Raised a Tennessee fan (where my father went to graduate school) in Louisiana. Became an LSU fan when I attended school there. Would love to see LSU beat Tennessee in the SECCG every year.
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Btw, we're 5th in the conference in yards per game and 2nd in yards per attempt. So etling being mediocre or no one being scared of the passing game isnt the culprit here. And no, we wont fire ed anytime soon. 12 million dollar buyout and still paying miles money means ed sticks around for a little while. If he does go down the road, alleva goes too. At least alleva is overdue.
I never thought etling was the best qb on the roster last year. But after surgery, he looks like the best player on our offense. He's played great this year. I think what lacks imagination isn't the offense... Its your writing Crist! Lol just giving my best go at making a we hate you Crist article. But seriously.... Les throws the ball with met and the offense is too basic, too pro style. Les grinds the ball with leonard and its an archaic offense. Orgeron brings in canada, we ditch the fb position, and start using more pre snap motion than ive ever seen before, and it lacks imagination? Hey. I'm not a heisman voter or anything.... But my whole brief life as an avid watcher of college football tells me that a lot of the time its more simple than trying to gauge creativity: can you block? Les could beat everyone but bama, who we couldnt block. Now we're doing things like blocking for multiple options on runs and trying to trick a sun belt team instead of running them over. No scheme is going to work until we keep our qb upright and open holes.
Lets not overreact to click bait. The very first thing ed said was that he accepts complete and total responsibility for the loss. As he should as head coach. He didnt call canada out. And Devin white is simply stating a truth. He didnt point fingers at a specific guy. He said they need to study more. Hes right. Certainly there was bad tackling, and key especially is out od shape/lacking effort, but lots of it is gap responsibility. Bound to happen so young, and certainly white has earned the right to make this statement as our best defender.
Could be. I meant that crists comments in almost every loss prediction basically says "they have a better qb" ... I disagree. About 25 other guys that will make a difference. I think its kind of typical of the media to boil a very complex game down to qbs and call it a day.
It makes me feel worse, not better. Knowing that you had a better team, and the errors of a few guys allowed the other team to even be in the game. Time and again, they committed unforced errors. Didnt deserve to win. Props to the gators for capitalizing.
Pretty deep analysis again Crist. Looks to me like a game of "who has the better qb?" .... Not only did fitz not get anything done, he got pulled and Damian Williams(?) was the guy that led the comeback. Scary game, always is. They all are. But if its a qb competition, might as well mark 12 L's
Yea, I think it does say something.... But not that miles is completely devoid of value. If I had an entire off-season to evaluate coaches, was a bottom-dweller and literally had no expectations or anyone to impress, I wouldnt hire someone advanced in age who was rebounding from a bigger job. Id be looking for a guy that might be there in 15 years still. Obviously, probably not miles. And again, I dont even think hes the right guy for ole miss. But for Christ's sake, for fans to turn their noses up at a nc winning coach after their hero and savior (haha) couldnt win an sec title and has people whispering death penalty? When you have no time for a hire and your guy is Matt luke? I figure you could at least politely decline instead of turn a snotty nose up. And as for your article, I agree he isnt getting the job. Just thought it was unnecessary to air a laundry list of miles failures (including not being nick Saban) using really really simplified journalist speak, when we know the reason he isnt getting the job has little to do with his offense. Its not a good fit, its situational, hes old, etc etc. And if we were gonna review this list of miles failures at lsu, we could mention there probably arent any available coaches with rings.... Or even a conference championship? I'm just ready for it to be the distant enough past for folks to give a nod to the winningest coach in lsu history without discussing him as a failure.
