Raised a Tennessee fan (where my father went to graduate school) in Louisiana. Became an LSU fan when I attended school there. Would love to see LSU beat Tennessee in the SECCG every year.

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Lots of people on both sides of this argument committing egregious moral high ground sins lol. Wanting players to get paid doesn't make you a better person. Thinking players should get paid doesn't mean you "never paid a dime towards student loans etc etc". What simple generalizations. Worse than an empty political debate. I am paying student loans and I believe players should be paid. It's not about whether the compensation is poor or fair or great as an independent value. It's about the value the players receive vs what they generate. I know so many people who are free market thinkers but somehow are ok with letting their emotional attachment to college "amateurism" alter the market price for the product these players produce. If you aren't a free market guy, fine. Bully for you. But if you are, you must realize that this is just a clever way to deny these players their market value
Georgia having their state to themselves is a laughable notion. Bama, Clemson, Auburn, UF, FSU, Tenn, and even LSU regularly poach Georgia. LSU fits the bill a little better, but we are losing a top 10 guy to Nick saban every single year and aTm or Texas occasionally dips into our top 25. Recruiting has long been a national game and is becoming more so.
Yea well, at least you aren't an LSU/saints fan. Every good linebacker we produced plays or has played in the NFC south lol. Not to mention Eric Reid, trai Turner, Jalen collins, Tyson Jackson smh. The saints cut dural and clapp so we now have 0 tigers.
I don't view Texas as a rival. I don't wanna be in a "who's the bigger ahole" competition
Yea I feel ya. Just think it would be more satisfying to treat them well and walk out 2-0 with the right coach and our heads held high. We stooped and played games with fla and it bit us hard
This comment section is atrocious. On many many levels. But my proposal is this. Quit being so GD petty. Texas sticks their noses in the air about profit and endowment and tradition, talks sh*t about our state because they couldn't win on the field, turns off the AC in the lockeroom, and sticks our band in the nosebleeds scrambling for any competitive advantage they could find? Fine. Didn't matter anyway. We won, the fans were so quiet after our scores we could hear the band on tv anyway. A real school from a real conference will respond in this way: air condition their lockerroom. Give their fans and their band appropriate seats. Do everything right (we can still tigerbait and trash talk fans, but from a university standpoint)...... And beat the sh*t out of them in Death valley next year anyway. Am I right? Be the bigger man and put them in their place on the field anyway. Herman will come out looking like the *SS that he is and we won't look so petty like we did with the Florida rescheduling and all the rest. Have some class.
Agree to some extent. We havent been ELITE recruiting since your indicated time frame but we have still been signing top 10 classes with the exception of 1 year... And in that year Ed was filling gaps in the trenches by signed quantity over quality beef. The last class was dynamite.
Pump. The. Brakes. I'm not a negatiger. I'm excited too. But lots of teams have passed all over Texas. And ga southern. We are good. But Heisman? 1st round pick? Beating bama? Let's get thru the next few weeks. Be reasonable.
On that run vs LSU #61 had a fantastic block. Perine makes great use of it with the cutback, used #61 to shield two defenders. I thought a few of the losses LSU has suffered at the hands of the gators the last decade were a little fluky, but not last year. Game was won squarely in the trenches and Florida was just deeper/better. Heres to another good matchup this year and hopefully a healthy one for both sides.
Always liked the hire. Most of our "should have won" games were lost in the trenches where Les had serious trouble in his last few years... Left a shockingly thin group of guys. We had highly ranked classes but we were signing 7 or 8 wrs a clip and then they were transferring! Inflated the rankings. Seems like o is trying to fix it but that's how you lose to Troy
The Florida edge rush demolished our ailing tackles last year and burrow still played well atconsidered. Even on the last drive, people remember that he threw a pick, but our wrs didn't help him any that game either. The first two passes of the ill-fated miracle attempt down 8 were 30+ yd tosses that were flat out drops. Again, franks I'm sure had similar situations. At the end of the day, most who followed lsu can think of a few games burrow won us and not a single that he lost us. How do Florida fans feel? Anyone wanna toss it out there that franks won some games or was a big reason for some losses?
Interesting numbers for sure. Not to be discounted. I would argue that stats, especially when qualified heavily in this way, can be misleading however. Take a common opponent like uga for example. Sure, burrow didn't throw any TDS. He didn't have to. We had a 16 pt lead early and he accounted for 266 yds, no turnovers (2 rushing tds). That's not included here, yet it's important. Even though they both played 5 top 30 D's... One of theirs wasn't bama. That never helps a qb. I'm sure franks could make similar arguments, and who knows, maybe he has a better year. I think he has more of an NFL arm for sure. But I'm taking burrows decision making and leadership personally. Neither guy had a great offensive line last year. The difference in the LSU vs Florida game last year was not either quarterback. It was which one was protected better. Probably holds true again this year.
You forgot one. It is a pantheon of concrete and steel......
