Raised a Tennessee fan (where my father went to graduate school) in Louisiana. Became an LSU fan when I attended school there. Would love to see LSU beat Tennessee in the SECCG every year.
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This seems so silly. Why would wade talk to the media!? It would be patently stupid. Why do the fans, media think theyre owed that? Smart is somehow better because hes lying? Lmao ive heard lots of takes.... i dont understand any of them
We did. We played like wet a*s in a paper sack. Even if we had not payed our players, we wouldnt have deserved victory. Well done
Sorry. Tigers letting us down with the weekend sweep vs texas. They'll fix it, but what a way to start such a hyped season
Plz god crawl back under your rock and spare us paris.
Lol this is a delusional comment. You remember wrong. Getting smacked around in death valley has you not thinking straight.
Same for express. Christian hackenburg has been ATROCIOUS and the defense usually holds strong until the end but they are wiped because the offense goes 3 and out all game
LOL. yep im sure miss st doesn't cheat. Or aTm or bama or Auburn. Just the rebs and lsu.
Yep. Had to happen at some point. Was hoping later rather than sooner. I figured the feds would take a year or 2 to focus on little ol lsu.... maybe letting us rack up some wins and attention first. Oh well.
Just wanna say here mythic appears to have watched the game and has some solid evidence of poor officiating in lsus favor. Jordan should not have been officiating the game and id be pissed too. Thats fair. The worst part to me was the inconsistency in foul calls... especially hook and holds, over the back, and body contact when attacking the rim. Seems like smart would get a call on 1 play and then not the next. Also on "follow thru" fouls or whatever. I thought they were going to give us the game cheaply on the last real shot of regulation when i think mays shot the 3 and had 2 vols stupidly run into him on the way down. Either way, lsu wont get them at home again with grant playing poorly early, bone sick, a raucous crowd, hopefully poor officiating, etc. It was a weird game. Naz was also terrible and absent a lot, no tremont waters... i think the vols are the better team obviously and a rematch would produce very different results.
Thanks mythic. Just reading this. I remember the h&h play. It was similar to the h&h on naz reid after which he angrily threw a vol to the ground (should have gotten a falgrant 2, also in lsus favor there). The elbow to the face is at least questionable. Dont remember the clock issue. I can see where wade could have gotten T'ed up, although again, the refs were so bad both ways either coach had the right to be furious lol. Thanks for pointing out some real calls. Do you think mays was fouled on the final shot of regulation? Do you think williams travelled on the way down from the rebound on the same shot? Do you think williams fouled on the last play of OT or should that be let go?
It is possible to be a professional at work and a fan at home. I wouldn't personally want him reffing lsu games, but the notion that refs at any level can never have been a fan of any team ever is ludicrous. We'd have no refs. This guy shouldnt ref lsu games, and maybe not sec games. Thats fair. I completely understand vol fans outrage. Although. I still havent heard from one who says they watched the game, and i still havent heard anyone point to any single play that was called poorly in lsus favor (and there were some!)
They dont have a specific play or call they're mad about, or an ejection at all. But nice zing.
Its not a good look. Im aware of that. Using your analogy, it would be more accurate if the judge had a Facebook post 4 years ago with the defendant in a picture. But still. Not a good look. Im aware. And yet, as a guy who watched the game, i really cant think of a foul on lsu that wasnt called or a call on the vols that wasnt a foul. Im aware of my biases here... everyone has them. And as a louisiana sports fan ive done a ton of ref blaming and whining myself... but for this game, im seriously all ears to ONE SINGLE CALL that was made in lsus favor by this ref due to bias.
Also. They did let them play for the most part. In fact, on the final shot of regulation mays missed the 3 and got clobbered pretty good by 2 vols on his way down. They didnt let a post shot foul determine it then. The final play was pretty obvious. Grant williamd made a hustle play for the ball but smacked into smart pretty good... who then ricocheted into another vol pretty hard. It was a foul...