Disrespectful, and seriously undervalues even the tail end of the Miles tenure. Perhaps purdue couldn't afford miles? If they are one of the worst programs in the fbs, why should we use their decision as the measuring stick? I'm not here to say miles is the guy for the om job. But. I know you can do better than cliches about the evolution of football and "outdated" offense. '14-'16 were rough. But miles and Cameron did achieve an offense featuring 2 1,000 yard wideouts and a 1,000 yard tailback for the first time in sec history. There are a lot of things that go into beating nick saban, and if you can find someone who does it consistently call ole miss (and every other school in the country).... Sure, ole miss did it twice with backyard football, errrr I mean a more "modern offense" (featuring passes off of defender's helmets), but they also died thru the same shenanigans. For most programs, miles probably isnt the answer. But we dont have to throttle the guy with tired catchphrases to establish that fact.
Winning record vs ole miss.....7-4 I think? National championship? Sec titles? Doesnt seem like ole miss fans ought to be too critical of miles at this moment in time....
In what delusional world does les miles fit the pattern? Controversial coach from a tiny school in tennessee who never won anything vs the winningest head coach in lsu history with 2 nc appearances and 1 victory? I know things got stale (still 10-1 vs your bulldogs), but put some respect on the name man.
Idk man. When he signed, Lau had just had 2 1000 yard receivers and even though hill was the "feature back" for the tail end of that season, we had been rotating 3 or 4 guys for the years leonard was in high school. Although we DID misuse lf7 a lot, its hard to say its a bad idea to give him the rock at any given time, and its also hard to say he shouldve known the offense would hit such a rut thru the air.
The game last year was pretty dang close. I think thats all he is getting at. Even when you see other teams that have beaten bama more recently, they dont usually match up quite the same. In terms of position for position. Athlete for athlete. Depth too. Physicality. Since the streak started I still feel that lsu is the closest. Not there. But closest. I mean, you didnt score until late in the 3rd and finished with 10, the next lowest point total was 30.... It was a dogfight, old fashioned football. And it gets overlooked. Not looking for some kind of moral victory, but I was proud of the defense.
maybe it should be about education, but isn't anymore. When coaches are raking in 11 million dollars, its about money.
who said anything about social experiments? and you can make general statements about why all students are in college, but you're once again missing the part where not all students generate billions of dollars for their university, conference, television, literally everyone involved but themselves.
exactly stategrad. We need to at least open up to the idea of having a conversation about it. A really good start would be letting them profit from autographs, interviews, hell idk book deals.... even if the university isn't paying them, its INSANE that they are prohibited from profiting in other ways.
well, at least we're getting somewhere. compromise is fun. Still, I feel like Crist and most of the commenters are missing the point. It doesn't really matter what opinion you guys have of what they "deserve".... it doesn't really matter what phony value you assign to the "experience". It doesn't really matter was kind of broad judgments of character you guys associate with these athletes, positive or negative, those that finish, those that don't, or those that get kicked out for battering women. All of that is irrelevant. What matters is that these kids are producing something worth billions of dollars. If you are responsible for a product, you should reap the reward. Even if you don't want to pay an 18 year old a million dollars, the VERY LEAST you could do is not kick him out of school for signing autographs.... the least you could is pay him something when you plaster his face on billboards across an entire region of the country. Pay them out of the television $. Pay them for their image. They should own their own image. The comparisons to other students are inane. They put in more hours, more effort, have higher expectations, and most importantly ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE PRODUCTION OF MORE MONEY than any other student on campus.... all while maintaining the same educational requirements as the accounting major who goes to class a couple times a week and produces very little monetary value for the university. If you want them to remain amatuer, don't charge admission to the games. Don't devote billions of dollars to covering it. and for the love of god, quit pretending like its benevolent to try to control or worry about how they spend it. Its not. Its not your responsibility. IF the institution and the state values their football program enough to devote tax money to their program, then sobeit. If the service provided by these young men is worth that price tag, then pay it and shut up. If it isn't, don't have a football team. For those saying that it would kill competitiveness, it wouldn't. Bama and the bluebloods ALREADY spend way more on facilities and recruiting gimmicks than Vandy or Miss St. At least it would go towards Tunsil's mothers electric bill instead of a bean bag chair and a slip n slide and a putt putt course.
