Raised a Tennessee fan (where my father went to graduate school) in Louisiana. Became an LSU fan when I attended school there. Would love to see LSU beat Tennessee in the SECCG every year.

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We for sure havent ever really had our coaches poached... Well except saban and muschamp and Jimbo and Frank Wilson and chavis and...... Lol cmon man. O hadn't started a school of saban disciples but this isn't necessarily new to LSU. And we've had more players leave early since 2010 than anyone. Including bama. I get the sentiment behind the bama treatment, I'm just saying we have talent to reload and the capacity to deal with this. And hopefully continue to win double digit games.
No one said it wasn't a big deal. Just that it isn't surprising. They were both in the booth ya moron. Brady called a play, ensminger had a different one ready and override authority if he didn't like it. Their relationship and system was well discussed elsewhere. Tough loss, but we know the system and had a large team of guys giving input. Ensminger didn't get a similar raise bc he was already paid like a coordinator. Brady got one bc he wasn't. Your comment is lame. Hope the vols continue to have success behind the improving defense and a beastly oline.
Right. I didn't even watch and I knew this was clickbait lmao. He isn't lying. It is road game and he's just stating the obvious.
Yet... It can be done. Head on over to the LSU all decade defense.
Auburn's defense gave us fits. The goalline stands were tremendous. No one else this season even came close to playing us as well
It will indeed be hard to replicate probably the greatest qb season in sec history true. But if you don't think this team is talented all over the field you havent been watching. And with brennan and some incomings competing for snaps next year.... We'll be just fine. If LSU played in the east, uga might not have ever made it to the seccg this decade.
From an lsu fans perspective, chaisson and delpit kind of got career achievement awards.... Altho both have had good years. The only snub I'll cry about is Jacoby Stevens. The guy was sec defensive player of the week THREE times, is too 10 in the conference in sacks, tackles, and interceptions, regardless of position. Obviously places better than that when considering just defensive backs. I LOVE delpit and he will be a great pro, but Stevens had a better year. What players are absent from fans of other teams?
You drop Utah st, ga southern, and northwestern. Cut nw st a check for all I care. But no need to beat them up so they can keep the lights on at their facilities.
I read this in eyores voice. Real slow and sad lol. But fair points my guy.
Second, LSU got lucky with some drops and poorly thrown balls but we knew that would be the case with a lack of chemistry and timing bc of injuries and suspension. My question is why nobody is "blaming" the defense. Sure, 10 pts wasn't enough to win, but didnt we already know going in that uga would have to hold LSU to less than 30? We really hunkered down and tried to chew clock starting in the 3rd (wisely), but i think LSU could have scored however many they needed. --- that being said, I do think the uga defense is terrific and definitely threw a wrench in there to disrupt our flow at times. Very good football team all around and with more wrs available and time with Fromm the offense is much much better than they showed.
First of all: the Florida commenters here are gross. When y'all backed into the division title game for a couple of years with the bucktoothed shark humper, only to get whipped by a west team, all I heard was "at least we made it, sec east champs". Now uga loses to a team that beat y'all too (and worse than the score indicated), and you're all over them, mocking them for having better recruiting classes than you, for beating you head to head? Get a grip. Pathetic.
Mills doesn't even make the list of you consider a Thorpe finalist Tre white
Correction: Tre or mo, probably Tre. To many Shreveport corners lol
Also also, Bennie Logan makes this list to replace either davon or definitely Arden key. Mingo was a better edge rusher than key.
Also, Eric Reid was a much much more dominant safety than delpit, statistics be d*mned. My all decade starters are Reid/Adams on the back end, pp7 and either of the Shreveport kids (Tre or greedy…. Probably Tre) on the outside with honeybadger obviously the roaming nickel.
Dorsey doesn't qualify lol, the real oversight is having Jalen Mills (much love) on here with no mention of tredavious white. Couldn't have spent much time thinking about this list. Should I forgive him since we have had so many great corners?
Lol burrow was 32/42 for 321 yds, 1 td - 1 int. Another 30 rushing (including sacks) and a TD. They had 2 FANTASTIC goalline stands. Credit to them. But Georgia doesn't have the rush Auburn did and auburn elevated to make some spectacular plays, including a pick on a 50/50 ball.... And Joe STILL had a better day than Fromm has all year.
As a young vol fan, I remember vivdly mt Cody blocking MULTIPLE fgs
His teammates' comments seemed to indicate that he was in trouble and didn't handle it well, left the team.then realized he was in the wrong
He probably is still in the dog house right?
Lmao twice as many as in 2? Woooooooow. No way that's fair. If you write a letter, I'll sign with ya bud. This is egregious.
Some numbers. Florida did no such thing. LSU only punted twice all night. We did miss a fg, but burrow only had 3 incompletions, averaged 12.2 yds per pass, and the team avged 9.1 yds per rush. In what world were we contained? No one with any sense would argue that even 2 great defensive ends changes the narrative from 3 incompletions all night to "stopped".---- Auburn makes a much much better case for "slowing" the LSU offense. The aub defensive line was tremendous. They forced 6 punts and got a pick. The real feat was 2 goal line stands, and forcing a fg on another trip to the 1. Even so, they allowed LSU to get to the 1 those 3 times, burrow completed over 70% of his passes for 350 total yds and 2 TDs. Clyde edwards-helaire went over 120 with a 5 yd average. So "slowed" or "contained" is the appropriate verbiage. Their defensive line heroics at the 1 saved 18 pts, not to mention the interception occurred on a pass down to around the 10. Best defense we played all year by a mile. It will be interesting to see what uga/osu/Clem can scheme up, but they don't have 3 nfl defensive lineman.
I don't remember seeing Dean much vs LSU, always harder from the stands to spot the issues, but Dean is costing y'all big. Why does he never at least bump the back coming out to the flat or for a wheel?
Bad break for sure. But no call Nola is the worst "call" all time
Well I can't speak on the bye week situation (everyone else seems to have it covered), but I can explain the polls. LSU only got 1 more 1st place vote in the AP poll after beating aub than they had going into the game. That's not what cause the swap. The difference is that Oklahoma lost... So all the writers that had ou in front of LSU bumped us up 1 spot. Bama was already above ou on their ballots so it didn't affect them. Noteworthy that pts wise, this is the closest 1,2,3 since the an ap poll in the late 70s. 7 dufuses (dufi?) are still voting Clemson no 1