The ref shouldnt be posting anything with lsu gear on social media. That being said, the whole crew seemed a little befuddled at times. Lsu drove to the basket all night, while Tennessee mostly created open jumpers. This can explain some of the disparity. Im an lsu alum and fan, but until i stepped foot on campus i was a vol. Im really striving for objectivity here, but i watched the game and didnt see any bias at all... just some poor officiating at times all around. My vol fan/alum father came away with the same take. If someone can point to a play i can watch or some missed calls im all ears
There was A LOT of contact with williams and the 2nd vol there. Officials were poor all game for both sides though, and while it was an important game, we all know a 2nd matchup would go differently. No tremont waters, naz reid played terrible for us, bone sick, williams quiet, Schofield banged up at end for yall. It was a weird game
Refs were poor, but i cant think of a bad foul call vs tennessee. One could argue naz shouldve gotten a flagrant 2 early. Maybe the elbow to face for lsu and the foul right before on tennessee is one people are mad about?
My father is a vol alum, and agrees that the refs sucked, but not particularly in lsus favor... just bad all around. It didnt determine the outcome one way or another.
Ight fuzzy, i watched the whole game. Im an lsu alum and fan, was rooting for lsu but i was raised a vol so i have a soft spot for em still. You'll have to decide how biased i am given this info. The refs were terrible all around, missed a bunch and reviewed every call for an hr. F performance. But i thought it all washed out. It was a physical game, some fouls on lsu could have been interpretted as flagrants. It was heated. But there was nothing egregious or blatantly lsu's way. In fact, lsu was pretty obviously fouled on the final shot of regulation that could have ended it then. Neither teams stars played well (or at all for some) outside of admiral schofield. Bone was sick, naz reid sucked, williams was quiet. The refs missed an equal number of calls for both teams in my opinion.
Defense was just too young (tre white) and i think it was the bizarre steele year. Maybe a good coordinator but lsus weakest defense in forever
It was the first time any team had done so in sec history. 2013. Unfortunately, we should have put up more in hindsight lol with jeremy hill, juice landry, and obj! Practically a probowl set of skill players. We went 10-3... lost a shootout at georgia like 56-58... no one remembers this but eventual hero tredavious white had one of the worst freshman games ever... allowed i think THREE tds of over 50 yds on blown coverages/miscoms. Then lost a sloppy game to ole miss where odell bobbled a good pass straight up in the air to gift a pick to the rebs and the offense had more penalty yards than actual yards. And of course couldnt block bama in an ugly loss where mett was beaten up so badly he eventually came out. Smh. 10-3. Stings.
The refs werent "THE REASON" lsu lost that game, but when about 5 50-50 type calls all go against you, it sure makes it hard. People will say the defense didnt make a play, but they made several lol. An interception called back, a fumble recovered that somehow wasnt, bad PI calls to keep the ags alive... say what you want, but dont say someone "didnt make a play". They made several lol. Offensive line is the obvious question, not just because of our struggles but because its the most important thing for anyone. Hopefully we can get some consistency and rhythm. The true frosh recruit nailed a 58 yarder in pne of the all star games so i have some confidence there
Agreed 100%. Tennessee might be a little high, but the difficulty of replacing 4 starters on the line cannot be understated. On the flipside, sometimes returning starters dont mean anything if they were poor players to begin with. You obviously expect some vol offensive pieces to improve, but the oline was a disaster for most of the year.... does returning a line that couldnt give JG any time help? Same for lsu. Injury plagued us all year and i dont think we started the same combo until maybe week 6 or 7... hopefully they improve after only losing 1 (and maybe bringing ingram back from indefinite suspension). But who knows?
I dont know about you guys, but i come to sds for the political opinions of rabid sec fans! I dont know which is more biased, your collective football opinions or insular, echo chamber political opinions! Happy friday ya clowns!
Would be fun if lsu went on an epic run, crushing all opponents to snag a 1 seed. Lol i know i know, ill stop