Toughest run d? I'd wager lsu's will be tougher. Auburn's too. I know it was a full year ago, but an LSU offense with the least talented (I love them just the same) runningbacks we've had since the turn of the century and a first time qb who arrived at the end of summer ate them up in the opener. Auburn had one of the best fronts in college football and LSU isn't as deep up front but our lbs can fly. Perine is a really good back and the oline should get better for y'all but that is NOT the best d you will play by a long shot.
He did beat up an LSU defense and that was with Jacob Phillips filling in for Devin white VERY well. We were still outmatched and honestly our biggest issue was the offense not being able to stay on the field for more than 3 plays. Wore the defense out so quickly. I think with some rest between series they may have fared better but they got physically drained and the 0 for the home team has to demoralize a defense by the 3rd quarter. Hope we can out some pressure on y'all offensively this year. Defense should only be better
Also a HBCU that has produced some great athletes historically and an even better marching band
The way o was talking yesterday scared me... 2 months is much better than I expected. When you have a 350 lb man with an ankle injury.... Who knows. If you hear the audio coach o says "it looked ba----- stops himself-- it could be serious" lol so I was thinking maybe season ending
Ol' Mizzou: please please please post more. Post on everything.
Doesnt rub me the wrong way. Les never had a way with words lol. Can't blame him for being a Michigan man, and we're comparing this one instance of using "decent" vs a body of high praise. When asked about losing players in Louisiana to other schools: if you don't wanna stay in the greatest state on Earth, HELL WITHEM! lol. He only recently sold his house down here. Saw him in a sandwich shop about a year ago. You don't just hang around 3 years after you get unceremoniously fired mid season. His kids were done with school etc. Les was a beloved coach and did great things at lsu. Most of us love him for it and are simultaneously glad Ed is there now and like our direction. Hope another decade makes the naysayers reflect on Les more positively.
Bamatime, Matt moscona listed bama as one of many schools that do not donate directly from their athletic fundraising organization straight to the academic side. I'm not sure what his source is, but I do know that lots of his info on TAF donations came from the years 2010-14. Not sure if there is some time constraint or where he got that.
I mean to be fair, it's a part time punter. Sucks to lose anyone but it's a little different.
He was a lobbyist before he was ever involved with athletics. I believe he intentionally left this vague as a threat. he knows politics. The measure hasn't been approved officially anyway, so it could just be a bargaining chip
While it is clearly a part of the university, it would be insane to charge a franchising fee to an affiliate that is literally your greatest advertiser (and we now know a huge fundraiser lol). Even if they could charge a "fee", and it would not nearly cover the money athletics generates and has donated in the first place. Students come to LSU for undergraduate studies for the experience... A huge part of that is the football team. It's a part of state culture. It ties the tax base, even those without any direct link to the lsubr campus, to the flagship university. This would be justification in itself, nevermind the money it generates for local economies or just from apparel. They aren't buying LSU hats because they identify with the school of business. And for those interested, you really should go look at the numbers the advocate had and are available elsewhere. This is NOT a shot at anyone or chest thumping.... But for instance, the Alabama fundraising group does not contribute to the general school fund. I don't think ole Miss does. Just two schools I remember being mentioned on the radio. And that's fine. Why would the national media come down on one of the few athletic depts that ACTUALLY HAVE AND AT RATES THAT FAR EXCEEDS almost every school in the country in the past decade. It's insanity.
Its only a bad look if you believe that anyone besides the football program is entitled to the money the football program makes or raises. It will be interesting to see how much athletics donates in the coming years, and it would behoove anyone who questions their motive to look at their previous contributions, especially in comparison to most programs in the country
I think the obvious candidates have all been mentioned so I'll just say: I think Auburn will be better than most people expect. Texas should be worse than predicted. Texas a&m is harder to predict, but we will go in with a chip there and they have a brutal schedule... Might be worn down. Florida beat us last year 100% in the trenches last year, which we shored up on both sides by the end of last year with some position moves and getting healthy. They lose 4 starting olineman. I expect the toughest 2 outside of bama to be Auburn and aTm
The media is getting really annoying with all of this. They usually don't understand the politics at play before they write holier-than-thou articles regarding what TAF or the legislature should or shouldn't do. I'm an alum, and yes, many publicly funded facilities, infrastructure, programs, you name it basically are "underfunded" in this state. I believe Middleton needs a make over. BUT. It should be noted that these pics are all from a basement that practically functions as storage. The other floors do provide adequate resources for students. Woodward's job is not to pander to ill-informed and outraged "journalists" or community college students who think they are entitled to the same facilities as LSU football players who generate millions. His job is to manage, finance, and organize the ATHLETIC DEPT and win games. Period. The lsu athletic department will continue to donate more than every faux-outraged commenter or journalist could ever dream of I'm sure, and there is a strong possibility that he is merely sending a message to university faculty that they ought to be thankful for what they have already received before they publicly denounce the athletic program that is arguably lsu's greatest advertising tool. Be mad at fking Alexander. The board. The legislature. Not LSU football or Scott Woodward. It's unwarranted, immature, belies ignorance, and as usual, deflects blame from those directly responsible for my great state's problems