty close. But to say that a 14 pt (and with style) win in which Florida didn't scored after their first drive of the 2nd half is due to "home cooking"?... Cmon
There are going to be some harsh backlashes to my response.... We can't really know who is a better leader. We aren't in the locker room. The closest we do have in this case is the series QB1.... Fromm as a senior hs qb and Fields as a senior hs qb. We all know fields is physically gifted. He might also be more of a "gamer"... But leader? From limited evidence I'd disagree. Go watch the show. Fields was a whiner at times and a criticizer. Fromm was a much better leader then.
I'm not the least bit upset at a tua over burrow rating... But i will point out that this is a ranking for this year. Not last. We have a vastly improved offense and burrow is better equipped now. Both teams have vastly inferior defenses to their previous iterations. Fine with the ranking, but 2018 burrow vs 2018 bama defense can't be compared to 2018 tua vs 2018 LSU defense. Unfair lol.
First of all, brooks hit him in the hip. Not low. And that's far from the only play. When Emory Jones threw that ill advised duck and y'all got a lucky tip td, the tiger pressuring him had a gator holding him from directly behind the whole way and still couldn't stop him. And that wasn't the only 3rd down y'all miraculously converted where the gator offensive line was blatantly, arm outstretched, HOLDING on for dear life to keep Trask upright. Pathetic to blame the refs for the loss when they were the reason most of your first half drives stayed alive anyway. LSU practically scored at will all night and y'all needed help to do practically anything.
Please excuse wolfman guys. He's.... He's..... Not well.
Good take. I personally believe uga offense will rebound with an attitude, look forward to the cocktail party.
How much fun would that be!? Still. Rat poison. Must beat state
Lol that's actually what caught my attention about this guy. He's ina 5 mile long beer line with his Clemson shirt, begging for attention and trash talk. Some LSU fan casually remarks "y'all don't play nobody"... Guy gets a rage boner and starts screaming about "yea well beat us, y'all can't beat bama" etc, over the top curse ladden tirade with children in the concession line 5 ft away. First time gators and tigers agreed all night. Please turn around and calm down lol. Acted like he might try to get physical smh.
Now swamp79, I expect this kind of trash talk from aTm fans, but not Florida. Do better.
Probably bc kiffin is a bonafide recruiter and a proven offensive playcaller. As a head coach, maybe not your cup of tea.... But I was raised a vol fan and the only bad thing he ever did to them was leave lol
Been a couple of years since our last interaction coozie, but they were always good. Sorry you gotta deal, we have dumb fans too.