I know that things change, and that logistically it makes some sense... but I'll just say that Mizzou doesn't feel like a west team, and auburn doesn't feel like an east team. If that makes any sense.
Last year showed every bit of depth he could have recruited, seeing as everyone was injured lol. I understand the impetus to give him more time, but to me, its all about who is available. Butch isn't a bad coach or anything and we know he can recruit, but perhaps he was always more of a transition guy. People seriously underestimate the depths that Dooley drove the program into, and Jones has put Tenn back in a good position. But even when the talent was there last year and healthy, there were some underwhelming performances. Most of my family are very very very patient and reasonable Vol fans... even they are getting itchy.
a citation for 12 grams? good job state of florida (relatively, at least).... in Louisiana they'd have thrown him in the gulag.
surely you at least support them receiving monetary compensation for jersey sales, their image on billboards, etc etc? Fine if you don't wanna give them a salary. But when you see the school, the bookstore, the apparel company make hundreds of thousands of dollars on the folks walking around with number 7 jerseys, you don't think Fournette and TM and others should be compensated? I mean, if an engineering major designed a new part for a jet engine, he should be paid for its use right? He wouldn't be kicked out of the university for receiving improper benefits. He would be lauded as a hero. If an english major wrote a book, and then went after class to sign copies of it for a small fee, we would promote him as an example of the success you can have at LSU, not suspend him. Its backwards.
some of the fans stay. But you have to win. The reason the few programs in the country that generate a profit for their school do so is at least partially because they are historical powerhouses. They win. UL-Monroe isn't going to generate a profit because they aren't bringing in the best players in the country. Those players are why LSU gets their games on television. It's why our coaches get paid millions. And I agree, most college students shouldn't have to support their family, but the reality is that most college students aren't generating millions of dollars for their universities.
Volmaster, no doubt they have many "nice" fans. I don't mean to say they aren't. --- and Old Army, yes, I was making a generalization of your fanbase as a jab. for pleasure. and I didn't accuse you of generalizing a fanbase, I made a jab at you for sounding like an old Ag with a monocle, sneering out at all of the regular people from your maroon balcony. its fun. sorry, carry on.
Yea Crist, I gotta say.... "yea but minor league baseball players have it rough too" isn't particularly convincing. I'm not gonna use the term slave labor or anything, but the notion that a college football coach is underpaid at 11 million a year, while the kids who are on the field are fairly compensated in the form of tuition and a bag of tshirts, headphones, and tennis shoes is too far. I'm not saying they have a horrible life or anything. But I am saying that there is a problem when guys like Tunsil pack Vaught-Hemingway stadium while their mothers can't pay the electric bill. Are you really comparing 4 years of access to a mini-golf course or having a flat screen in your locker, which you can lose access to at literally any given time, to signing a contract worth millions of dollars? I'm not saying the players should make millions, but stipends is a good start. I would add that ANY money made by selling their image, their likeness, their jersey number, etc etc should go to them. And that much like their coaches or fellow students, they should be allowed to transfer and play at any school, any time (so long as they are academically eligible). At LSU, I was given a free ride, scholarships for room/board, food, etc. Very little was paid out of pocket. I also had access to delicious food, tutors, and professionals in my field.... but I don't generate a half a percent of what those players do for the university in terms of revenue or advertising, and I damnsure didn't have to work as hard.
Wish they would just broadcast the bands at halftime.
lol I don't think he was saying that at all. I've always thought that with the decided advantage in coaching, the bye week before that game was just another chance for Alabama to distance themselves from LSU. With as great of a coach as Saban is etc etc, I'd prefer him have as little time as possible lol. And yea, when a team wins this many in a row, I'd prefer our guys to not have time to simmer on it.
Surprise. Another aTm fan disparaging the behavior of rivals, as if the aggies were some patrician model of superior culture.
Still can't understand the Bielema love... Mason should be much higher IMO
boo, we don't want Mizzou lol... could we ship them to the Big 10 and add FSU, Miami, and Oklahoma? never happen, I know.