Raised a Tennessee fan (where my father went to graduate school) in Louisiana. Became an LSU fan when I attended school there. Would love to see LSU beat Tennessee in the SECCG every year.

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Gee whiz, one (bizarre) win out of 7 and they've leap-frogged lsu. Good to know.
Wish him the best of luck if he's unhappy/jealous that stingley will start over him.....
Says the guy that threw a game sealing INT only to get another chance bc his dumb*ss fell down. Two pretty evenly matched teams and aTm just caught all the breaks (including the ticky tacky PI). Gonna happen 1/7 matchups. See ya in br this year.
I think it would help if they can just stay healthy and quit shuffling so much. Get a little cohesion. Fingers crossed. Getting the ball out quickly should help
John emery shouldn't be here yet imo. We already know coach t Robinson is a rotation guy, not a workhorse coach. Lanard, ceh, and even curry touched the ball a few times last year. And I keep hearing that Tyrion Davis might be physically a little more mature right now than emery. I'm SUPER excited for him and I know he'll get some time, but this staff seems to value xp and we have a stable
Unlimited consultants so hey why not? Lots of experience
I think the world of Devin white. But I also believe part of his production was enabled by an oft undermanned defensive line. I know the 3-4 scheme intends the down lineman to eat space and blocks so the backers can make the play, but hopefully a fully healthy Lawrence and newly added ika, more mature young folks and in shape shelvin can have a more direct impact. Whites motor was incredible, but Phillips White and queen can tackle no doubt. Klavon chaisson's return is underplayed in this article for his pass rushing impact. The comments on greedy Williams "ballhawking" are asinine. As a fresh he was a nickel, and even though the outside corners caught heat, the truth is no one wanted to throw their way and Williams was figured to be the easy target. He capitalized. Last year he didnt rack up the interceptions because no one threw his way. Coincidentally, Kary Vincent Jr had lots of chances to showcase his skills. The point being, players in lsu's secondary SHOULD go unnoticed. Its a good thing. Most teams would kill for Fulton, KVjr, fat Joseph, and Derek stingley... Not to mention delpit and a HOST of capable safeties. Their success hinges on the effectiveness of our front 7, as ever. Lsu's defenses since 2010 have been elite in the backend, they've always lived and died by how much pressure is achieved and how concerned with run support the safeties have to be.
Mtdog I agree with the simple facts of what they receive and the inherent benefits of college and their far above average college experience. What I disagree with is the diction... Its a privilege I suppose but it's EARNED. it's more of a reward. They worked for that... And were fortunate genetically too. I was privileged with a stable family and the means to do well... The genetics to test well. But by following through and making the grades I earned my free ride academically. (Some would say not hard to do in Louisiana and at LSU lol but that's a different size subject). I guess Im railing against the notion that this stuff is just given to them and they should be happy to get what they get and not have a fit. I'm not saying they have a bad lot in life or anything. I'm just saying that if they put in the time, and they are talented enough... And we as a society are so invested as to deem the show they put on as worth these billions, they should be first in line to get a cut.
But what if the players demanded and were allowed to receive their due from those billboards and posters? From their image... If it weren't illegal, they would (some do anyways I guess). Make it legal for them to receive those benefits and let the market decide. Right now, the only reason those dollars are allocated somewhere else is because the system forbids it from making its way to the real earners. Am I making any sense?
I think Louisiana classification stops at 5a... But who knows what he meant...never been the brightest. Likable guy tho lol.
I might be remembering wrong but I thought Bray was pretty good. And he's stuck around the NFL as a floating backup for awhile... Can't be that bad.
This is the second time I've stumbled upon a Mizzou fan bashing our bowl win and trash talking the west... Weird. We were missing more players than they were, if you actually knew anything about the matchup. We stomped the east champ, won our NY6 bowl game, finished the season ranked, and our current coach began his career by spanking your tigers at our homecoming date and shattering school offensive records. So. Go somewhere. Back to the big 12 or maybe a psych ward. You are one of the most delusional posters on this site.
