Raised a Tennessee fan (where my father went to graduate school) in Louisiana. Became an LSU fan when I attended school there. Would love to see LSU beat Tennessee in the SECCG every year.

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just based on the state of the program.
Will Wade might be a better coach than Ed Orgeron.... but the problem is, most LSU fans (including myself) wouldn't know that. I know I sound like a bad fan or a fairweather fan maybe.... but the truth is, I just don't care much about basketball. Most LSU fans don't care much about basketball. Regardless of the difference in talent between O and Wade (which is yet to be seen for either), the LSU football team will make an SEC title game before the basketball team makes the sweet 16. Unless Tyrus Thomas and Big Baby have an extra year of eligibility I don't know about.....
I don't know a whole lot about BYU, but two scores is a lot to spot ANY team with a new offensive coordinator, a 1st year head coach, and a 2nd year defensive coordinator who is potentially starting up to 7 new faces..... don't take this as pessimism, but again, 13 pts is a lot.
Yea, Bama obviously has the deepest rotation, with Georgia getting points for having 2 guys who could start almost anywhere. I think Pettway and Johnson are getting slighted a tiny bit here. Kentucky is a real headscratcher. The title of the article talks about 2nd and 3rd options, so Snell shouldn't factor into the ranking. Sihiem King and a kid who redshirted last year are supposed to garner more respect than Keith Ford, Kerryon Johnson, Devwah Whaley, and Darrel Williams? Give me a break. Weird how high people are on Kentucky. I don't think LSU should have made the list, but I'm glad they got an honorable mention. Williams is a dump truck who has always been overshadowed by Fournette. But even when Williams and LF7 were freshman and sharing with McGee and Hilliard, Williams was a reliable short yardage back, averaging a solid 5 ypc for his career. Brossette similarly has yet to receive meaningful touches. But he looked damned good on 15 carries last year, averaging just shy of 10 ypc in garbage time. We at least know the physical tools are there. To reiterate, not saying we should make the list. Just excited for those guys. Auburn, Arkansas, and aTm have better 2nd backs than SC and UK imo
lol agree with the Colonel. This is almost always one of my favorite articles. Whether it gets pretty testy or is a more calm discussion like this edition, interacting with the messageboards is fun.
As a grown man and a college student, it is 100% Washington's (and Jackson's) responsibility to handle their scheduling. Now that I've gotten the obvious out of the way--- how in the world does LSU allow this to happen? These kids spend a lot of time working out, in the filmroom, doing football things, and we all know they have incredible access to tutors, counselors, and every other resource one could possibly imagine. How in god's name can they not make sure every player is a full time student? The bare minimum is simply enrolling in the courses.... much less passing them. Its a real head scratcher. In the 4 years I spent at LSU, I met with a counselor one time. Classes get scratched, fill up, etc. and some majors have complicated prerequisites that one could botch, but for a kid on an athletic scholarship to fail to register for right number of classes is simply unbelievable. smh.
State might have had 2 as well lol. I can't remember his name at the moment, but Fitzgerald got benched for a possession late and the kid immediately led a scoring drive.....
Mo has had a lot of injuries and the until recently, was part of a pretty bad cowboys defense. I was kind of hoping the Saints would sign him for cheap in the hopes that he could stay healthy... instead of an impending expensive trade for Malcolm Butler. He certainly has been disappointing, but looked really good last year pre-injury. PFF graded him very highly.
definitely so. Thanks. I guess the media loves to talk about westry because of prototypical NFL size? have to try to catch the wildcats more next year.
fair enough. I would say 2011, except they gave you guys another chance lol
agreed. I've been wanting to say something about the "new" florida, but after the scheduling fiasco last year and an embarrassing loss at home, its probably best left to be said by the fan of another team. Things can change, but the defensive talent has carried the team (muschamp's talent), and now they're gone. I know LSU blows games constantly, but do you think most Bama fans feel we're the most consistent threat? Even at our worst, like 8-5 seasons, we've taken you guys to the wire or overtime.... but the rest of the SEC usually frowns upon LSU fans for saying we're the closest (even though it isn't that close).
