Raised a Tennessee fan (where my father went to graduate school) in Louisiana. Became an LSU fan when I attended school there. Would love to see LSU beat Tennessee in the SECCG every year.
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Wow. Not only a bad joke, but not even remotely accurate. Les miles oversaw a decade jn which lsu was far more relevant that uga has been since herschel.... winning a natty and playing in another. Hes the winningest coach in lsu history and a legend of cfb.... put some respek on his name
Mostly agree with the article. But why are we so sure trading auburn for state is a better cross divisional? State pounded auburn last year and i thought was a much tougher team overall. I guess they do lose fitzgerald and lots of that defense... but auburn loses stidham and others too. Its entirely possible that moorehead will crash after he couldnt install a successful offense and mullens defensive standouts leave.... but its just as possible that thompson gets it going and aub crashes again. Just not sure this is like a sigh of relief situation lol, especially when you beat Auburn
This is why virtualkelly is one of the worst commenters ever. These mizzou fans are just nuts. Recruiting and developing professional level skills are a part of great coaching. And he inherited a great program at lsu.... oh wait. No he didnt. He built it.
Frankly not sure how lsu finishes ahead of florida and georgia. Both florida and lsu had embarrassing home losses. And with the head to head win, which was won in the trenches.... id have 6)uga 2)uf 3)lsu... seasons to be proud of by all
Cade york drilled a 59 yard fg.... best part of the orgeron era? Kicking game? Lol
Im comfortable with myles brennan. We'll see if peter parish is any good.
I can see both sides. Guys are gonna go if they can. No reason to panic. BUT its still painful, and when lots of guys are going that maybe shouldnt, maybe something is up. I personally think uga will be fine, but i have some ptsd from 2010-16 lsu. Saban was always better at keeping some guys around where les sold nflsu to try and keep up. Those early 10's teams were losing guys at an unprecedented rate for then.... probably more average now... and part of it probably WAS coaching related. If youre a superstar on an underachieving offense, why stay? We lost a lot of talent at wr early or to transfer. The offense was sputtering and folks bailed. The defense, in turn, hemorrhaged dbs in part bc they were sunk by the offense! Maybe. Not saying thats WHY but it cant help. Chavis out, Steele out, oc a revolving door, then les out... why stay and see? For uga, maybe tucker leaving played a part. Its okay to speculate. Coaches err. Just dont panic.
Should be noted that while dylan moses played at img in Florida, hes a baton rouge native. Saban still seems to have old ties in northeast Louisiana and bizarrely in Amite. Im afraid sophser will be another stolen boot croot
Cough with a banged up offensive line... no jk jk. Outcoached and outworked. Grats on a good season. Next year should be even better.
Weird to see all the sec support lol, bowl season is strange. Burrow was fantastic. Since we're all talking targeting, PI, etc... ill condense my whining here. Yea, there was def pi on the pick 6. Burrow scored on the 1st drive and they never reviewed. Their 1st td run was created by a really bad hold on grant delpit. Even tho it eventually got called, there was another targeting play where they grabbed burrow by the facemask, he slipped away, another guy pawed him in the head, and a third guy rocked him up high! Initially there were no flags and i was in disbelief. Some very poor officiating both ways really. Just some highlights lol
There was a long streak where herbie seemed to pick against lsu every week, or nitpick every performance there for a few years. But hey, we usually won so i was fine with it. Other than that i dont see why people hate him either. His takes are usually more mild and well-reasoned than most.
Id be worried about another embarrassing loss to michigan if i were a florida fan. Rooting for yall reluctantly.
I included him because he literally suited up for us.... and wasnt bad as a true frosh. It isnt really sour grapes. The article backs up that he got beat out by fulton and greedy to play behind jackson and toliver. But patience is key. With all of our injury this and last year, he wouldve gotten a chance just as soon here. Oh well.
Lol good luck. Might try to finish kicking us out of houston and Dallas before you attempt to snag a top flight la prospect. Donovan wilson certainly had a good aggie career tho. Les never had a firm grip on Shreveport or monroe.
Wish him the best. Still kinda turns my stomach lol. Savion playing for lsu. Pat surtain being committed to lsu forforever. Dylan moses growing up at lsu. There was article "the ones that got away" in '13 or '14 that had a depth chart of transfers or missed la recruits that was loaded. Lots of bama in there. Ready for nick to retire so we can keep our louisiana guys.
Lol thank you. Not the first time ive seen someone disparage a respectable defensive performance. 7ots is plenty of extra chances to score, and plenty of time for a thin defense to wear down. For both teams. Anyone really buying the lsu offense was good enough to score 70 in regulation lol? Not to mention that he defense DID get some stops... just not according to the refs lol
Should be a good test for the coaching staff. I have no doubt that we'll still be more talented. But have the young guys learned the playbook? Are they ready? Do we simply have the numbers to avoid getting gassed or injured. I think so. We'll see
Yea. Im ok with wondering as a saints fan lol. Lsu has still had a great decade and getting to celebrate a saints superbowl after growing up watching aaron brooks throw the ball backwards is indescribable.
Lol yea snide in response to snide. Cmon man, he's talking about us "blowing this" after getting smacked 36-16? You'd do the same. And yes, we were. Thats why i didnt talk on the field smack to bama. I just mentioned that their sds fans here are douchey. Which is confirmed.
Yea, gee. Sure would make you guys look bad. The only thing blown was uga. Blown out in death valley. *da doo chhhhhhhhh*
Wow, what do you know?! Two bama fans, two snide, condescending, jack*ss comments. Lol honestly no idea what to expect here. Not sure if we will be fired up or apathetic. Not sure if the young guys are ready. Not sure if we're deep enough. Even so, i like the tgrs in this one. Just wouldnt be shocked if we came out flat or had some goofs/fatigue issues
Every coach tries to get their players to stay. How would that disuade recruits? He should go, but the notion that any coach is bad for trying is crazy. Its their job.
Theybe been talking about it for at least a week on br radio. Then again, moscona and hester are obvious homers. Which is fine. Not hating
Orgerons 1st class didnt have the best rating, but most knowledgeable fans were pleased. Not every lineman is going to be a 4 or 5 star, but we desperately needed hefty trench players and we got them. I love les but he left the lines a little bare, and some of his classed were highly rated but boosted by multiple 4 or 5 star wrs.... which we didnt ever use and most promptly transferred. Something to consider
Lmao a taunting penalty for that? Gtfo big 12
Lol easy killer. Bama is still king, and uga/uf still have to compete with lsu/aub/a&m. I welcome parity and i think we were closer this year. But power swinging to the east is tough to claim