The national media believe qb is the only position, and Oregon has a potential 1st round quarterback.... So they get attention.
LSU football players have their faces plastered all over town for free. When I order my Subway sandwich I'm looking at whatever 17 yr old is expected to break out this year. He ain't getting paid any more than I did for making a good act score.
Furthermore, you let players make income from signing gear, from advertisements, from tv and radio spots, from endorsements, from their faces on video games
Mountain dog, you take the money from the Tv contracts, the talking heads, the ticket sales, the boosters, the head coaches who are taking in 5 mil a year --- there is plenty to go around. And if there isn't, the people that actually make the product possible shouldn't be the first to miss out on their cut. --- if a business doesn't generate income, it's employees won't get paid. If a sport or a team or a conference doesn't, don't pay them. At our two schools, they do generate income. They generate income for uga, lsu, the sec, ESPN, cbs, the talking heads, the radio stations, etc etc... Everyone but the most necessary piece of the puzzle.
They can't pay taxes if they don't gave earnings, which is currently prohibited by the NCAA. I'm sure they would gladly pay taxes and rent on their earnings if they got a cut of the millions they generate
Agree on dropping the "it's a privilege" crap. There isn't ever really explanation as to why it's a privilege, it's just garbage rhetoric. If I worked for a company and produced 1 million dollars in revenue for them in a year but my salary was 5,000 and some training in an unrelated field, would that be a privilege? No. It would be unfair compensation... Just like room and board and a sports admin degree is to division 1 football players who generate millions and millions of dollars for everyone but themselves.
I guess vols fans are experts in going downhill fast. Let's hope SDS recovers a little more quickly.
Mizzou peaked at the right time and gave up about a million points in their champ appearances. Just reviewed the seasons. I'm really not just trying to hate, but they are kind of unimpressive for a east champ. It was a weird time. Pinkel was incredible. I'm even willing to look past the fact that the zou fans on this site post some of the weirdest, off-the-wall, virtually unintelligible tangents Ive seen on any site, bc they seem like nice folk. But it's a very weird fit. There isn't a natural interest in those games. Can older fans expound on when arky and scar joined? Or others? Was it this weird almost a decade in?
This is all hilarious. East is squeaky clean, west dishing out paychecks lmao. Dan Mullen probably left his cheating west ways when he swapped divisions right!? Haha and he definitely didn't learn during his early days in the east. Same for muschamp... Cheated all day on LSU staff but left it behind when he went to the virtuous east. Pruitt cheated at bama, but not at UT.... They all pay man. Get real.
Yea. I honestly think we had some pretty average sec qb talent but continuously ruined their mental state with bad coaching. Harris in particular comes to mind.
Don't worry BT, they'll need to practice getting stuffed in critical situations, cultivating an unreasonable and impatient fanbase waiting to cannibalize any poor kid we throw in there, and getting our *ss whipped so many years in a row that we have battered tgr syndrome and an insurmountable mental block for them to get on our level. Gonna take at least a decade
Hilarious comment section. It's on this site because many of the games your team will play in will be covered by this crew. Don't watch pregame shows? Cool. Why comment? Not even sure how political views came into this... But who cares? Laura was awesome at her job, ready for her to be back already bc Marty is obnoxious.
Yea moreau had to stay in and block bc our line was so disappointing. I still wouldn't underestimate his value in that role. Hopefully a quick release will ease that trouble
Giles is already in the transfer portal and was completely eclipsed late in the year anyway, but wr should be very good for us this year. Marshall and chase were awesome when given the opportunity to make plays. Excited for the young backs, keep hearing Davis might be physically more ready than emery. And the other guys form a stable... We used a bunch of guys a bunch of ways last year and that seems to be Tommy Robinson's mo. Altho, eventually someone will figure out that when fournette is in hes running a swing or a wheel route and when Curry is in it's going up the middle lol