He was a fantastic backup to Drew in NO. Always liked him. But... nah, lol, I don't think he makes KC win the 1st round game. Alex Smith is pretty good lol.....
Rankings are pretty fair. At this point, Bama should be the presumptive no 1 at just about every group considering the recruiting success. Very hard to predict how LSU or UF will do given the amount of production lost. Still, hard to see Kentucky having a better secondary. I'd heard about Westry being a great player, but I didn't get to watch the Wildcats much and find it hard to believe they will field a better unit than LSU or UF. Like Bama (but to a lesser extent), the recruits continuously pouring in to Baton Rouge in the secondary give me confidence that it will work out, especially considering the success Aranda had in his first year. We didn't know much about Jackson, Tolliver, Smith, Fulton, Thomas, Battle, or Riley last year and they all contributed to what was arguably the 2nd or 3rd best defense in the SEC by year's end. Auburn didn't score a touchdown, Bama managed 1, and Florida's only score was a 98 yard heave... without which they only racked up 46 passing yards all game. I trust Corey Ramond and Aranda will have this unit ranked in the top few again this season, inexperience and all.
LOLOLOLOL no. I don't remember Mahomes being too coked out to play football or getting massacred by LSU every year. In fact, he vastly outperformed Manziel against LSU and on a far worse team. Different defenses and a small sample size, but still.
lol this exchange is the epitome of ekinggill88's presence on this site. smh
Never really had many good options here. Bad all around.
Yea, I really like Mahomes. Kelly would be cool too, although I don't necessarily like the guy personally lol. But if he got his act together and threw enough TD's, we could get along fine. Not super stoked about Garrett Grayson, so taking anyone in the 5th or 6th would be an upgrade in my mind. Can't believe we spend a 3rd or whatever it was on him
lmao wow Bunker. A lifestyle he was born into....I love the fatalistic amatuer physicatric and social evaluations of players that always gets shared in the comment boards. You don't really know anything about this kid or the situation, and you obviously aren't open to hearing about it. "this is my opinion and I'm sticking to it".... what good does that do? Speaking of horrible mindsets, sheesh. And actually, being born into a "nasty hood" IS something you accidentally find yourself in, unless there was some way to choose what parents you are born to that the rest of us missed out on. like ddawg said, the "lines of distinction" have been blurred, and I most certainly would not watch someone beat on my mother or sister in a parking lot without intervening, simply based on their genitalia. Interesting that you used the term "ape".... considering the fact our species FALLS UNDER THAT VERY UMBRELLA. In fact, physical violence as a means of settling disputes is as much a human characteristic as it is of any species. We've been bludgeoning each other since the dawn of time. All of these rules and arbitrary distinctions we make about who and when you can bludgeon are relatively new anyways. That being said, I don't think anyone should resort to physical violence. But if someone were to attack me or mine, I surely would not be concerned with genitalia before protecting me and mine. Same for Mixon, in a way. These individuals were processed by our legal system and the issue has been resolved. No one cares when a football player fights another guy.... just boys being boys.... well, says I, if a woman behaves "like a man" (society's interpretation, not mine) and wants to throw punches, she has already excused herself from whatever protection our bassackwards chivalric system afforded her anyways. Violence=bad. But don't fall so easily into this bizzarre categorization whereby black football players who are involved in altercations are "worthless thugs". Weird that you never see articles or criticism phrased this way regarding Manziel or Kelly, who have been in brawls and been in drug trouble. Even if you didn't refrain from using that language about them as well, surely you are aware of the situation.
the thing that I just can't figure out about this whole deal..... The talking heads heap lavish amounts of praise on Myles Garrett for his physical traits. Supposedly, the guy should be unblockable. By the same token, many project Robinson as a guard due to certain physical traits that they think translate better on the inside. If these things are both true, why did Cam Robinson own Myles Garrett for most of their history? You're telling me the best edge rusher in the draft (supposedly) got handled by a guy who doesn't have the right physical tools to be a tackle? rubbish, me thinks. Someone who knows more about line play explain this to me please.